'Invisible'. The Video

11 Feb 2014170
The official video for 'Invisible', directed by Mark Romanek.

Shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airport hangar, with an audience of 1200.

A sixty second clip from the video, premiered on February 2nd during the Super Bowl, launched a partnership with (RED) and Bank of America in the fight against AIDS.

In 36 hours downloads of #U2Invisible raised more than $3m.  On iTunes all proceeds from 'Invisible'  continue to go to (RED) for the Global Fund.  Download here.

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To skin crawls, I love U2, greetings from Mexico!!!
Once Again, Enamored!
Yep, they did it again. I once again find myself falling in love with their very powerful lyrics. With eyes welling up each time I listen, I get all choked up. That is what Good music is supposed to do. Love it!
How Do You Make it Look so Easy
One view. One listen. That's all it took to bring back all the emotion of a life's worth of amazing U2 performances. Simple. Powerful. Classic. U2
Gran tema!!
Fascinante, un nuevo himno de U2 para nosotros los fans, gran canción sin duda alguna!!
Intimate venues PLEASE
Another tour on the horizon, GREAT can't wait, but smaller venues if you will, it would be sensational to see U2 up close and intimate.
Can't stop listening!
I instantly loved it! "Invisible" is Incredible and has me waiting anxiously for the rest of the Album. If this is a taste of what is to come, we are in for a great ride. As always, beautiful lyrics, and again,Bono has me singing to the top of my lungs in the car with this one! Good one boys!
Antonio Sosa
¡Is Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pure Magic! U2 have purified themselves again and what is left is the most distilled but energetic version of themselves I've seen in years. A great blend of sound, lyrics and terrific video, the trifecta!
still the best band on the planet...?
...of course! great song - great video - expectation for the new album is very high =0)
color vs black and white
Interesting how U2 produces this video in black and white effects (perhaps responding) while Coldplay who used vivid colors to create their environment and communicate with their audience. Intentional? I think so. Can't wait for the album
Stu Wood
Never Cease To Amaze
Simple and beautiful, just like always. "There is no them" "We can be as one tonight" All we have to do is want to.
Great song
Great great new song !!!!!! I like it !!!!!
Beautiful song and video.
long wait.... Over
just simply Love it.
Magnetic Video!
Very cool visual concept and execution. Video wall evokes a live particle accelerator, the band members magnetic aura is the negative space that forms between the twinkles of cosmic light with music as the gateway from one realm to the next. One of the best pure music videos of the 21st C. Cheers.
WOW!!!! when do we see it live? cannot wait
Thank you!
Always evolving with ever greater music, ideas and inspiration for the people! Hope to see another show....
I'm Not Sleeping zzzzz
Your eyes can see, but can't perceive. Your heart fillet'd open for sin to deceive. Your ears can hear, but can't comprehend, that God gave His Son to set free EVERY Man. WAKE UP SLEEPERS! "I won't be My Father's Son? SELAH XOXO & Purrrrrrrrrrr!
Still as charismatic as ever
Great song and that U2 sound is still there!
This is U2
Simply fantastic!
I love you guys! Please go on tour soon! I miss you! Edge has been a huge influence on me over the years… Ah who am I kidding, All the guys in the band have been a huge influence on me over the years!!! The reason I play guitar is because of The Edge. This song is great. The lyrics seem really different from the last album and it feels like many people could really connect to them. The bass lines in this song are very amazing and very understated in a good way! What I'm trying to say is that I LOVE IT!! GO ON TOUR!
Even Better than the Real Thing!
This is better than the Real Thing! No one can keep up with U2..always one step ahead of the other bands!
There is no them..............
Wow, this song would have been my anthem when I was 14 and getting bullied and ignored in high school. I love U2, these guys are salt of the earth. Bono = perfect balance of mind and heart and soul.
Blue Monkey
Always Reinventing Themselves
U2 seems to always be new. I always like the old stuff and I always like the new stuff. What will the world tour bring? Back to basics, indoor arenas, or monstrous stadiums? Hmmm.
It's only us and we are waiting patiently for another concert. Love ya!!!!
So Excited!
U2mania has officially started! Can hardly wait to see them again! This is a beautiful video and song...and BTW how did these people get picked to be in this video!!! Soooo jealous!
There is only an Upside
Awesome Video boys....Super Excited for the Album, new tunes, new tour, and your performance at the Oscars. Can you guys work in a performance where you perform each tune over a period of one week ? one can dream right. Thanks guys and keep it coming and see you Toronto.
Better and better by the day
The more and more you listen to Invisible it just gets better, and better, and better. It has been well worth the wait and if this is a sign of things to come I am very much looking forward to seeing the band live later this, or early next year in the UK and Europe. The new sound is different, hear some of the old U2 with a bit of a modern twist. If this is relevant and keeping them firmly as the No. 1 rock band in the world then I don't know what is. As I say. It gets better, and better
A great sign of what's to come
U2 have not only found Greatness again with invisible which puts a full stop to the debate of relevance they and their teamhave also produced a great video possibly their best if not arguably one of their best ever. They don't just mass produce music that's why they go away for years at a time to search for greatness to reinvent an idea or a place or a feeling to touch a generation to forge something lastin They are true artists in every respect and they have a great team of true artist around them like all true artists they document their time that's why they will be remembered long after much of the churned out rubbish of pop culture is thrown on the garbage heap of life and forgotten ! If this is what's a sign of things to come the I can't wait for the rest of the album! Thanks Boys it was worth the wait!!!
Bono's got a great vibe going here with the vocal. But in the video the band and crowd seem to be responding to fanatical U2 fame. Mm. Tricky. It's like eating a bowl of cereal. You need an instrument that works. Four of them if you're sharing with three of your friends.
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