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31 May 201023
U2360° At The Rose Bowl was the penultimate gig of last year's U2360° Tour and the band's biggest ever US show, with a live audience in excess of 97,000.

It's released this week on DVD and Blu-ray and this special advance clip, City of Blinding Lights, will bring back all the memories of one of the band's greatest live shows ever.

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US iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert
US iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert and bonus material

Canadian iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert and bonus material
Canadian iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert

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U2 Live is the BEST!!!
You guys are always stunning!!!! Thank you for all the great work you do... all the great songs you have created....and all of the greatest memories over the years! Can't wait to see you again. Bono Gods Speed on your recovery. God bless:)
My all-time favorite U2 song. I cant believe i was there. one of the most beautiful moments that night.
What a beautiful DVD! Thanks U2. In my opinion this DVD is better than the Zoo Tv one!
I LOVE YOU GUYS! I started to cry now. Get better Bono, Croatia loves you all <3
Kiss the Future
Wow, awesome! But what happened to "Kiss the Future" being the name of this tour? The way these shows played, and their feeling, that title sure seems better to me than the utilitarian 360 moniker. Just saying. Get better Bono, I can't wait for more shows.
Best Band EVER!!!
I 've seen U2 every time they played in LA since the 80's & they still rock!! I will NEVER forget the magical night at the Rose Bowl. I would've been inAnaheim tonight partying,singing & dancing my heart out. Bono- wishing you a speedy recovery- Can't wait to see you guys in 2011! Love & Peace, Whittier,CA
sorry i wont get to see them do this song this summer. it was one of my personal highlights from the meadowlands! bono, recover quickly!
special moment...
I had the pleasure of sharing the U2 experience with my son last September in was his 7th birthday that November and he'd been begging to go. It was quite a thing to see him standing on the seat beside me, playing air-guitar, drums and singing his heart out, feeling the excitement of your music. Many thanks to the wonderful people sitting beside us for their patience as he thrashed about! Get well soon Bono, can't wait to see you guys again in Montreal, 2011:)
i was fortunate to see them twice on the 2009 leg...looking forward to seeing them again once the tour resumes. blessings...
So Very Wonderful!!!!!
Ohhhh so wonderful! I was at the Chicago concert on September 13th and it was like I was there again at Soldier Field while I watched this video. I can hardly wait until my DVD arrives. That should tie me over until U2 returns to Chicago in 2011. God's blessings to you Bono and to all of the members of U2! You guys are amazing! Thank You.
Yes they are so Beautiful
What can I say, the are so Beautiful to me. U2 the BEST band in the World! Get well soon Bono.
Nice dissolves
This was so impossible to watch on YouTube and Breathe and City look and sound marvelous, can not wait.
Nothing more amazing then reliving these moments... You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!! Hope Bono recovers quickly so we could enjoy you guys again soon - can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Peace...
Hey Bono, you run like a girl. Think that's how you hurt your back? Seriously, spectacular video...hope you are better soon.
sunday bloody sunday 360 tour
i can't wait to watch Bono sing with the american flag i threw on stage during the concert!!!! get well Bono.
Wrong Day..!! My mistake...
I knew already that the sale of the DVD was the 3rd of June, but I was at a Store on Wednesday asking for it, AAAAAAHAHAHAHHAAHAH... You know that on Tuesdays are the New DVD comming out, and NOT on Thrusday..!! Anyway, I live in Tijuana and will have to do a 90 minute waiting time line at the Border to cross to San Diego and get the Deluxe Edition... This track is one of my favorites, but no song from U2 tops "Where The Streets Have No Name"... See you guys on 2011 for both Anaheim Shows..!! JC Marruffo...
u2 360 can not wait till September see you there boys Paris 2010 magnificent vertigo u2
Just watched the DVD.Being at a few shows at the 2009 360 tour the show on disc brought back some good memories. I always really liked how Bono introduced the band members before "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"; great sense of humor. Needless to say that the "mad scientist" has many beautiful guitars which still make beautiful loud noises.
Re-live the concert!
Can't wait to watch the entire Rose Bowl DVD and re-live the 360 tour!!! This will help hold me over while Bono recuperates and they come back in 2011 - can't wait!! See you in Anaheim, Philly and NY :-) Love & Peace, JerseyGirl
This song shows us that we're all a part of this world and we're important. We are all special and beautiful! So uplifting!
Just finished watching the DVD. Amazing, I am speechless. The images are stunning, editing is the best I have ever seen on a concert video. I dont have enough words to say how great this video is.
Cool Track
A really cool track. I'm looking forward to get the Rose Bowl DVD!!
marvellous !!!!
I always get U2'S dvd shows so u can watch it anytime you want, but this one be special for me as ive said on other comments on here i missed 360 tour in UK because of slipped discs in my back and i was gutted i couldn't go !!!! my back is still bad so when this dvd arrives i will get comfy on my sofa and watch this very special show from the greatest live band ever in my opinion awesome xx
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