Streaming For Subscribers

1 Mar 202041

Streaming For Subscribers

Something a bit special coming up in March, to mark Adam’s birthday. 

We’ll be hosting the premiere of 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN’ and inviting all 2020 subscribers to join us.

Our Zootopian team will be online to join in the conversation when everyone is invited to share their memories of the tour - photos, tweets, reviews, live chat as the entire show - all  142 minutes and 23 songs -  happens all over again.

For those who can support it, streaming in stunning 4K UHD and 5.1 surround sound. (If that’s not you, maybe you know someone who does.) 

We'll have some very collectable giveaways up for grabs during the premiere - and of course, it being a big weekend for our favourite bass man, we'll be inviting everyone to share their stories and photos of the one and only Adam Clayton.

The premiere begins at 9pm GMT on Saturday, March 14th but if you can't tune in then, no worries - the film will be available on demand throughout the term of your 2020 subscription. 

Once we've aired the premiere, 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN' will be available on demand for the duration of your annual subscription.

And in other news, for those - and we gather that’s a lot of you - who prize the physical over the digital, dispatch of  the DVD and the accompanying booklet of the show will begin in May.

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Thank You Kindly...
...this is what some of us were asking for, and someone listened. To get to see this visually stunning tour in the finest A/V quality available. Yes, í am old-school and would love to have a shiny box & discs in my hands {with some cool supplementary material, of which í am sure there are many hours!} but that doesn't appear to be the way the world works now, more's the pity. í welcome U2's first foray into 4K, and cannot wait to see & hear the results. í also hope that this somewhat low-key 'private' release means that you are going to go all-out guns blazing for Anton Corbijn's film of the Joshua Tree 2017 Tour ~ theatrical, 4K UHD, Blu-Ray box-set Etc... ;) .
Thank You
for all tours since 1980
Amazing concert experience
Thank you for giving us the chance to watch this premiere via live stream. I look forward to seeing this film of U2's special final show in Berlin. Happy birthday, Adam!
Hell YES!!!!
What a tour
It was fantastic. From Berlin, even after the shock of night 2, to Paris, arriving in Milano and coming back to Berlin, where lot started but nothing finished
I love you U2, oussou from Algeria
You are the biggest band in the world
Great solution, but...
Great to have a physical concert next to a digital stream in UHD 4k. As a U2-collector myself, and I'm not the only one I think, we will miss out the chance of having a super deluxe edition with blu ray for this tour. I hope there will be one in the near future.
This is amazing!
Thank you for offering the digital experience for subscribers, I can’t wait for the premiere! If possible, It would be great that the player could be able to cast to Chromecast or AppleTV. Thank you!
Sweetness! Is this really happening!! My first and only U2 concert was Boston July 10 2015. I loved it! My wife had been gone nearly a year from cancer and I can’t wait to experience this tour on film with this stream and dvd!
Thank you U2 for a great tour and a great gift. Looking forwarth to it. Hope there will be more tours to come, because i enjoy them a lot. And happy birthday Adam. René Oranje
Oh Berlin.........
Great Idea, let's do the same with THE JOSHUA TREE tour from 2017.........Could this be the start of something new?
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