'See you guys...'

13 Mar 200955
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Hey Bono, dont you go forgetting about us down under ! Hopefully see ya here sometime
Very good idea!
More diaries, "waiting for the next..." Sorry I'm late IoI I see that people post on 13 march, 2009
the band
they are justa band and normal people not celebrities and that is why we love them and that makes them different comparingwith other bands. i remember their interview in Las Vegas when they they had a ride in black limo. damm, they thanged since then but still they will always be same band from the "boy" cover. hey maredam, that's bad luck. don't wory mate this is not their last concert. i wish i could be at home in croatia to watch them live. i wonder if they will come to play in dubai????
Pleasee come to argentinaa!
Hi bono! these videos are fantastic! you sweeten our souls and give us peace! thanks for everything! and we´re waiting in argentina!
U2 4ME
Bonois once again showing us how much he appreciates his fans for the wonderful life they have helped to create for him.He is not just a talented Rock Star, athoughtful poet& ahumanitarian but also a warm hearted friend who is willing to share his life with us. Thank you, Bono, for inviting us in.
My day sucked
U2 is playing in Zagreb, Croatia! Finally, I was so happy! I have been unemployed for some time and had to spend my money rationaly but was determined to buy a ticket for a concert I've been wanting to see forever! I was driving to the nearest city today to try and buy the ticket. I got pulled over by a policemen and had to pay the same ammount that the ticket on the grass would have costed me.The tickets are sold out, and even if they weren't I can't afford it now.I am in awe of how the universe ( God) is having fun watching us suffer. It was a bad day! Tomorrow is a new day... but I am staying home!
John Izzard
Watching that gave me such a buzz, such an uplift. A band still thrilling, 30 years on.
is bono a vampire? :P
he likes the dark, he always wears sunglasses, and he shows off his teeth a lot... hmmm hehe
We loved seeing you too!
What a great couple of weeks it was for all U2 fans - whether you watched them on Letterman and listened to the U2.com streams or were lucky enough to meet them (like me) - what a great week. Keep making these videos!
They are back ...
That's just amazing to see U2 on the road again.Love them so much.
bono man !!!!
what i love about U2 is that they r soooooo cool with the fans i live for the day i ever get to get up and close to any member of U2 ....... especially Edge cos he is the reason i picked up the guitar rock on guys love ya all xxxxxxxxxxx
Uruguay want U2!!!
We all want a world tour again (including south america). I'm from Uruguay and we want to see you again in Argentina!!!
love the video's
it must be very odd indeed having scores of people yelling your name! and to think.. no matter how mature i think i am, i'll be one of them soon! haha.
Alain Boileau
A great seat to have . . .
Rarely can we see these simply every day events, like driving through Boston,from that perspective. Thanks for sharing and giving us a glimpse. . . and envy.
needed the light but the light is only a
awsome to see Bono as a normal person away from the hype of concerts.. Could of used the lamp from Rattle'n'Hum but this was impromptu which digs a different hue than what you want. You cant always have what you want but different is good.... and you can always have what you don't .... if the want is there somewhere.....dig a little
Ridin' with the Man!
Hey Bono! I am so excited about this year! Please keep up with the video blogging. You're doing fine! It's just the best to get to experience such things with you...Have fun! 'Til we see you again!
in the car with bono....
very nice to be in a part of rock star like bono...
wow ..do people always do that?
It must be hard on you guys to have people shouting like that at you .. makes me feel stressed out just listening to it.. hmm.. but I look forward to see you on tour again.. in at least two cities this summer.. Im a bit more quiet fan, but I promise to smile.. dance and sing.. ;)
We Miss You Already
Thanks Bono for another great video and it just reminds us how down to earth and "real" you are even though we all think you're God anyway! It'll be hard to wait until September to see you again on our turf. Best of luck with the tour! Stay safe!
Why Shouldn't WE?
U2.com...keep up the amazing work. There's a reason I have been shelling out my bucks for the site for years. These little diaries are just a page in the book of the joy that U2.com brings to the faithful...
keeping us in tune
Bono, thanks for these clips it very cool to feel a little part of the U2 world!
SO close!!!!!!!!
A small Gig in Somerville!! And A Beautiful day at the Ga-den!!!! Love you All!!!! Cant wait for Septem-ba! Love You Bono - My Sister is in IRAG wearing her Sexy Boots!!!! I am sending her my Vertigo IPOD as soon as I get her mailing address - She just arrived yesterday!!!The World does need a BIg Kiss - Here's one to you!! SAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mooooooooooooooooooooooooooochhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Love, Jane
You are the bright spot
Great little peek into your world. I love the new album, After my husband of 15 yrs. passed away last month, things have been dark. Seeing U2 play in the fall, is a bright spot of optimism for me. Thank you.
Love It, Love It,
Maith an buchaill -WOW - Love these diaries - can't wait for croker!!!!
I wish i was There !!!!
wow , i could tell that bono is having a blast meeting up with his fans again, I cant wait on what is bono going to do next . And Bono if ur reading this , let me just say this " You Rock !! I have been a big fan since i was 10. I'm 16 turning 17 this year and i'm hoping someday i could get the chance to meet you in LA " XOXXOX
Southern Hospitality
Bono..you need to come to the Sunny South for some Southern Hospitality. We are just waiting here in Atlanta for U2. I agree the crowd in Chicago was 'messy'. I couldn't even hear the radio program because of the crowd. Much better in LA and especially Boston. For those of us that are not lucky enough to win these contest these diaries are great!! Please keep them coming and thanks for all that you do for the world and your fans.
cool experience
Rael cool to see it from Bono's point of view, little light and more consistent audio is needed.
Thank you, thank you!
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! It's priceless to get these kinds of insights.
Hi, i want so much U2 in BRAZIL! U2, is music of the soul for me. Sorry my english...
I love these
Even these short glimpses into Bono's perspective are really great. Keep them coming!!!
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