'The Outsider'

14 Dec 20225

'The Outsider'

'Every artist goes back over history and revises it and he left out Ireland...'

This Thursday Adam presents Francis Bacon: The Outsider, an RTÉ documentary made with art historian Dr Margarita Cappock, marking the thirtieth anniversary of the acclaimed painter's death. The focus is on  the few months in 1929 which Bacon spent in Ireland, the period when he took up painting. 


It was as a teenager that Adam first connected with Bacon's work. In a wide-ranging interview with the Sunday Independent (which calls the programme 'a vital piece of detective work, beautifully shot') Adam explains that it all came about through a piece of luck, after the documentary maker Karen McGrath learned he was pitching ideas for art documentaries. 

'I think it's really special,' he says of the finished work.

'Maybe because he was born in Ireland, it somehow resonated with me…he was an artist who with a few brushstrokes could bring you right to the edge of chaos.'

Of the period he explores in The Outsider he adds, 'This is a vision of Francis Bacon the artist before he put on the mask of Francis Bacon the artist…'

Francis Bacon: The Outsider is on RTÉ One, Thursday 15th December at 10.15pm.

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RTE Documentaries are great
I've enjoyed hearing many other episodes of the RTE Documentary Hour through CBC radio and online, so I'll search for this one online. Hope to find it and give it a listen! Congrats to Adam on being the presenter!
Seconding Max's comment
The documentary sounds fascinating and it was disappointing to find that it wasn't available for viewing on RTÉ online in Canada. I do hope that will change, or perhaps an arrangement can be made between RTÉ and the CBC. Kudos to Adam for his work in the brief clips that were available online. Best wishes for the new year!
Adam as presenter
I would have a passing interest in Francis Bacon (the artist). I enjoyed this documentary very much and was very impressed with Adam’s skills as a presenter. I hope that he takes on further projects of interest in the future.
Max Tsukino
Hopefully there's a way to make available to viewers around the world... have read some reviews and it's something that would be really interesting to watch...
Adam, the Jazz man
And his roots of to become a good Bas-Player. Adam is in the same way a person who following his instinct and he can trust on his 3 other giants of U2, who will never let someone dawn. Musically U2 is not the best band in the world but the energy of 4 people and the hole crew makes it an spiritual journey and make me every morning I wake up and smile and thinking of U2&WE? I wish the hole U2-Family Tree a happy Christmas and an happy and fruitful U2-year with new fresh son gs of pioneering. For today it is OK, the weather is cold over here -8 * degrees celcius. I was skating in Losser where my mother was born and I helped her with her new teath. She is 81. Love and light my way U2&WE? Amor Mundi is in progress. Detlev Lassche for the VertiGo Hunter. Miss You Sugar. .. … 14:40.
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