'U2 To Love and Only Love - Deep Dives and B-Sides'

5 Apr 202431

'U2 To Love and Only Love - Deep Dives and B-Sides'

While the U2 catalogue already glitters like a disco ball in the dance hall of on-line streaming, some of the re-mixes and live versions from collections released before the digital era haven't yet made it online… until now!

Re-mix and live treasures abound from the physical world of vinyl, CD and cassette singles and now 12 newly remastered single collections are set to be released across multiple digital platforms this year.

We start on April 5 with 'Discotheque'! Let's go, let's go!

Seems like only yesterday, but it's 27 years since 'Discotheque' first swaggered onto the dance floor as a hit single in January 1997, with a posse of re-mixes throwing their shapes around it.

This first digital single collection contains no less than 10 mixes of the song, and a further two of B-side 'Holy Joe'.

You can listen to all of them from April 5 - from the radio edit to the 'Howie B, Hairy B Mix' to the 'DM Deep Extended Club Mix' (at a stomping 10 minutes long) to the 'Hexidecimal Mix' and the classic 12-inch. Plus the 'Garage Mix' and the 'Guilty Mix' of 'Holy Joe'.

So get ready for the plunge...

'U2 to Love and Only Love: Deep Dives and B-Sides' is all set to flow into the deep stream of U2 digital content from this week. 

Find all the new mixes on the Spotify playlist.

And take a look at the Discotheque Vintage Tee - Limited Edition 2024 Re-issue.

What's not to love?


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I always feel obligated to boom cha when I hear this song. I’m honestly kinda sad there was no boom cha-ing when they played it live :c
Enough of the remixes!!
I've had enough remixes....where is the new music? New album? I've been listening to POP since 1997. Time to move on!
Lemon remixes
Hi I’m listening to the lemon remixes now. I love the perfecto mix, and the Jeep mix the best. I hope we get the mofo remixes that would be awesome!
Pop zooropa remixes
Hi I love the pop, Zooropa mixes. I hope there’s more to come from that time.
Stay underdog remix
I absolutely love that one. You left that out understandably because it was in the Melon Remix.
Love that these are being made available. Looking forward to what they do for the Rattle and Hum singles.
clapton is god
disco on tour ?
*why isn't disco' ever played Live ? it would have been epic if played on the last indoor tours and in Vegas .
Dream come true
I’ve been looking forward to this happening for what feels like forever.! While I too want some new stuff, this will surely hold me over until then!
No Spotify for me
Pitty i cann't get ready for the plunge in my subscribers account. I am not a spotify listner! Lucky i have the Popmart dvd.
Digital only?
I need this release on both vinyl and CD please. Pretty pretty please
Vinyl please even in colour
Being a old duffer I prefer vinyl ,......black white ,or various colours formats
nelson fernandes
Pop Mart
Tempos inesquecíveis nem a morte os rouba U2 na esfera POP MART .
POP is amazingly underrated
I created my own POP cd recently. I included the remixes on the Greatest hits volume 2 and the b sides from the single releases back in the late 90s. I start the album off with U2's version of POP Muzik. It's 80 minutes of kickass music that still feels fresh and innovative today.
Miriam Jonker
Keep these coming!
Surely these must be available for us as downloads at some point. Even better if there were some extra special content for us subs
The Unforgettable night in Thessaloniki
26/09/1997. That night will stay forever in our hearts and minds.
More Platforms Please
I concur with a previous post that pointed out that some of us don't use Spotify. This is slightly reminiscent of a certain album that was downloaded to only those that owned a particular brand of product whilst those without, such as myself, waited anxiously for the hard copy to be released.... Just sayin'.
No remixes. Live, demos, non album track
Non Album tracks and live Material Amen. I would love to see remastered concert material from Rattle and Hum Tour. Sun Devil Stadium on c.d. dvd boxset, with Denver and other shows. Open the Archives U2.
U2 Digital Singles
I don’t stream or ever plan too. Will these be available to purchase sometime? I do Downloads. Thanks Rex
Issue this on Vinyl! That’s all I buy!
Dean Allison
Anything new?
I know it’s hard to please everyone and it’s good to make these widely available but for those of us that already own all the songs can we not get something new? Got to be great live versions of songs they haven’t released before.
One love One blood One life
Deep Dives and B-Sides
Brilliant! This release of multiple versions allows us a peek into the creative process. I love it!
Enfin ! Pop est mis à l'honneur !
Super !
Essential but not exciting
Great to have those songs also on digital platform, but for the collectors not necassary exciting as stated. Everything was available and still in collections. Would be nice to get a physical release like a deluxe boxset for Pop with deep cuts/demos that never'd been released. That is more welcome
This is Amazing, are there we e going to be remastered b-sides from earlier singles too then?
I’m a weird fan of U2 from way back in the day. I’m so weird that u don’t listen to them very often as I’m concerned that listening too much may ruin my enjoyment of their music. I know, I know…..stupid!, Just listened to the remastered version of Discotheque & again had my mind blown by the shear brilliance of the song…..I love doing this with this group. So many memories attached to so many of their songs. Always brilliant, always emotional, special moments each and every time I hear them. Thanks guys for everything.
Great, except...
This is great except for those of us who don't use Spotify and would rather buy another reissued box set on CD to get things from the archives. Speaking of which...Rattle and Hum?
Great, but let's do it also live video c
Good news, I add it woulb great to see in today's HD format all of the video catalogue of live concerts. Zoo TV live from Sydney, Popmart live from Mexico City, Live from Red Rocks 1983 and so on.. Would be awesome to have this stuff on Blu ray disc, or at least on HD online platforms.
Zooropa + POP, What's not to love? Thank you so much U2 for this gift, it brings so many memories!
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