'We're Coming Back...'

13 Jul 2010446
Following Bono's recovery from back surgery, the band are now preparing themselves for the opening of their European Tour opens in Turin next month.

Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono have filmed a message for everyone at U2.com on the eve of their return:  'Thank you for standing by us'.

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No acknowledgment of CANADIAN fans in this video!? There is only one way to make up for this. ( i highly recommend that you do) FILM IN TORONTO!!! the CN Tower makes for a wicked back drop..remember.. i think you do! or Montreal, your choice. will be seeing you at 3 CANADIAN concerts!
Hilsen fra Danmark
Hej Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam. Great to hear you will complete the European Leg of 360° Tour. We was many fans that was nervous about it, but i was a comfortable news from you, thanx! And Bono, you don't have to apologies. Something like this happens in your age. ;-) But I'm very happy to see the things go better for you, and I'm looking forward to see you and the rest of the band, in Horsens on Sunday 15th August to a great and amazing gig. :-) If you read this, I wish to hear 'Bad' this date like many others than me if it can be, because you not play it so often anymore on stage. Thanks for the great info, guys! All the best, Rune - Copenhagen, Denmark
Never felt this good!
It's so good to hear that Bono's OK and the band'll be up and running on the stage again. P.S. The band's been named as the best selling band of this year. Read it a few minutes before on BBC. Cheers!!
Welcome Back
I'm sooooo glad that you are all feeling well and up for the challenges of touring. It's awesome to know that you are creating new music and will be sharing that with us on the tour. You should have a "Name Our Next Album" contest. That would be fun. Couldn't We all use some fun, right now?? Keep on rockin(safely)
Light My Way. . .
To Montreal for the 2011 shows! Truthfully, I'm just happy you're on the mend, Bono. Keep getting stronger and take good care of yourself! Thank you Larry (very artistic filming!), Adam, The Edge and Bono for the video. It's excellent to see you all anytime, and especially in the studio. Can't wait to see you all on stage. Thank you for being U2!
please keep coming back
Your music always makes me happy and smile. And I'm so happy to have you back. Just wanna say Thank you for standing by me. I will always love U2
Where's The Edge?
It was movie night with the boys and we were watching Fantasia. After the dinosaur part, better known as "The Rite of Spring", we get a good look at the performing symphony and I say to Ari (4.5 years), "Look! Those are the guys making the music!!!" Ari quickly replies, "But, where's The Edge?" I didn't know U2 fanaticism was genetic.
We thank God that you are all doing well
OMG! it was lovely hearing from Larry you know we don't get to hear that lovely voice. Bono words cant express how happy I am to see that you're doing so well . I look forward to seeing you in Miami on June 29 Mr. Mullen hopefully you will give us a bit of Irish culture on that night LOL The Edge Adam Bono Larry God Bless you all and thank you for all that you have given to us in all the years. InshallAllah Slainte!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you u2
I am so pleased to now know that the tour will resume in Montreal July 8 , 9 in 2011 . I will be looking forward to both nights with u2 and extemely pleased to hear Bono is recovering and is in fine form . U2 I love you and will anxiously wait one more year to see you in Montreal . All my love, Montreal's biggest fan . mariamontreal u2,com
enjoy with the coming u2 the very best
Finally! :)
This really is good news! We bought tickets for September 15th in Munich and all our vacation this year was planned around this date and you can’t imagine how happy I am now after seeing this. Welcome back and see you in September. BIG HUG from ROMANIA.
New and improved Bono--don't know if my heart can stand it! Lookin good! Can't wait to see the band again. Always love to hear new songs-never get tired of the old ones!
Welcome Back
It is comforting to know that the band is back in the studio, I can't wait to see you next year. Take care this summer. Don't run around the stage too much in Europe. Loyalty defines the caller.
shout for joy if you get a chance
Thank you for talking to us... Today lots of personal bad news... but seeing Bono so strong after such a hard time and the band smiling... it's like sunshine inside the door... Keep going and see you in Rome in October...
Hello from Brazil!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy for seeing you guys!!! Especially for Bono!! It's wonderful! He was blessed on your surgery! Waiting for your concert!!! Big, big hug!!!
Thanks for the mesagge!!
Welcome back guys!!! I'm so happy to see that Bono is better!!! Cant wait to see you again in concert. You're the best!!! I love U2!!! Kisses from Argentina!!!
good to see u back on track !
So please to hear such good news !
Thank you U2 for giving us a great life!!!!!!
yayyyyyyy !!!
can't wait to see u guys in istanbul - roll on 6 September !!!!
A Heart Full of Joy
I was so grateful to see Bono looking and doing so well. By the way, Larry, Adam, & Edge, you guys look good too. I cannot wait to see you guys again in 2011. I wish you and every person in the world good health, love, and a heart full of joy. By the way, I must thank you because a heart full of joy is the gift I receive everytime I attend one of your conserts, so thank you.
One love
Thank you guys for this message! Bono: Soul rockin’ people moving on! KEEP IT UP!!! We need you. I love you guys. Kisses from Barcelona.
U2 is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy to see that Bono is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks absolutely gorgeous....new and improvedll!!!!! Have a great tour guys and I'm looking forward to hearing those new songs!!!!! :)
Great !!
You are 100% ready to tour again.. best wishes guys.. and hope that there is any plan to go to southamerica sometime... this time i am not going to anyconcert in Europe, but hope you are going to southamerica and i can go there to enjoy with your music one more time again... hope Peru will be in your list in a future.. Best for you all!!!
Thanks for the video
Bono, you look great, and everyone looks very happy to be together. That's all I needed! Wishing you continued improvement and a fantastic tour in Europe~
Very nice!
Nice to send us this message! Really great. Take care, all of you! Greetz from Belgium.
Thank you!
I am so glad to hear that Bono's surgery was a succes! I hope he will share some of his experiences with the hospital in Munchen. My husband has been operated in Holland 4 times and still is in a lot of pain 24 hours a day. U2's music helps us through the bad times, now that we seen this video we hope that they can help him in Munchen to have less pain, even if it is just a little bit. So Bono, please let us know a few more details!! Love, Evelien
Why no UK dates? Come on U2- this is a poor offering! Sort it!
Thank you U2
Thank you U2 Big pleasure to see again you soon at the stade de France
Edmonton- 2011
Our tickets are not a cost, but an investment ! Thanks your your commitment U2, Edmonton awaits !
Kim Alexander
Welcome back U2 !
Sam and I are so excited U2, you all pulled thru! Actually we are not surprised at your strength, like true pioneers, you always had what it takes to make it! We are so looking forward to our 2 shows we will be attending in July 2011. I think those once a day prayers, we also prayed for Bono's recovery, our family joining hands standing in a circle, every night, was answered.
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