'Every Breaking Wave' (Vignette)

25 Feb 201524
'Every Breaking Wave'  Studio Exclusive From ‘Songs Of Innocence’ Acoustic Sessions.

Recorded at Malibu's Shangri-La Studios  in September 2014, filmmaker Nicole Mackinlay Hahn captures Bono and The Edge working with conductor David Campbell and string section on a new arrangement of 'Every Breaking Wave'.

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Every breaking wave forever!
One of the most beautiful songs... I'll miss Walk on in this tour. I'll be there in Phoenix on May 23, with my red and bright heart Love U2 ever
My favorite song & my first try with pia
Since the first moment that I listened the whole album, "Every Breaking Wave" became my favorite song and still it is. I haven't studied music, but with tutorials using internet, has been an honor to achieve my first song playing piano and singing for my first time. I choose "Every Breaking Way" as a goal, and i did it. Sorry if my english is not perfect nor my voice singing, but I enjoy it playing a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYd5Hf8iiY4
Every Breaking Wave
Would this be a great cover art for the single?
This is stunning, great song
So uplifting everytime I listen to it! You make my day Bono!!
great single
this version of the song gets played plenty of times in Houston on either 99.1 FM or 94.5 FM. I'm always ecstatic when it comes on. U2 are my boys!!
I enjoy this song, the new take is good also. The whole album is GREAT!! Thank you so much for sharing it with U2 fans that really appreciate your creative abilities in song writing.
U2 The Best
U2 are the best, thank you for being part of my life, you are perfect.
Amazing. There's nothing else I could say. It really touch me.
I can't wait for "ie tour", I want hear Bono singing......
Please sing the "Stop" section live!!!
Bono, please sing the "Stop" section live!!! It gives even more reality, even more meaning to the song!!! In life, the "Stop" section happens!!!!! Enormous lyric!!!!!
so cool
this is nice seeing them making the song sound perfect
Cooper the Beagle
Every arrangement of this song is fantastic. Thanks for posting. Always fun to see the 'behind the scenes' process.
Beautiful! I felt my heart get warm and glow! Thank you!
Scott Cleaver
Keep it coming....
Keep the behind the scenes material coming please...we as fans love this type of thing and shows us greater insight to how the band works...and brings us closer to you guys. This is just awesome and I thank you deeply :) Scott C (NZ)
I love it!!! And I love to see raw footage of you guys!!! Can't wait to see you guys in person!!! Get well soon Bono!!!
I've wrote it three times...
and this is number four. The best version I've heard is that one with only Bono and The Edge. No need for any other instruments than piano and voice. Wonder how it would be stripped down to only voice. There's a way to have the voice recording only?
We are all here for you now
Don't know just feeling all arms overwhelmed by compassion for Bono. He has given so very much during the decades with his strong, soft, comforting, uplifting, enchanting voice and the most talented & wonderful stage performances. Whatever is happening now the gratitude for this man and his activism and clear-headed presence in a somewhat stupid r&r world is a value. Also the band. So we are all looking for the tour! And healing. Healing. When I get this feeling...
Beautiful beautiful song. I can't wait to hear this live. Roll on October - 02 Arena xx
Can't wait...
Beautiful, I can't wait to hear this live, they keep it interesting for me even after so many years, they are my lifeline, thanks, greetings, Patrick.
Growing Up
That song is still growing up in their performance and in my head... Expecting more of this kind of interesting content... Thanks for this HAAA... Please release radio mix version of 'Every Breaking Wave' !
Avion Espia
Watching Bono trying so hard to hit the high notes, even when he sounds clearly exhausted... I'd never thought we could see him like this, not flawless. Vulnerable. Cheers!
Amazing ! Keep these clips rolling in !
Love it !
I love behind the scenes stuff.
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