On Bourbon Street...

29 Nov 20216

On Bourbon Street….

Remember we mentioned Edge was making some special plans for a Music Rising auction?

Today you can see for yourself. 

Take a visit to Edge's on-line world of 'Bourbon St' where you can view a host of historic instruments and memorabilia, talk guitars and songs and all things U2, and zoom in on a very special virtual experience.

Once you've ridden an atmospheric trolley bus to Bourbon St, you'll be met by virtual Edge who'll say a bit more about Music Rising, before guiding you into the world he's helped to create via the cutting-edge on-line design platform ohyay.

It's all fan-centric, interactive and immersive - but don't just take our word for it. 

Yesterday, ahead of the global launch, our U2.com subscribers got a special preview… and even met up with the real and non-virtual The Edge. Seemed to go quite well...

'Did we really stacked hats on Edge's head and chit-chat with him all dressed up as him last night?' asked @madfl3a. 'For real #U2Fam, you DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ! I'm having the time of my life seriously. #BourbonSt is amazing and so well thought It's soooooo cool to hang out with friends in that virtual space and just discover all those rooms and chit chat about music and just have the best fun really....

'You need to check out the new @musicrising virtual experience,' posted  @ScoobyGangKid. 'I am not kidding at all, it's AMAZING - there is so much to explore! Plus you never know who is going to join the room to say hi… YES THAT IS MR THE EDGE, NO NOT IN THE SHIRT THAT'S ME. UNDER THE HAT PILE
That was the best craic I've had in so long. Today was my last day of isolation, I didn't expect to spend it in a virtual world trying on cowboy hats and converse but here we are! I didn't even get to see half the guitars yet, that is for tomorrow's exploring...'

You could make straight for U2's 'dressing room nook' to catch a pre-gig vibe and chat face-to-face with other fans - or head to Edge's personal room where he'll wax lyrical about the custom Strat he played on 'Bad' and 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' (but please, no feet on the coffee table - he's just painted it …).

Bono can fill you in on the Gibson he played on the Zoo TV tour … or head to Adam's room to study his Precision bass, up close and personal.

Remember, some of the world's greatest artists - from Springsteen to Elton John via Joan Jett and Paul McCartney! - have given instruments and memorabilia for Music Rising, and they've left personal introductions about their stuff for you to savour while you're there.

The auction itself is on December 11. If you've some spare cash you can bid on Springsteen's signed Americana Original '50s Fender Telecaster, but if you're not quite in the running for that, or Elton John's pre-loved keyboard, don't worry - you can still play your part for the Music Rising cause by grabbing a highly collectable Music Rising t-shirt, or other limited edition memorabilia in the virtual merch store over on ohyay.

When you're logging in remember to invite friends so that you can all hang out together in the same space…..

Ohyay works best on a laptop or desktop computer (not mobile devices, like a cell phone or tablet) and runs the fastest on Google Chrome. We also recommend using headphones for a better auditory experience. Please reference this guide for more info on setting up. 

(Oh… and if you're a U2.com subscriber, this will be the best link for you to visit  as you'll find yourself hanging out with loads of other fans straight off.)

See you on Bourbon St.

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U2 family, crew, friends
Merry Christmas n Happy New Year thanks for helping to keep the world sane with music. It is truly a life saver. Looking forward to next North American tour. Also thank u for allowing the great live music on utube. Newark show last tour exceptional. Ah there all good help so much during this pandemic god bless n love to all. Butch form Coventry
Hanging with The Edge on Bourbon Street
This was such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, then The Edge shows up! I am so happy to be captured in this image above (bottom left waving hello to Edge) I was so in awe that he was there I neglected to take a screen shot. My family couldn't believe we were live with him, although my youngest daughter missed out on the opportunity to say hi, she would have asked him to play Red Flag Day which is her favorite U2 song. This is a great auction you put together for Music Rising. Thank you for all you do for great causes and for us subscribers. Be well, until we meet again. - Rae Anne, Wood-Ridge, NJ
'Seemed to go quite well...' ?
You bet it did. Like quite WELL WELL ! Great cause, surreal setting, endless fun, beautiful people all around. It was the best time i've had in a long time quite frankly. And that was even before Mr The Edge showed up and be his usual kindest/sweetest/funkiest self and we all felt that particular feeling usually only the intro of Streets provides. Perfect JOY. Am I still smiling at that? Oh yeah. I prob will be forever to be honest. ​ Thanks guys. Thanks Edge. Thanks Music Rising. Let's do it again sometimes shall we?
Face to Face with Edge on Bourbon Street
WOW, I am in the photo you posted for the launch of Bourbon Street/ Music Rising Virtual Site.( that is me 3rd from bottom on the left) Checking out the site on Sunday moving from room to room when we saw a very special guest I was in shock was this live or virtual Edge? I was rendered speechless which is unbelievable for me. And so all I could do was wave at him. Edge chatted with fans, answered questions and was his usual generous and polite self. Then I ran into him again in another room, he seemed to be having as much fun as we were. I wished everyone "A Beautiful Day" that got a chuckle out of Edge and it was a beautiful day. Thanks Edge and Music Rising, just wish I could bid on his. guitar. Flashklew- Kathy Fort Lee, New Jersey
Amazing Experience
Thanks for taking your time to drop in and chat with us Edge. Such a great cause you are promoting. #MusicRising #TheEdge
This made my weekend, my week, my month,
It was just dumb luck, but I am in the second picture up there—in the "dressing room." What a surprise and pleasure it was to chat with The Edge. We all know he's a brilliant, generous gentleman, but...he really IS all of those things! And Music Rising is a wonderful organization. (Yes, I bought myself some merch…BEFORE this even happened!) Thank you again, Mr. The Edge! I'm still giddy. Hope we get to see you in real life before too long. — PJ
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