That was 'U2 At The BBC…'

20 Dec 201745

That was 'U2 At The BBC…'

'Class act'. 'Absolutely brilliant'. 'Masterclass'

The one hour special 'U2 At The BBC' aired in the UK last night and an extended edition goes out December 28th… including more conversation, Every Breaking Wave and 13 (There Is A Light).

Did you catch it? Add your reactions in the comments below.

Meantime, broadcast times are being confirmed around the world including:
Spain: Movistar+ Movistar + Estrenos, Premium Channel  31/12/17 11.10pm 
Australia: Nine  31/12/17, New Year's Eve, 9.20pm.  
France: NRJ Hits,  01/01/08, 8pm
Ireland: RTE  26/12 11.10pm, RTE1 repeated on 2/18, 11.15pm 
Canada: Bell CTV, aired last Sunday, now on demand

And plans are being lined up for broadcast next year in Japan, the US, Belgium, Brazil, Italy and Germany and we'll bring you news when we get it.
If you have access to the BBC's iPlayer, watch the whole show again

Or check out some of the highlights online. 

With Or Without You

Beautiful Day  
Get Out Of Your Own Way

Behind the scenes with the band in Brazil

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Available on the airplane
But I want to buy the blueray/dvd!! Make it available in the US please. Looks amazing.
Please u2, start to sing "the blackout"!
It's the best song of the new album, probably the best song you guys ever wrote since ages...come on, start to play this at the Grammy Awards!!!<3 Althen
absolutely class
Really great entertainment and loved the new interpretations of the songs roll on European tour in the autumn
The BBC performance was phenomenal. I saw many people who weren’t as crazy about U2, often seemingly derogatory about them, being surprised and blown away about how good a band they were live. No surprises there on my behalf and other fans who have followed you over the years! So well done on the performance. I hope a DVD will one day be available. Peace ✌
The Sounds You Make
What an amazing sound or joyfull noise. The pairing up with an orchestra and the band was such a spiritually uplifting experience. It breathed new life into what were already amazing songs. I can't stop watching it. What better place for somthing like this than the studios of Abby road. Keep up the greatness.
U2 music in a Jewelers commercial Is using All I Want is You ending string session in a TV commercial airing in the Philadelphia area of South Jersey. Thought you should know.
Hi ! I shaw the show 3 times and I found it so beautiful. It's a real pleasure to see you with an orchestra. I hope that a DVD or a LP will be released. Or maybe, the orchestra will be on the next tour ? By the way, we're still waiting the european dates ... do not forget us ! Thanks again for all the love you give.
Take the orchestra on i+e tour
Until the end of the world
Why was all I want is you not played on the BBC setlist.
Got to watch it on Channel Nine here in Sydney Australia. Full of bloody commercials and that annoying interviewer. Wish I could watch it on BBC's iPlayer but I don't live in the UK. Something to do with a rights issue. What about my rights? The music was good though. It's all about the music.
Subscription Gift
I fully agree if this should be the 2018 subscription gift. What a great performance and a DVD gift would be so much better than anything released the past few years.
2018 Gift
Maybe that has been suggested already. But this recording would be a perfect gift for next year subscrition. Amazing and stunning performance, pathos never diminished from start to end. Absolutely loved it, and would never stop watching it.
Will this be released as a DVD? Also will there be a 2017 DVD of the Joshua Tree tour? Really hope so! Loved U2 at the BBC. Thank you, made my Christmas
Nice special.
It is great to see U2 with an orchestra again. Well done. Happy Newyear to everybody .
It's brilliant. What a jewel! I hope to see it complete on German TV... what about a DVD? Would be sooooooo great.
Come on, bring BBC special to USA!!!!
HEY, Merry Christmas, would Santa please bring the BBC special to USA!!!
The dream came true
I listen to U2 since I was 15 years old, on December 13th I turned 50 years old and as a birthday present, my son gave me the pleasure of watching the band's concert on October 19 at Morumbi in São Paulo. It was the realization of a dream. See the U2 show, which is the band that I like the most alongside my kids ... I never imagined that the emotion was so great. I was in a state of ecstasy, for the performance of the band, for the quality of the sound and especially for the voice of the Bono. It was indescribable ... I will never forget their scene entering the stage, and I will never forget everyone in Morumbi singing BAD. I close my eyes and listen again, as if I were still there. Simply magical.
What a fantastic show. Was great to see U2 in such a legendary setting. Songs were awesome. Cant wait for E&I in Dublin with the Irish tribe. :-)
U2 at the BBC
Great shoe loved the orchestra and choir covers of the songs, a must f o r all U2fans
EPIC! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
U2 and Orchestra
What a perfect surprise gift. I could have never imagined that this combination of U2 with an orchestra could sound so magnificent. Now all I want is U2 WITH this orchestra during the new tour !
U2 at the BBC
What a terrific show and a great reminder that we still need BIG songs in this world and U2 has delivered with Songs of Experience in a BIG way!!
Tracy M
Will Canadians be able to see extended v
How can we view the extended version on Dec. 28 if we are outside of Britain? Will this be released as a DVD? U2 and a string orchestra....does NOT get any better than that! My daughter is a cellist, so we love the orchestral versions of anything U2 does (i.e. acoustic sessions extra we got a few years ago.) So excited for the shows this spring after hearing how great the boys are sounding. Only disappointment was I wished there was less chit chat and more music!
Absolutely epic! What a holiday gift for us all to enjoy...with full orchestra!
U2 at the BBC
Really would like to see the band go on tour with the orchestra they had behind them. Truly phenomenal!
Will this be available in the US
Would love to play a video or dvd ? Can we buy this anywhere ?
Musical performance: outstanding; interv
I truly enjoyed the songs and the performance with the orchestra. And I really hope that something like that will also be part of the new European Tour! Love is bigger than anything in the world was a joyful foretaste of heaven! But Cat Deeley, who claimed to be a friend of the band for many years, really didn't make anything of the interview. How on earth can you keep on asking questions that all interviewers have asked U2 before you for forty years.
How can I watch
I live in Frankfort NY in the USA . I have no way to watch it. Will it be released for us to watch
Extended version
Thought show was fab but tinged with a little disappointment that songs were cut BUT an extended version is airing on December 28th so fingers crossed this will include all the songs played !
Superb Set!
Fantastic orchestral/choral arrangements of some old classics as well as the new SOE songs Maybe an album of reworked material a la Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic is a possibility? I think An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart would be brilliant with an orchestral backing? What other songs would you include?
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