'Invisible'. The Video

11 Feb 2014170
The official video for 'Invisible', directed by Mark Romanek.

Shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airport hangar, with an audience of 1200.

A sixty second clip from the video, premiered on February 2nd during the Super Bowl, launched a partnership with (RED) and Bank of America in the fight against AIDS.

In 36 hours downloads of #U2Invisible raised more than $3m.  On iTunes all proceeds from 'Invisible'  continue to go to (RED) for the Global Fund.  Download here.

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Great Vid
Love the video wall. It seems the music tempo changes the movement on the video wall! Am I correct?
U2 | The best
Thank you for sharing this beautiful song! "I’m more than you know I’m more than you see here"
Good groove guys & you look fantastic
Thank you
Thank you for helping and inspiring us to be better human beings. <3
Big Edge fan
Their music is timeless.....
I like it a lot!
Different, and hopefully a taste of things to come. Comes in gently, rises to anthemic U2 at it's best, and drifts out slowly. I think it will make for a superb live tune, when those days come along. They will, won't they!?
karl 20
great video please next time chose some u2.com members at random to be in videos i would fly anywhere to be in a u2 video bring on the album and tour
j'aime !!! i like ;-)
Really ?
"Ordinary Love" was a good song, but not extraordinary. "Invisible" is just tasteless! I hope that these two titles are not like the next album. "Return Of Stingray Guitar," "Glastonbury" and "Every Breaking Wave" left out to consider the image of "Achtung Baby" .... it goes wrong! Now I pray ...
I love U2, Greetings from México!!!
This video makes my skin, and I guess when I come to Mexico I hope you have the opportunity to experience this live!
Stage Dive
Would have loved to be among the crowd - why was I not invited :-)
I'm honest: "Invisible" is a good song to me... not more. But I really love the video! Man, what can you do with a flashlight in front of the best rock band ever? Spread the light, Bono!
Greg Finch
The spirit of Peter Hook
love that New Order bass line Adam!
Great Recording - Please ...
... is there any way we can I get it in HD quality, such as 96kHz/24bit ?????
My visible, much-alive musical Gods!
Awe, awe, awe!!! That's what I felt while watching it, I love the way they retook 360 degrees concerts, Black and White!!!!!!!!! They look fabulous, they composed something awesome (once more!!!) and true, hard-core fans know they are simply U2. Rawer, simpler, different, same, all is there. They are just U2, and period, what else is there to say!!! If this is a single (for a good cause, indeed) imagine the album!!!! Thank you for existing in this life guys, thank you for sharing with us your art!
Larry ,Adam, Edge and Bono all Brilliant,U2 Brilliant, Invisible is Brilliant, wish I'd been one of the 1200
this is a PERFECT U2 Song ... but where
Where are WE ? there s Too many young-actors aka Faux fans in this video and.... its Weird.
Great music and video.
Bring it on...
Ditto JanChris, this song is the new 40. Bring on the world tour!
Over and over again I get amazed with th
What an amazing edition and photography for such a great song and exceptional cause. I would do anything to be part of that privileged audience! How did they get there? I can't wait to see them in tour!
It's amazing that this band keeps delivering quality and has not become complacent in their previous sound(s). They continuously redefine who they are to stay relevant but also reestablish us as fans. The melody is hypnotic and lyrics powerful. Great job guys.
Play it louder and louder again! It's hu
What a lift up song! No other band on earth can write and play that. Only U2!
...and how exactly does one get chosen to participate in the filming of a video such as this??? Dang!
Great Track with a Great Video
I Just want to say for the record...Those of you who are shooting this track down cuz of drum machine and synth....Than you don't know U2 cuz they have been using those tools since the 90's...U2 are always about the FUTURE! As a DJ I'm happy to see U2 bring Rock into the Future! Larry doesn't look bored...That's Larry :) Lookin Cool!....Great Anthem Boy's! Lookin forward to New LP and Tour
monica martino
How long...
before we sing this song live? It will be amazing! I need a live show soon...NOW!!!! love it, definetely; you can't avoid feeling the need of them LIVE after this video.
the biggest.
Awesome song. Hope to see you soon in Portugal. Thank you very much.
Another favorite
My eleven year old daughter said Ordinary Love, was her favorite song ever! But Invisible, she said she loved the music so much that she could listen to it all day, even without the words. But she really liked the words allot too!!
The set of lights and shadows is spectacular and transmits an energetic and magical atmosphere. Thank U to U2.
So good to see this , it's great and make me hunger for more. Can't wait for the new tour and album.
This U2 song is going to be the new "40" for the next 10 years. I cab hear the audiences walking away from a U2 concert singing the last frases of this song for hours. I love it.
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