'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live'

30 Dec 202239

'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live'

With the limited edition gift set 'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live' now winging its way around the world, all twelve tracks are available to download for U2.com subscribers.

If you resubscribed for 2022, and you're signed in, you'll find the entire album when you click on Account Info from the drop-down menu on the top right of the page.

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And in the comments below post your review of this special release. Tell us what different songs mean to you… and the memories they bring back.

Here's the track listing.

'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live'. 

1. Zoo Station - Live from The VERTIGO tour, BUENOS AIRES, 2nd March 2006
2. Even BETTER than the REAL THING - Live from The POPMART tour, REGGIO EMILIA, 20th September 1997
3. ONE - Live from THE JOSHUA TREE 2017 tour, SAO PAULO, 19th October 2017
4. until the END of the WORLD - Live from the i+e tour, BARCELONA, 5th October 2015
5. who's gonna RIDE your WILD HORSES - Live from e+i Tour, BELFAST, 28th October 2018
6. SO cruel - Live from the ZOOTV tour, MICHIGAN, 9th September 1992
7. The FLY - Live from the ZOOTV tour, LONDON, 20th August 1993
8. MYSTERIOUS ways - Live from the U2360 tour, CAPE TOWN, 18th February 2011
9. TRYIN' to throw your ARMS around the WORLD - Live from the ZOOTV tour, DUBLIN, 28th August 1993
10. ULTRA violet (light my WAY) - Live from the U2360 tour, BUENOS AIRES, 2nd April 2011
11. ACROBAT - Live from the e+i Tour, MANCHESTER, 19th October 2018
12. LOVE IS blindness - Live from the ZOOTV tour, TEXAS, 16th October 1992

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Dean Allison
Very good, almost great.
Happy with the cd despite it taking so long to receive. Could have been better if they’d went with unreleased versions for all songs but zoo station and mysterious ways have been released before. Hopefully in future gifts they stick to versions which haven’t been released before but pass marks overall.
Greatest Band of all time
U2 continues to share the love in all they do! Congratulations on your Kennedy Honor! I ❤️U2
Thank You!
Oh ho ho yes! Happy New Year!
Great gift!
Thanks for the great gift! Hopefully it won't take ages to produce the next. Why not release the Heartland-movie on dvd/bluray and stream? It's practically ready to go. It will get dusted on the shelves....
Happy Newyear
Happy Newyear U2 and all fans over the world. Enjoy your Achtung Baby 30 gift.
I´m just waiting for the CD! Greetings from Mexico!
So Cruel
I was at this show in Detroit. Night of the MTV Awards. Dana Carvey playing along on the drums via satellite dressed up as Garth from Wayne's World. And the first live performance of "So Cruel". Very cool to get to re-hear it over 30 years later.
great album
so happy with this album and good memories like the concert in barcelona and the song until the END of the WORLD. can't wait to see you at the next tour :).
This live version has put a big smile on
This album was a masterpiece when it came out in 1991 and this live version shows what a truly special wine it really is, gets better as the years go by. Thank you Fab Four, more luck to you in 2023. Hope to see you live soon ;) With Love, Mark
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