'You Go Your Way...'

23 Feb 201519
Premiering today, four and a half minute edit of a thirteen-minute short film by Belfast-born director Aoife McArdle, accompanying the release of 'Every Breaking Wave', second single from Songs of Innocence.

Aoife's complete film, recently premiered with The Creators Project, was described by filmmaker Spike Jonze as 'a perfect little gem of a romance movie'.

 Read more and watch the whole film.

Every Breaking Wave, produced by Danger Mouse, Ryan Tedder and Declan Gaffney, was recorded in California and New York.
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brilliant message for human rights, peace and grace will overcome
Every breaking wave
song is awesome; video is a well- crafted description a loss of youth and innocence but with concludes with a glimmer of hope for all. Nicely done. Sarah C.
U2 BEING HATED and negative comments
So I am from BOSTON, dare I say U2s second home. I am a long time fan - since 1980- and I am a long time fan of my home town sports teams like my 4 TIME SUPERBOWL CHAMPS , THE NE PATRIOTS. and while reading many negative posts and recalling how hated the PATRIOTS are it hit me. Funny it never did before. WHY all this so called hate and dislike............Simple answer..........because, THEY ARE BOTH THE BEST IN THE WORLD IN WHAT THEY DO !!!!!! ps - for those who have not viewed the 2001 Superbowl / U2 performance, YOUTUBE it.....it is amazing.... peace, u2jerry
"You go your way..."
Quick question, fully paid member, but I can share for free to others via FB?
Cuanto mas la escucho, mas me gusta.
Muy buena canción, me gusta su música y su mensaje, después de cada ola siempre vendrá otra, como la vida, hay que luchar, aprovechar las oportunidades y ser constante para conseguir lo que se quiere. Para cuando U2 LIVE IN MADRID???.
Always Touching My Emotions
Since the day my friend's brother brought and audio tape from a barn show in Dublin in 1980, this has been MY band and I am so proud of that. This song and video are the spirit of the purpose of the album, going back to those times of innocence. What would I do without U2? Thank you for making my life and so many others make a lot more sense! Never stop!
Brilliance - GaryU2
Very moving, i have followed you since 1981 and its fantastic the way in which every little detail fits together with words, motion and emotion with everything you guys do, your music and inspiration has been there for me for most of my life, Thank you for your brilliance. GaryU2
Again I'm one of those peeps that got into U2 later. THE WHOLE ZOO TV blew me away and I have been stuck with the best band EVER, since then. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing them (inside) Glasgow. Nothing beats a good indoor show. This video is great. Another of my favourites is 'Sometimes you can't make it on your own'. Really thought provoking. Maybe it's because I'm getting older (41) but the lyrics are really good these days. Peace and love to everyone who loves U2.
Heartbreaking Song
This song is just lovely: powerful, raw and emotional.
U2 Never Ceases To Amaze Me!
I've been a fan of U2 since the Joshua Tree. I am never more excited when they share themselves with new material and especially their songs. Nearly every time a new bid of their past I learn and understand what they are really about. Just makes me love them even more. Long live U2 even after the day comes they call it a day and get to their real lives. Thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam for 40 great years of great music! Love you guys!
Yeah growing up in this town in the 80s was just like this. I had a pilot jacket nd DM boots. The era that Aoife captured was so violent and yet I drank at Laverys bar with skinheads nd rockers nd mods from all over town. Even back then some of us knew a better way to live. Than you for the art!
Breaking the Mould
Poetry and visual art combined into a 4 1/2 masterpiece. What more can I say.
U2 at Gardiner Street Flats, Dublin 1981
The SOI era..
Songs of Innocence visual
At last, 'Every Breaking Wave' is released into the Universe as a single! With a great video to match this great song. It is a great visual of a time (early 80's) that this album (Songs of Innocence) was trying to re-connect with, re-visit, and this raw visual will definitely paint a picture, for people trying to understand what the band must have had in their minds when recording this album. How raw times were back then, especially in Belfast! The nightclub scene reminded me of 'McGonagles' in Dublin at that time. No doubt this video will certainly provoke a reaction, but it is a picture of a Catholic boy and a Protestant girl falling in Love, and the way people will Unite in the face of carnage! "If you go your way, and i go mine.." In this case they go together, and that's the way it should be. This would have been an issue back in the early 80's, but these days, these things are not an issue, and this visual/video from Aoife McCardle (from Belfast) perhaps paints a little picture of what U2's vision was, with the theme of the album, out of their own memories and sub-conscious. Attached is a photo of U2 playing an outdoor gig in Gardiner Street, Dublin in 1981. The old Georgian buildings getting demolished, and it is a wasteland. The photo was taken by Irish photographer 'Colm Henry', who was a photographer for 'Hot Press' magazine (Ireland's equivalent to 'Rolling Stone') in the 70's and 80's. I bought it from him framed. Excuse the quality of the photo of it, camera phone isn't great, but it's a photo of the band at around the same time that this video was set.
nelson fernandes
Regressem a Portugal pleese
So beautiful. Possibly the best video to date. Well done!
I say:"Oscar", U2?
Are We so helpless?
It's a beautiful song !
Love it.. Thank you!
Avion Espia
Shorter, but effective anyway...!
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