Three Years To The Day

27 Jun 201261
It was at Camp Nou in Barcelona on June 30th 2009,  that 'U2 unveiled their 360 space station and 90,000 fans gave it lift off.' 

On Saturday, three years on, we're hosting an extended listening party,  recalling the shows and celebrating the release of U22, the soundtrack of the tour as chosen by the fans.

We're calling it 'U22 Day'  and every hour we'll be streaming tracks from U22 -  your votes decide which track gets aired next.

Want to join in on U22 Day? Doors will be opening here.

And keep an eye on Zootopia too. 

As well as chatting about the songs, we'll be posting your tweets, photos, memories and comments from the whole tour - from Barcelona to Moncton,  from Turin to  Jo'burg.

What track never should have got dropped from the set ? What track was born again?
What was your weirdest experience on the tour...  or the most moving ?
See the band more than once ?  You got to every show ? What was the best night - and why ?
What about U22? The stand-out moment?  The track you'd add to it ? (Anything else you want to talk about ? Tell us in the comments below.)

U22 Day on begins on Saturday at 6pm GMT and the party's going to run… for eleven hours.  What time will it be where you are?  Check into this Zootopia thread to find out.

Dip in for a few minutes - or stay with us for the whole event. See you Saturday...

Want to share in U22 Day ? It's over in Zootopia.
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Lisbon calling.
Just got my copy. Sad for Portugal´s football team, but joyful for U22. Can't wait to hear it. "I was lost between the midnight and the dawning...". Now i've found what i was looking for. Thank you guys.
Pouring rain doesn't stop the experience
I flew to Vegas from MN to see the show. It was absolutely incredible. When the MN show was announced, I decided to bring my kids (16, 13 & 10). Seeing it a second time was even more amazing, but seeing it and sharing it with my kids was even more amazing. We had pouring rain during the show in MN, and Bono sang part of "Singing in the Rain". It was really fun. I loved K'Naan as well. I will be celebrating with my CD's on Saturday! Tour again...please!!
U22 is great!(like everything connected to U2).So,let`s party!!!
Guess I'll finally get to hear U22 on the 30th then.. SINCE IT HASN'T YET ARRIVED IN MY MAILBOX DANG NABBIT! :P
wow, since 1 week i am listening to U22. It's like being back in Dublin and Brussels, thank you so much.
Thanking very much U2 you will make the Day again! <3 11 clock tick tock.
Where's my Copy?!
U22 day is a great idea but more than a little disappointed I still haven't received my copy.
Scooby Snacks
my 2.5 cents
i saw five shows (las vegas, pasadena, oakland, both anaheim) and had fantastic all-day experiences in the GA line for the so cal shows. not sure i had any disappointment that any one song was dropped, though i didn't really get a rarity, either, such as one tree, your blue room, bad or even out of control. but i have NO idea how vertigo didn't get included on u22. that was one of the best of the whole show! (the cd is great, however.) best nights: pasadena and anaheim 2. and most moving? when bono read the final lyrics of jungleland, on the day of clarence clemons' passing. i knew he'd do something, but when he did that, i lost it. ... great memories.
This will feed the hunger....
I like many others survive with the DVD's of the tours concerts....this will be a much appreciated added relief to the depression of no new album yet and no tours to go to....when will this be?? I hope soon as it's time to fuel this fire again!!
It's my birthday too...
Saturday will be my birthday so even more reason for me to celebrate... It's the Silver anniversary of my 21st birthday...
I was in Brussel (Belgium) for the 360 tour... For me best tour of U2 since the zoo TV tour in 1993. I'm hardly still waiting for the U22 album... I hope it will coming soon in Belgium !
So many wonderful time
I would like to go once in Wembley Stadium, a mythic stadium for sport and music gigs. I did it in August three year ago and it was for me an unforgettable time. Than the year after I went to Stade de France in Paris for another amazing show. This 360° tour has been a real success for the band and the fan to share emotion and passion. Never forget it.
I can't wait!!
Finding out that so many people have recieved there copy of U22 already is making me crazy!!!! When is it getting to California!!!
Will be tuning in
I've been looking forward to this. 4am Sunday morning my time (EST), but I'll be there ! Can't wait!! E
Waiting for Saturday
Unfortunately I could not go to 360 º Tour in Sao Paulo ... But, I look forward to spending next tour in Brazil, because next time I go. And I'm waiting for my copy of "U22", very anxious
The time is now!
Just getting off the biggest tour of ALL TIME!! U2 cannot disappear!! They must stay around!! They are very RELEVANT!!
Best group to see in concert,Miami Fl.
I love U2 there songs make me want to dance,jump,sing,cry and enjoy life! U2 makes my life better everyday!!
father ted
great live cd
i still want your blue room download, knew it wouldnt make the cut cause of it's obscruity. make it happen guys. bono sounded great on the clip i heard!
360 non stop
It would be good to have 360 every year. That would be a perfect balance of excellent energy and beautiful emotions. Every show was different and special - particular moment of every concert was the beginning – it was particularly “burning” with Breathe – would love to have Breathe on U22. Walk on was from one concert to another the most emotional moment for me… But there were many other emotional moments, let me remind some of them – With or without you (Brussels 22.9), North Star (Torino), Beautiful day (Zagreb 9.8), Zooropa & Out of control (New York)…. Many more beautiful moments in concerts in Paris, Amsterdam, Philadelphia… And not to forget - Miss Sarajevo from Brussels rainy show (23.9) was one of the best performances of that song ever – one day it will find its place in U2222. Brussels rainy show stays the best memory of my life – definitely the best U2 night for me – somehow it was the most emotional moment with the most beautiful rain in a beautiful city…with the most beautiful music on earth. Still, all this would not be possible without this harmony that I could feel all the time. This is actually the best of the best, the most amazing thing: from night to night I could see and feel this harmony between Adam, Bono, the Edge and Larry. It is enough to see the expression of their faces. I could feel the love and the emotions they are investing in every song. That’s where this wonderful energy comes from. Thank you! Natasa
father ted
just got my copy
bad is superb, one tree hill is sublime but zooropa is out of this world. keep giving us the good's boy's your still relevent!
My Husband and I Experienced GA for the
One the first leg of U2360 had just been deployed for 7 months with the U.S. Navy. So I was incredibly sad that he was going to miss what I knew would be an amazing G.A. experience. Thankfully, I was blessed enough to have my cousin fly in for the weekend and my beautiful niece and her boyfriend and some great friends make up for my missing husband by accompanying me to the L.A. show on Oct. 25th. Finally, two years later, my husband experienced a U2 G.A. line and concert for the first time. He finally got to see for himself the amazingly fun day of waiting in line from 5:00 a.m. until show time that night. We met great people and he got to experience that absolute insane adrenaline rush that one goes through once your let into the gate and make your way down to the front row of the inner circle. We were dead center in front of Bono and Adam. My husband caught Lenny Kravitz's drummer's drumstick and Bono mouthed to me at the end of one song (FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot remember the song) 'That was for you.' OMG! In an instant I went from being a 40 year old woman to a 13 year old, giddy with excitement and SO THANKFUL that someone (my husband) was there to witness for future story-telling. So this tour was so meaningful because when my husband was gone it was something to look forward to at time when I was the saddest. Then, after his return, it was something to look forward to again but this time my husband and I could look forward to experiencing it TOGETHER. Thank you U2 and their families for all they gave us on this tour. You gave so much more than you can ever know. With much appreciation & love, Joanne & Jim Gonzales
I've received my U22 just this afternoon, I knew it would be great, but now I can tell anyone: it IS great! And now this announcement has brought so many memories to my mind, the concert days from Barcelona to Rome, the feeling growing up from inside, the emotion never disappointed and then getting back home or the hotel with Moment of Surrender inside my ears and inside my heart. And the concert parties while the band was in other continents. Today I've realised how bad I miss the band and your company. Thank you, thank you so much!!!!
A bit more than half the songs on my ballot but outstanding nevertheless. Turn it up and let your mind take you back in time.....
I'm very proud of my U22. U2 FOREVER! Eliane Santos
Looking forward to it!
Well, I'm excited about this. Jeez, guys, don't you know that I work on Saturday!!!! Well, I'll do my best and I'll try to check it out in the afternoon, here in Mexico I mean. Anyways, please fans enjoy it for me in the morning and somebody vote for Unknown Caller, Boots and Breathe!!!!
U22360° live tread ...
i'd like to Be Here ... SomeWhere in the U22360° galaxy Bring Us Back to 2009, 2010 & 2011 Fun 360 live treads ... I'll NEVER FORGET these GREAT NIGHTS OF FUN & MUSIC & PASSION for Our Fav Band !!!
The Best band in the world.... La mejor banda del mundo!!
I had to do the "Squeeee" for old time's sake, just like I used to do in the live threads. I think U22 Day will bring back some good memories over the past 3 years. I've said it before and I'll say it probably a 100 times again: I'm not sure why, but 360 got into the very depths of me and won't go away. I'm sure that it has to do with all the great Zootopians I got to spend time with online and at the shows and the band's amazing performances; but it became something I never want to let go.
Hope I get it before saturday...
I'm still waiting on U22. Hope I get it one of these days.
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