'What are the odds?'

11 Feb 2010138
David O'Reilly, the award-winning director behind U2's 'Crazy' video, was getting ready to leave his flight in LA from Germany a couple of weeks back, when what should start playing on the in-flight screens but... his video for 'Crazy'.

David tweeted about it and added this shot. 'That was nuts,' he told us. 'It was pretty much the landing song,'What are the odds!?'

And that got us thinking: have you had a freakily coincidental U2 moment ?

Not with a U2 video you've directed being shown on your flight as that would restrict the field of entrants. In fact it doesn't need to include a flight at all. Or a video.

We're looking for your U2 anecdotes that stretch the bounds of possibility - a moment when U2 intersected your daily routine with just a hint of spookiness.

Well, anyway, you get the idea. Tell us about it below.
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All I Want Is You
After sharing a long, tight hug with my girlfriend (also in serious need of a hug), I was in the car driving home when "All I Want Is You" came on the radio.
Moment of Surrender
I was in a discount store, and what should come over the PA system - "Moment of Surrender!" Of course, I thought it was surreal. The atmosphere in the store even changed, with those around me pushing their carts, in slow motion. Very strange moment.
I went crazy
Came home from work after my last night working as a nurse in a hospital, fed up with everything and felt I was going crazy, when I turned on the tv to unwind and what video was on, Crazy,,,right at the part where the nurse was running out the door from the needy patient!! I knew I had made the right decision.
Heaven Knows This Is a Heartland
Driving through Mississippi on a warm summer day at dusk, with nothing but miles and miles of open field around you, while listening to "Heartland" is pretty incredible.
sweetest thing
Many years ago(Summer '93 I think) my friend and I were on a baseball road trip making our way from Detroit to Toronto when he began to tell me about this fantastic U2 song that was special to him because he's blue eyed and his then girlfriend was brown eyed. I was embrassed to admit that I'd never heard before when less than a minute later sure enough it came on the radio as we were crossing into Canada!! Every time I play it or hear it it takes me back to that great time.
One More...
Also early last evening, my hubby was watching footage he took from the 360 concert in Chicago - "Bad". About an hour later, my mom decided to watch the dvd of "Precious". "Bad" was playing during one of the trailers. My hubby and I just looked at each other - a little startled...
A few of many U2 moments
I have them all the time. Most recent: One of my ipod playlists has 5,050 songs and I always have it set to random. Just as "White Wedding" ended, the lyrics "The sea it swells like a sore head" just randomly popped into my head. Next song out of 5,050? "Electrical Storm"! Amazing. So, last night, arriving home at 3:00 a.m. with my hubby, we walk in & our son is watching "Gangs of New York". I of course have to mention that there's a U2 song at the end.... waiting for them to ask me for more details (which neither did). Went up to bed and was trying to find "Gangs" just hoping to hear the song before nodding off - but never found it. Got up 4 hours later to drive my daughter to a dance performance. On the way home, this time listing (again randomly) to a playlist of 767 U2 & Coldplay songs, guess what song comes on? "The hands that built America", which ended, coincidentally, as I pulled into my driveway. Now, this song rarely turns up in even my U2 playlist since it is only one of 661. Truly amazing! It must mean something....
Live Savior
I was shot in the face by a racist in Stockholm sweden in 1991. Sinsce then i have ben very sick and i'll be geting worse to the day I die (says the doctors) As you may understand I have bad days and good ones but in jan 2002 I was realy realy sick and had ben tacken to a hospital, I had given upp and had no will to live, becouse ite hurts realy realy badly 24/7 and my body was responding badly to the medicins and I was peeing blood. A friend of mine gave me a record I never ad heard before and thats all I had to listen in the hospital and I was to sick to watch tv. I just respondet to the musik the lirycs and everything about this for me unknown albun and Artists an I found strength to keep on fighting. Weel it so was that I knew the artists but not the record because I stoped buing records wen i goot shoot, it was to painfull had beeing a musician an not be able to play animore. The Albun was : All That You Can't Leave Behind. It made me listen to music again and better even, it made me play music again and compouse, not for a living but for the joy of it. Tanx guys you are wonderfull. H.
In God's Country
I was charging along an Australian outback highway on the way to a funeral and said to my mate in the passenger seat, "this is just God's country out here". What should should be next on my Joshua Tree tape........?
My birthdate is march 13th (Adam´s), my mom´s is may 10th (Bono) and my sister is August 8th (Edge). I think only Larry is not on the family, but since he´s the boss, there´s nothing to say about it.
U2 Satalite
This past weekend, I was cleaning up my neglected basement. I decided to crank out the sound system in order to watch the Rattle and Hum DVD to keep me motivated. Mission accomplished. I made sure everything was turned off and lights out since it is rarely occupied. Thursday, my daughter called me at work freaking out that someone was in the house! She could "hear them talking" and then she would hear loud music. She said she checked out the upstairs and my bedroom and couldn't figure out where the music was coming from. She refused to go to the basement by herself even with me on the phone. I said,"well its probably U2 in the basement since I was watching it on Saturday, maybe I accidentally hit a button to set a timer or something?." I couldn't convince her to go down there especially when she could here "them talking." Sure enough, when I got home, Sunday Bloody Sunday was playing. I've had that equipment for 5 years and have NEVER programmed it to a timer or for anything else for that matter. I'm lucky to get sound and picture when I switch it from VCR to DVD to TV. LOL U2 you scared the bageebees out of my daughter! I think I'll unplug it next time!
Tv coincidences
Part2- The Late Show with David Letterman had just started airing in South Africa for the very 1st time last year. Started watching it and within a few weeks its announced U2's gonna be on it for an entire week. Thank goodness we got that just in time. Switched channels, up came Top Gear yesterday, who do they mention? Bono and a car that he has. This goes on and on. I love that ;-)
Tv coincidences
Part1-Just at that moment when I turn on the tv and its on a random channel, on a show I never watch, I'm just in time to catch U2. Example, Saturday Night Live. I switched on the tv and walla there was U2 performing Breathe. Another time it was on mtv and I caught U2 and JayZ (or was it Kanye)performing in Berlin. Switch on tv = Mr Roberts, Bono in Across the Universe.
God's Country/Joshua Tree
I actually had the same experience as another post, a year and a half ago- I was driving to Joshua Tree National Park with my dad and brother, and right as the first wave of Joshua Trees started flying past the window on the dirt road, "In God's Country" came on the radio- I looked at my brother and couldn't believe it. I shot a video of the trees flying by with U2 as soundtrack :)
Bono Stuck in a Moment (and elevator)!
Was at the Four Seasons in Boston in the hotel lobby for the 2001 Elevation Tour (yes, waiting to catch a glimpse of the band if I was lucky). I was sitting in a chair across from the elevators. Bono walked right by me to get into the elevator and I was stunned and speachless. The doors closed and I felt like I should have said hello or something. Well, the door kept opening and closing a few times. Finally, just before it closed one last time, Bono gave the peace sign to me...the only one that had caught the somewhat embarrassing moment (probably moreso for the hotel)!
U2 fan at 21 months old...
I was in my car with my 2 daughters (8 years old and 21 months). When I turned on the radio, we heard "Beautiful day" , and the little one asked me "U2 that?", I said "yes..." and asked my older daughter "did you told her it was U2?", "Not at all" she said... Long life U2, fans succession is assured ;o)
I was passing by an art gallery while U2 was playing on my iPod (the U2 iPod, of course). Then there it was, a painting of Bono staring straight at me. Magnificent.
U2 follows me 2 stores
I used to be amazed at the frequency of U2 songs playing in the stores while I'm shopping. Over the years I've grown to expect these in-store surprises.
Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the Wor
My good friend is a DJ On Sirius XM Meg Griffin beautiful Irish lass-- anyway-- as she played the song "Trying To Throw Your Arms Around the World" Another Friend of mine Davy Curran from Dungannon called me in NJ from Barcelona he was at the show in Barcelona and it was blaring in the background all i could hear him say was Fucking Brilliant i literally started crying it was beyond coincidence.
U2 + Mt. St. Helens
I finally - after 27 years of wanting to - got to see Mt. St. Helens. After a crazy adventure of a day with one of my best friends - and thinking we'd missed our chance - we stumbled on a gorgeous private view of the mountain as the sun was setting . . . and as U2 was playing through the car stereo. Stunning.
we love u2
we love u2, please come to Brasil, we miss you guys!!
The Saints are Coming!!!
Just after the Super Bowl started, I was on my way to the airport in Utah to get back home after ten days of skiing. My dad was driving and I felt like listening to U2 while I waited. So, I went to my U2 playlist of 126 songs, and I clicked shuffle. The first song to come up was the music video of U2 and Greenday performing "The Saints are Coming"!!!!! I told my dad instantly that the Saints would win! I stuck with them the whole game! We saw from the halftime until the end at the airport. Go Saints! Go U2!
oi U2
As a long time U2 fan, I find myself with two kids. I quite often shout "Oi you two"!! It is amazing to say this out loud as it is also very rare that I think of U2 when I yell "YOU TWO". Now that is SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!
I always wanted a son, but was having trouble conceiving. After a trip to the UK and Ireland for the U2 shows in 2001, I became pregnant. I named my son Paul Hewson after my favorite singer!
Still Haven't Found...A new job
I've had many significant things happen where U2's music was involved. One example, however was when I applied for a job in the neonatal intensive care unit. I've always been interested in working with the preemies, and it seemed like it would be a welcome change from what I have to deal with. The interview went well, and when I got back to my car "Still Haven't Found" had just started to play on the radio. At first I thought this was a good sign. Then, over the course of the next week (and thanks to the gossip mill), things changed and they did not give me the job. Since that time I have learned that there is a lot of "in fighting" among the NICU staff and doctors. Hearing that song at that time was probably a HUGE hint that I am to keep looking, something better is out there for me.
Visiting new york (and united states) for the 1st time and going out to celebrate my birthday. The 1st place we stepped in, city of blinding lights (written about the whole new york thing I was experiencing) was playing. And then in each of the 3 or 4 places we went after, a U2 song coming on right on cue. A good night.
Meeting Adam
I was working at the Frieze art fair in London. My colleague and I strike up a conversation with a guy very interested in an artist we are representing. After he leaves, my colleague asks, knowing that I am a huge U2 fan, if that was Adam. I say of course not, "i would know I was talking to Adam Clayton if he was standing in front of me".....Of course a few minutes later we see that man again, and it is Adam. I then attack him like I am 18 year old girl and tell him how much the music means to me, blah, blah. I am a 48 year old man....oh well... Emilio
Hey, This is Red Rocks
Driving to the SunDevil Show in '87 from Tucson, playing the casette - Under a Blood Red Sky. At the exact moment Bono shouts out - This is Red Rocks - We pass a sign for Red Rocks - just outside of Tucson. Shivers . . .
Finally Meeting Bono
I have been to U2 concerts all over the United States and Europe and everywhere I go we always go and wait behind the stadium or whatever to watch the band arrive and hope for that elusive autograph or picture. Not once have I ever had any success with this. I have even driven by Bono's house in Ireland a couple of times. Ironically, I finally got to meet and shake hands with the band 20 minutes from where I live when I got to attend the premiere of U23D at the Sundance Film Festival. Apparently, I could have stayed home in Salt Lake City all those times I tried to meet them!
Brainwashed my kids
My children, Maeve(6) and Brendan (2) have been raised on U2...especially in the car while I run errands or take them to school, etc...(currently, Maeve's favorite is "Breathe")...recently, we were in the supermarket all together and a U2 song came on over the sound system...Maeve creid out, "Mom, it's Bono!"....now that's good parenting!!!
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