'Winter' Nominated for Globe

15 Dec 200910
The Golden Globes, presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), are among Hollywood's leading film awards and the band have said how delighted they are with today's nomination for 'Winter' in the 'Best Original Song-Motion Picture' category.

'It's great to be nominated. Jim is a brother, a father, a friend and a foe - if you don't give him your best work...
'Working with him is always interesting, he pushes and we like to be pushed. We gave it our all on this one, so thrilled the HFPA noticed. The subject matter of Sheridan's 'Brothers' - friendship and familial relationships - is something we've explored a lot with Jim over the years and it's certainly pertinent now. Jim's film is right where we wanted to go.'

Today's nomination puts the band up against some other very fine songwriters when the Awards are announced in January. Also in the running are Maury Yeston for 'Cinema Italiano' in the film Nine, Paul McCartney for 'I Want To Come Home' in Everybody's Fine, James Horner and Simon Franglen for 'I See You' in Avatar and Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett for 'The Weary Kind' from Crazy Heart.

If you've not heard 'Winter' yet, you can take a listen here - we premiered the track last week.

U2 won a Golden Globe in 2002 for 'The Hands That Built America', the track they wrote for Martin Scorcese's 'Gangs of New York'.

Check out the rest of today's nominations.
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Great work!
BRAVO ! I love this song. Hope U2 win a Golden Globe for this beautiful song...
one verses the other
i've been listening to both versions back and forth and i think this version fits the film perfectly. yes the other's much faster and more upbeat, but do bear in mind that the subject matter of the film is very heavy and dark and meant to leave questions. the film's not for the faint at heart and this version of Winter fits right in. what a wonderful plus for U2, i'll be cheering for them of course and keeping my fingers crossed for an Oscar nod. cements the fact that they're still the greatest band in history.
can't get the track anywhere
OK... I get frustrated when gorrilla marketing puts a song (ex: Winter) somewhere that you can't buy it... Winter is not on iTunes. Winter is NOT on the Brothers soundtrack on Amazon. SO... why did U2 record the song and give it to people who won't let us buy a copy?? C'mon, boys, that's just silly-pants ninny stuff!!
i want this song in my itunes! Make it available.
Congratulations with the nomination for a Golden globe.Good work boys, love you!!!!!!!!
way to go, U2!!
that's fantastic! i hope they win another Golden Globe and if they get an Oscar nomination, maybe they'll finally win that, too! : ) (karen, U2 didn't win an Oscar. they lost to that horrible, over-rated, untalented, homophobic piece of crap... and that's the nice version of how i feel about him.)
Brothers jostles your emotions... Winter hits the high note and justifies them... Thanks for the sweet precision... high five... and CHEERs for the Golden nomination : ).
Golden Globe...
Golden Globe nomination AND more Grammy nominations? U2 proves yet once again that they're not just pretty faces, they are serious rock stars with plenty of talent AND heart. It could'nt happen to better people !!!!! L & M & J (Adam's girls)
Congratulations to U2! Hope you win an Oscar again too! I went st see this film~ LOVED it!! Incredible performances by all actors especially the little girls! This haunting and beautiful song is well suited to the spirit of the story!
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