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12 Feb 201539
Today The Creators Project premieres Irish director Aoife McArdle’s Every Breaking Wave, a short film based on the U2 song of the same name.
Set on the streets of early 1980s Northern Ireland, the film is built around themes of emotional abandon and the uncertainty of romantic relationships.  It follows two teenagers, one Catholic and the other Protestant, who fall in love amidst ongoing violence and the film's emotional core is centred around 'Every Breaking Wave' and 'The Troubles,' two tracks from Songs of Innocence.
'I wanted to make a film about what it was like to be a teenager in the early '80s in Northern Ireland.' explains Belfast-born McArdle. 'All the different pressures on you, the pressures of friendship, of falling in love for the first time, and all that in the face of huge troubles. Violence was inescapable on your doorstep. I remember very vividly what it was like to grow up when there were bombs going off and army everywhere so I did draw on a lot of memories.
'I hope people see that it's a story. A story that's based on real stories. It's like capturing a time. And I hope people feel inspired by how resilient teenagers at that time were in Northern Ireland, and moved by their ability to live life in as full a way as possible, despite the circumstances.'

The film is already garnering praise and winning fans. Filmmaker Spike Jonze had not seen McArdle's work previously but 'was really taken' with her film.

'She captured that feeling and size of life of being a teenager and of first love so well. She drifts between the reality of friends and first love into fantasy so effortlessly and romantically. It's a perfect little gem of a romance movie.'
Hotel Rwanda writer/director Terry George says McArdle has pulled off one of the most difficult tasks facing any filmmaker. 'She has taken a Romeo and Juliet romance, set in the back streets and alleyways of Belfast, and created a universal story.
'Aoife has captured the tragedy of our young men and women, so full of life and passion, energy and possibility, being swallowed up by  the destroying rage of poverty, bigotry and repression.'
As for the band, whose song inspired the film, Edge says they find the finished film 'extraordinary'.
'The Aoife McArdle short film expands on the theme of Songs of innocence which was largely rooted in our experience growing up in the early eighties in Dublin.
Aoife chose west Belfast in the same period, as it was the neighbourhood that was so formative to her. We think her work is something pretty extraordinary.'
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Nothing else needs to be said.
"Every Breaking Wave" - A Film by Aoife
Excellent !!!
Rough and riveting. Brava, McArdle! This film helps me to better understand the atmosphere in which U2 was formed. To me, Rock and Roll is about The Fight, The Passion, The Glory. At times it has been corrupted by those who use if for their own purposes. But there are many who are still fighting "the good fight". I pray for all of you who still do that. Sometimes a film helps us to understand ourselves too. That riveting film by McArdle also helped me to see how that the world that shaped me was also rough and cold in many ways, but truth and light was still taking root and growing. When I saw North Country, it helped me to see what I faced as I grew up as a teenager in the iron-willed mining country of northern Minnesota. This place is raw, but there is light and hope here. "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." Frozen but flourishing in the homeland of Dylan. God's peace to all who read this.
Amazing film deserves awards.....
Liked the band since 1983....when the troubles in Ireland was at it's extreme with many losing there lives...glad there is peace but my heart goes to all that lived through the troubles on both sides..many lives lost...this is a great film and should be up for many awards and the music goes brill with the film..people say that they are trying to cash in on the troubles...but the troubles will never go away...
mr oliver reid
is ebw even going to be a single or not?...will there ever be any singles off soi?
Takes me to a reflection
As a movie it perfectly depicts the atmosphere of that period. It surpasses the aim to attract the audience's attention from second one 'til the end. Excellent on that part. Likewise, I would like to point out that although it was extremely sad all that happened those years, from my point of view, it is relevant to highlight the fact that all the parts involved in this non-sense ended up finding a way to solve their problems for us and for the oncoming generations. This proves that us, humans, are able to go beyond any sort of problem and just fix it when all the elements involved are willing to sort things out. Why is this not valid for the rest of sad realities that are still shaming us... so shamefully many, let's say extreme poverty.
Brings back memories of being a teenager in Dublin, hanging around the Dandelion Market. SLF,Pistols, Clash, and a certain up and coming band U2...memories.
Like the life itself. A vibrant movie.
Hats off to Aoife! A magnificent production! Congrats!!
Great movie
Comming from and still living in west Belfast I want to thank all involved. It is a beautiful piece of work.
Boy Girl
It's nice. What happened to me when received the North Side Story and red it in a day... searched for all those early clips like San Francisco 81, Joshua tour where have been myself, also Zoo, then Pop, Pop behind the scenes, and NY 2001 Brooklyn Bridge. By the book I found a lot of U2 well over again, intriguing like during October (when first in my life heard about the band in general) is there a sparkle still. In this film I think it is manicured pedicured and done, well done, very well done. It is almost impossible to get the raw spirit of the band anymore or in the film it is so obvious BUT look at Boy/Girl it is not obvious it is just the spirit or Slane Castle Go Home! in some points. I do wonder if it can ever happen again. But yes, I believe it is there. It is with us. With u.2.
Amazing film up there with My left Foot/ In the Name Of Father the 2 songs went so well with the film should be up for a short film award brilliant would be great to have soom of the video on screens for the tour when either song is played
Awesome !
Wow very well done. It draws you in and captures your attention.
Very powerful!
I just watched it. As always, the music of U2 sets the entire tone for the magic of this film. It speaks volumes, & gives the watcher a true depiction of what it must have been like to live...& love during this time of intense violence in the lives of those growing up during this period. I now feel as if I understand the fear, loneliness, feelings of betrayal, unrest, & the sense of injustice those living through it must have felt. This is a raw, but real look at that time period. Magnificent!
Touching amazing just like the film in the name of the father about the true saga of Gerry Condon
Happy Valentine's Day
Wow!!! Just Wow!!! I went through such a gambit of emotions through that whole film, from feeling like being a teenager again with friends having good times, to first love, to unrequited love, to anger/ pain at losing a father, to happiness at finding a soul mate against all odds. Plus the cinematography and the grit of living in that neighbourhood. Amazingly done. Can't stop watching it over and over and over and over........
That was Brilliant!
Aoife, you have done a fantastic job of depicting the way things were in Belfast in the early 80's! The way all the Music Genre's gathered together in clubs, the Punks, the Skins, and all the rest, which would have been the same in Dublin or Glasgow or London or Liverpool, except the rest of us didn't have the Police presence that Belfast would have had, as shown here. The atmosphere of this was stunning, and it brought me back to the era, that SOI, brings us back to. The style of the Skins, in their green bomber jackets, Harrington jackets, the bleached jeans and the Ox-blood Doc Marten boots. Very well captured Aoife. I think this SHOULD be the official video for Every Breaking Wave! This is a pure visual of that time, late 70's/early 80's. These days of course, Belfast is a Beautiful vibrant city, and as you drive around it now, in parts, you would think you were in Vienna, or Berlin. 'Donegal Square' for example could be in the middle of Paris or Madrid. I'm a Dubliner, but i love going up to Belfast with friends for a night. Always great! But a version of Aoife's short Film would be an ideal compliment to Every Breaking Wave. "The Troubles" (which has nothing to do with Northern Ireland, i think) simply must be a single from this album too. It's up there with "Bad" or "One". Bravo Aoife! A great piece of Art depicting a Belfast from 30+ years ago, and a great Soundtrack too! I didn't want it to end. On another note, RIP 'Steve Strange', of British New Romantic Pop group "Visage" (from the early 80's), check out this guys influence in London in the late 70's..check this link.. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-31452452
Leaves you breathless!!
Jo Van de Vreken
Wow, Alternative Ulster of Stiff Little Fingers!! That must be a hundred years ago I've heard that one.
No Teenage Kicks
Surprised Undertones 'Teenage Kicks' didn't make the score. Liked the use of SLF '78 RPM'. Didn't like the subtitles, what was that all about?! In terms of what it looked like back then it was quite accurate aside one or two bloopers (e.g. styles of UPVC doors, central heating outlet, some lighting out of decade) rest was spot on. Not sure if skins would have an October poster though! First time I watched the film thought it was dark and depressing. Second watch it was alright, a bit like 'This is England' style format with more of a hardcore theme. Struggled with why new U2 music set against a period back drop? And why the 'Troubles' used as a backdrop to the 'Troubles' when I thought it was about an ex-relationship? Ah well on second watch the penny dropped and understood it a bit more. Probably watch it again to see if I now like it;0)
bella historia + increíble música. El resultado no puede ser otra cosa que emocionante
A great and compelling story needs a great song and vice versa.
pretty boring in fact,
pretty boring in fact, u2 is stuck in a very boaring place and they don't get it,,
Magic scenario and beautiful story, framing a vivid reality and setting an universal language: LOVE
This is such a great and touching short movie…stunning!
bad taste
love the bad,go to all the tours! were trying to leave the past behind here in northern ireland,its not the 70s now and this makes us look bad which it isnt here!!!
Love how the film opens with music of the time before EBW kicks in, followed beautifully by the acoustic version. I also love how the director wasn't afraid to punctuate the film with silence - the whole film works really well and Bono and Lykke Li's vocals at the end are hauntingly beautiful and poignant.
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