'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live'

30 Dec 202239

'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live'

With the limited edition gift set 'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live' now winging its way around the world, all twelve tracks are available to download for U2.com subscribers.

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And in the comments below post your review of this special release. Tell us what different songs mean to you… and the memories they bring back.

Here's the track listing.

'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live'. 

1. Zoo Station - Live from The VERTIGO tour, BUENOS AIRES, 2nd March 2006
2. Even BETTER than the REAL THING - Live from The POPMART tour, REGGIO EMILIA, 20th September 1997
3. ONE - Live from THE JOSHUA TREE 2017 tour, SAO PAULO, 19th October 2017
4. until the END of the WORLD - Live from the i+e tour, BARCELONA, 5th October 2015
5. who's gonna RIDE your WILD HORSES - Live from e+i Tour, BELFAST, 28th October 2018
6. SO cruel - Live from the ZOOTV tour, MICHIGAN, 9th September 1992
7. The FLY - Live from the ZOOTV tour, LONDON, 20th August 1993
8. MYSTERIOUS ways - Live from the U2360 tour, CAPE TOWN, 18th February 2011
9. TRYIN' to throw your ARMS around the WORLD - Live from the ZOOTV tour, DUBLIN, 28th August 1993
10. ULTRA violet (light my WAY) - Live from the U2360 tour, BUENOS AIRES, 2nd April 2011
11. ACROBAT - Live from the e+i Tour, MANCHESTER, 19th October 2018
12. LOVE IS blindness - Live from the ZOOTV tour, TEXAS, 16th October 1992

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ULTRA violet (Light my Way)
You've got it right. ;-)
Fantastic Collection!
Greatest musical experience
Fantastic Collection!
I'm sure everyone wishes they had a full show recording of concerts they attended, so I was excited to see the Sep 92 show from the Palace of Auburn Hills in the listing (track 6-So Cruel). Long ago, but the memories are still sharp. <3
TY @U2.com for this gift. and for all you do for us fans. Keep it going. ✌
Looking back with gratitude
Music is so much more than something to listen to. After revisiting Achtung, baby, I have watched lots of old U2 videos and listened to my back catalogue CD collection. I have realised that most of my memories are locked away in their songs. I suffered from complex PTSD over 10 years ago and as a result lost chunks of random memories across my life. It is a huge relief to be able to remember a bit more and feel a bit more of the old me/versions of me. I can’t wait to build more new me, to associate with the new/reimagined songs in March. Until then, I am digging out some old vinyls to see what the B-sides can help me recall. Thank you for being the constant across my life, that is bringing me back.
Sydney Football Stadium
Greatest musical experience of my life (so far) that night is legendary around here. Thanks for getting this CD together. Mark.
The Way Was Lit From The Start ...
The morning after my first date with my wife, now of 25ish years, we were musing over our shared love of U2. I pulled out my 12-string acoustic and played Ultraviolet (Light My Way). The rest, as they say, is history.
Excellent selection of live versions of one of U2 finest albums.
... memories of my passed brother.
Absolutely on top form, 11 out of 10, Love, Love, Love,
Innovation and intensity
Thanks for this wonderful gift! It´s a great experience to listen to the live versions of this extraordinary album from different years and venues. When "Achtung Baby" was released I was 17 and listening to it for the first time I was both confused and amazed. In the beginning "Zoo Station" was a bit of a shock for me, but digging deeper into these weird soundscapes I started to feel the fascination of music that came across as something fresh and experimental. My first U2 concert was "Zoo TV" in Vienna and now these live versions demonstrate the grandiosity of "Achtung Baby" once again. "Until The End Of The World" for instance is full of electric energy and biblical drama. Especially the last three songs of the album touch me with their emotional depth. There is a whole spectrum of feelings like love, inner conflict and melancholy. Those songs also reveal some stirring guitar moments delivered by The Edge. Playing "Love Is Blindness" he expresses a sense of grief with every note, letting his guitar sing, flow gently, then swell and finally calm down to darker tone colours as the intro´s melody appears again one octave deeper.
One, of course
Million of reproductions
Summer of 92
Takes me back to Gothenburg 1992. The third best concert in my entire life! Thanks!
Why So Long to recieve this years fanclu
Finally. This took forever. Some better versions could have been chosen. But over all a nice package. I hope the bonus track is Salome sound checked at Dublin Ireland 93. I thought ultra violet light my way washing 92 would have been cool. And love is blindness rotterdam 92. I didn't like the Manchester version of Acrobat.
Thank you
I have just finished reading Bono's book Surrender. After so much pleasure I will listen to those livetracks. Ultra Violet and So Cruel will be the highlights for me. Keep on rocking!
I'm ready for the laughing gas!!!
Love ut
Best band ever
First concert in Bologna I was 17 the zoo tv tour and the magic of The Fly got inside me forever
Who’s Gonna Ride…?
I’ve played the track in my acoustic set for 15 years. Classic.
It’s perfect
it’s a great spectral colorful journey of what I believe to be The best U2 album. Great job. Great selections across time and space! Thank you!
Blown away
Blown away, mostly so by this album's live version of Love Is Blindness. Bono keeps exceptionally silent through the whole guitar solo! Edge even seems to have to improvise a sort of mellow solo extension at the end. I LOVE it! (Bono was probably doing his slow dancing act with one of the female concert attendees...). Secondly, after having listened couple of times, So Cruel is very nice too! Bono's singing is a bit Elvis-esque, and very clear and pronounced: a great acoustic live version! This song's performance forces me listen to its lyrics more seriously. At the time, Achtung Baby sure was their heaviest, most personal album, wrapped in the least personal mega-multi-media super experience called ZOO TV. That unlikely combination is effective, and, in its performance as a whole, simply legendary. Thanks, U2, I will listen to this live album for as long as I will live.
Amazing Sound please publish the Full Show of Reggio Emilia 1997…… as a Fan Gift
Fantastic live!
Thanks, and bonus tracks!
Thank you very much for this great collection. But it's too short for me with the best Tour Ever! Please bonus tracks only for subscribers!!!.(w. Axel Rose, Lou Reed, Daniel Lanois, Abba, Jo Shankar...) until the next giveaway arrives! Thanksss!!!!.
you are all my smile, even if everything
Aah I was partially very happy that I was finally able to download all tracks from AB 30 Live
Thor u2
That's more like it!
Fabulous item showcasing the band at the height of their creative brilliance, please make the next album great enough to live up to this quality and much better than the pale shadow of SOE please.
I love live compilation... surpassed expectations! Compliments to the band and everyone involved! * * * NOW... This is the compilation needed next: A definitive Zoo TV audio experience. In a similar vein to "The Beatles LOVE" album, but with visceral Zoo TV urgency. A remixed compilation of Achtung Baby, Zooropa, (maybe Pop) with isolated tracks and medleys intertwined with with a lot of the "interference" from Zoo TV (e.g. channel surfing, propaganda messages, ads and technology etc). Throw in tour performances of Bullet the Blue Sky ("turning on and turning off the TV") or tie in the outro of In A Little While ("A man takes a rocket ship into the sky") with Lemon "A Man captures colour, etc". Use Passengers and the virtual-duet with Sinatra. Updated to be relevant to 21st Century media. Get current Producers whose finger's on the pulse. Tie in Bono's personas with the concept of avatars (I don't know, I'm too old, get young engineers to do this). Not preachy/virtuous, just adding to the fray with hopefulness and vulnerability. Please U2.com.... pass this to the band or management or a genius engineer! This could be the definitive U2 album! THANK YOU for all the awesomeness!
Good Times!
Just decided to log onto the site to discover all the tracks are finally available! Really enjoying them, thanks! Just waiting for my cd to arrive here in Southern California...
I'm still waiting for the delivery. Strange, because I heard other fans in Belgium have already received this gift. In the meantime the download will have to do, though that's not at all better than the real thing.
¡Cuidado, cariño!
"Achtung Baby" will forever be engraved in the memory of my heart and soul as the reason that drowned me into U" in the first place. Of course I knew the most popular in the 80´s and biggest rock band in the world, actually I was so fed up with the pandemonium and their popularity among my pals in school. But everything changed the night I listened to the first few bars of "The Fly" on the radio, yeah an actual radio, the Sunday of 1991 it premiered in Spain. Those weird sounds turned upside down the feeling of U2 for me. I was mesmerized, I was hooked. This album is U2 for me, whatever it means. Zoo TV was my debut seeing the band live. Since then I haven't missed a tour, either in Spain or abroad, and U2 have become one of the biggest thing for most of my life (I was 18 y/o when Achtung Baby was released). And yeah, I've met the band several times too and had a U2 fan as my longtime girlfriend of 10 years who introduced me to the history of them, like most of old-time fans. Subscribed to "Propaganda" in 1997 and haven't missed a year of U2.com subscription either. Oh, and got the "No Line on the Horizon" band logo inked in my arm too! So having this "Achtung Baby 30 Live" brings all my lifetime back in a beat, this time "Zoo Station"... Thank you, U2, for being an integral part of my life and changing it always for the better!
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