Rising Again

14 Dec 200910
Great new look and site for 'Music Rising', the campaign, in which Edge has been a prime mover, dedicated to preserving the rich musical heritage of the Gulf Coast region.

As well as the soundtrack of New Orleans, the site has some fine photography of the milestones in the campaign so far: from U2 and Green Day performing 'The Saints Are Coming' at the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome to Edge visiting the devastation in the region not long after Katrina hit.

In case you're new to Music Rising, it was launched to 'rescue the musical culture of the Central Gulf region of the United States from the destruction caused by the catastrophic hurricanes of the summer of 2005 by replacing the musical instruments lost or destroyed in the deluge.'

Take a look.
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Go Saints tomorrow.
Welcome back MR site!
Yes, it's so great to have the Music Rising website back in action! Thank you! Your work has helped thousands of musicians and students over the years, and the site's outreach will help fans and supporters continue the good work in New Orleans. Looking forward to sharing the NOLA love!
When I was in NOLA
... and walking down the street with my Music Risng T on, two people came up to me and said, "hey! thanks!" cool
Glad it's back!!
Missed you MR!! Been a supporter since the beginning...was so proud to be at the Superdome re-opening with a bunch of other fans, that experience was undescribable.......Thanks to fragrant again!! Looking forward to keeping up with the new site. Love to NOLA!!
Take a View
The Music Rising Documentary is awesome take a Free view on the web it's only 45 minutes... : ).
Play Jazz Fest 2010 and if you would make it the 1st weekend that would be especially appreciated. Maybe your the TBA?!?!? I think you should do it. Mary_Teri is right it would mean a lot and also the 2nd weekend already has too many headliners.
JazzFest 2010
As someone who has been to JazzFest the past three years, and a number of years before Katrina, it would really mean a lot for U2 to play JazzFest. The city could use the additional draw (i.e. money) U2 would represent for the festival. It's great to go to a destination, celebrate music and know that the dollars I'm spending at local businesses really does make a difference in helping to bring back the city. You would have to leave your spaceship at home....don't think it'd fit!
Thank you for doing this for us
I live in New Orleans since 2002. Sorry I missed you when you come to the Superdome, we all struggled in different ways. I really appreciate what you are doing for our local musicians. There´s so much talent in this city. Andrea (originally from Argentina)
so proud
as a u2 fan, all of the humanitarian efforts that u2 is involved in make me very proud to be a fan. keep up the good work guys!!!!!!!
This is a wonderful venture Mr. Edge... I Agree children are the first note in sustaining a cultural symphony... The gift of Music is a good vibration that ripples through the Spirit.. : )..
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