'The New U2'

18 Sep 201418
'Songwriters aren’t touring people,' says Bono. 'Cole Porter wouldn’t have sold T-shirts. Cole Porter wasn’t coming to a stadium near you.'

The band are on the cover of the international edition of Time Magazine and telling Catherine Mayer 'about another new album in the works—and its secret Apple project that might just save the music industry.'

Preview here.

Time have also posted a video of the band discussing news stories that shaped them when they were young - from Neil Armstrong landing on the moon to the death of Elvis. Watch the clip.
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New Lyrics, New Songs! great MUSIC!
Guys; This album has a little bit of everything, of every album you had made! The song "Song for Someone" is freaking amazing!...can't wait to see you guys live! ..... BTW.... when are you guys going to Colombia? I hope this coming tour you guys can make it! THEY, WE LOVE YOU THERE!
New Album
im 58 yr old, all U2 albums sneaked up on me, leave me cold, because there new.I listen then leave them for a while. Then they get me by the throat and I listen and listen and connect with it, and im snared again.
You never lost the place...
...as the greatest band in the world! Congratulations on another masterpiece!
U2 have brought me somewhere new ..... a
Are U2 still relevant? Look at the media coverage which is melting the internet. What a fantastic album, what a great band what a great way to release an album ...
innocence.... u2 always and forever....
touching our lives.... saying things we want to hear and some we don't want to ... through your amazing music....u reveal yourselves to us and open our hearts and minds ...thank you
D Mc Namara
not so great
second worst albums next to POP. Sorry I'm disappointed
Great Album
Hi U2!!! Thanks guys for the album! It is beautiful! Great job guys!
Hottest ticket 2014 ; )))
Hot U2 Keep On Rockin' In The Free World !!
i love these guys so much !!!!
A great article to read & video snippets, I was with Larry, the death of Elvis because this had a huge impact on me too, I was around 8 years old when Elvis died, my mam was a fan and always had his music on & used to listen with her & became an instant fan & I still am at 45, he was the king of rock n roll & he always will be. I still cannot watch footage of his funeral without crying !!!!!
No words, just utter amazement and thankfulness and humbleness to 4 amazing human beings, 4 people who teach about love, friendship and music. Thank you!!!!
Thank You
Love every track on this new album, I was impatient waiting for it, but I must say the wait was worth it. Thank you for getting it right.
listing again and again, magnifecint life
Jo Whiley tonight
great interview - very laid back (tired after the week - but very cool, as always).
still rock n rolls hottest ticket
U2 twice on the cover dont forget Bonos Time cover appearance too with the Superbowl stars n stripes leather jacket. Songs of Innocence is so great, but I reckon Songs of Experience will be the main event
New music format
I'm excited for things to come. Please give us a demo!! And thanks again for SOI.
jeff mcguire
Thanks for the Album
Its a Dublin Story and I'M Proud to have travelled with you along the way .Inspiring as always and comes when needed to lift the Spirit !
Cover stars
Up where you belong again Time to reclaim the greatest band on Earth. Go go go go.........!
manon amos
U2's Strength of character!
U2 has started a revolution in music with Apple! Let's go on this journey with them! Go for it U2!
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