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26 Feb 201970

Now Downloading…

If you subscribed - or resubscribed - to and selected “iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live, 2015 & 2018" gift, the first two tracks from the forthcoming double live CD are now waiting for you to download.

When you're signed in, click Account Info on the tab at the top right of the page to find:

'The Little Things That Give You Away (Live from Rome 15 July 2017)'

'Song For Someone (Live from Boston 14 July 2015)'

Tell us what you think of the tracks in the comments below.

More downloads coming soon and news on release dates for the subscribers-only live double CD, the definitive live companion to Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience.

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2 great songs
2 great songs that bring back great memories . Can't wait for the full 2cd set. Really hope that "Bullet The Blue Sky" and "Raised By Wolves" are on there.
Can't play them on my PC. In what kind of platform can I listen to?
Great Stuff!
Now be sure to put "Landlady" on the final release!
Choice of versions
I find it funny that out of the versions they choose a version of little things were bono messes up the lyrics haha. at least its like going to a U2 show! :P
Great performances. Thank you for not pitch correcting anything.
Great feelings
Great two songs....very emotional The Little things because i was in Rome that magic night, best performance of Song for someone in Boston!!! I waiting for all download and double CD. I Hope to are in tracklist Landlady and Raised by wolfs in Paris...Great show...Great audience in Rome and Boston....and High quality and audio. God bless U2.... Peppe from Naples
Thanks so much for the upcoming double CD. And thanks for these first two downloads. I can't wait for the rest.
Song for Someone
I never paid much attention to Song for Someone UNTIL i heard it LIVE....changed my whole perspective on it. LOVE it now.. from a U2 Dork FAN
Excellent live versions
Love them. Please upload in flac or wav
Great feelings
Two Great songs....very emotional listen " The Little Thing " because that incredibile night i was in Rome...and best performance of Song for someone in Boston....i Hope to find inside all the performance landlady...Iris from the First leg...and Rise by Wolf in Paris... Great audience...and very High and Great audio. I Hope to recive very soon all the double CD. Tnx God bless U2 Peppe from Naples
Oh so good love this song the little things and with the piano part sounds even better can’t wait to hear the cd My only small gripe is that it would sound so much better on vinyl But may be next time?
The two songs are Great!!!
I can’t wait for the entire album.......
With U2, I can see the light
I follow U2 and U2 is part of my life since 1984 and it will last until the light switch off.... Be blessed guys !
Songs for us Little Things
As usual, my music gods are the best. I love how each of you sound and, then, how all of you are one entity. I admire how much Bono loves Ali. She is also part of this journey, and the poetry behind each song for her is so romantic, objectively romantic. On the other hand, when one has encountered certain life-changing events, you indeed understand, and you know who has been there. All that you can give us, gifts, music, interviews are what ultimately stay in our memories...what we (hopefully) will be able to carry with us. Because I need U2 in this life, the next, and all the following ones. Thank you Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono. Looking forward to the rest of this SoI/SoE tracks! Love you...just a little Mexican looking up to you :-)
I Think The Little Things... is an Absolute U2 Classic one my top three U2 songs. A Go to song for me. I remember hearing it first at The Meadowlands and was blown away as it Ascended to these guitar crescendos at the end. That was it too. The next night it wasn't played. I think Mysterious Ways was instead. But It stick with me till Experience finally came out. This is a very good version but I remember a little more rippin guitar at The Meadowlands. Song for Someone too is Amazing. Both albums Innocence and Experience are Rightfully U2 classics. The last three tours were majestic. It's nice to get these beautiful souvenirs
Sound fantastic. Little Things ....should be played on every tour from here on out!!! GREAT SONG!!!
You are live at your very best! Bono's voice very strong and Edge's voice is so great in the background. Thanks also to Adam and Larry for great bass play and drumms! These first two songs brought me back to the concerts! Thank you all four!
Even Better Than the Real Thing?
Absolutely incredible! Can't wait for the rest of the tracks! Hoping for some from the Chicago shows I was at ;)
thank you for these songs, i realy love. I'm waiting for the entire album !!! Every day listing to U2 is a real pleasure Love U
Thank's for Little thing in Rome, i was there in this concert! Awesome, amazing show!
Tracy M
These new downloads are fabulous! Finally, Little Things LIVE! Thank you!
Hi on iPhone - can someone assist on how to download the tracks?
The Band, Live!
Splendid choice of live tracks to release. They moved my Spirit and lifted me to the live moment that I experienced with my love, my bride. Slainte Lads!
Sounds amazing
Enjoy this powerfull songs ✌
...but still, I hope you include in the double live cd the track "Pride" live in Lisbon, on September 16th ;)
The little things that give you away / S
J'aime beaucoup les deux titres mais je suis vraiment déçu de voir qu'en 2019, on vous donne encore du MP3....Quel dommage !! On pourrait au moins vous donner le choix pour pouvoir télécharger en WAVE par exemple.
dcjt237 U2
Just brilliant! Love these two songs. Cannot wait for the full release. Thank you U2 and please keep the music coming!
I enjoy this 2 songs because I love the voice of Bono ( wonderful voice which hurts me) and the voice of The Edge ( beautiful too ). Don't change guys !
Love you guys!!! A day without U2 is a wasted day!!! ❤️❤️❤️
The end is not coming
I was in Rome on July 15th and this so magic song become the song of my life!
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