'What are the odds?'

11 Feb 2010138
David O'Reilly, the award-winning director behind U2's 'Crazy' video, was getting ready to leave his flight in LA from Germany a couple of weeks back, when what should start playing on the in-flight screens but... his video for 'Crazy'.

David tweeted about it and added this shot. 'That was nuts,' he told us. 'It was pretty much the landing song,'What are the odds!?'

And that got us thinking: have you had a freakily coincidental U2 moment ?

Not with a U2 video you've directed being shown on your flight as that would restrict the field of entrants. In fact it doesn't need to include a flight at all. Or a video.

We're looking for your U2 anecdotes that stretch the bounds of possibility - a moment when U2 intersected your daily routine with just a hint of spookiness.

Well, anyway, you get the idea. Tell us about it below.
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One, a pint of Guiness, and the Temple
Nothing to match the vibe of catching the boys in Dublin. It's a freakin' U2 convention with people coming together from all around the globe. And while U2 rocks Croke Park, some great cover bands also rock the Temple Bar later in the evening. I fondly recall sitting together with new friends from about 6 different countries, each of us raising a pint, and belting out One along with a fantastic acoustic guitarist/singer. How's that for your bucket list?!
Pride in Memphis
Okay...so I'm relating the story of my best friend. He's driving through Memphis on a post-college road trip. Decided to go check out the hotel where the Reverend Martin Luther King was assasinated. It's a rainy night in Memphis and he finds the hotel. He's sitting in his car in the rain, staring at the balcony and Pride comes on the radio. He still talks about it every time we get together for a Guinness.
With or Without You just at the right mo
Last september me and my girlfriend traveled to New York from Reykjavik, Iceland to see U2. The day before the concert she supriced me with a marriage proposal in the chrysler building and that we would get married later that day in the city hall.. On our way to city hall later that day the last song we heard in the taxi just before we arrived was With or Without you and it could not have fittet better. To top that the day after at the concert it was crazy to hear mr. Bono say "This is for the ones who got married"
Magnificent Opening Song Boston
When I first heard No Line on the Horizon, my first thought was what would be the opening song on the new tour...Magnifcent was without a doubt the one song above all which I believed would elevate the opening. As it goes, Breathe became the choice for all shows..except the show I attended in Boston...it was a magnificent opening, but what are the odds of that happening? The only show on tour to have Magnificent as the opener....Brilliant!
Estranged Cousin
While growing up in Tennessee, my younger 1st cousin and I did not spend much time together. Then he moved to Virginia when I was 8. I moved to Germany when I was 12. When I was in my 20s I moved to Virginia and looked him up. Wouldn't you know it, both of us had grown up to become huge U2 fans. We again lost touch. After I was married I went to the Popmart tour in D.C. alone and who did I run into but my cousin. I will be 40 next week, and we have been to 16 concerts together since Popmart. Thanks U2
I have randomly looked at a clock about 60 times in the last 6 months when it read exactly 3:33....sometimes am, sometimes pm. But every time, all that pops into my head is "3:33, and the numbers fell off the clock-face"
Beautiful Day. . . maybe
My dream came true this past summer when I scored tickets to see the band in Dublin. I was a little concerned about the weather, being an outdoor venue in Ireland. . . but, ironically, the only raindrops that appeared fell during "Beautiful Day!" :-)
U2 anecdote
Was traveling to my first international U2 show from Los Angeles. I landed at Heathrow, was on the way to customs and first TV had the "A Beautiful Day" video.
gotta get my U2
I am an american expat living in the Philippines. I traveled last October '09 from Manila to see U2 in Chicago (so worth it!). Every summer for home leave my daughters and I spend a few days in SLC before heading to see family in Idaho and vacation with my husband. This morning I'm cranked after a great workout and I hit "No Line" album on my itunes to listen to while I get ready for my day, all of the sudden I get this panicked idea in my head that says I should be taking my girls to see U2 360 show so I contact via FB a friend of mine to say I am freaking out and have to see U2 this summer. My answer: June 3rd U2 in SLC has just been announced...what??? wish me luck getting tix!!!
One Tree Hill
A couple of years ago, around Edges birthday, we had a lunar eclipse, and the moon really did turn red over one tree hill...
What You Got!
I hadn't heard from a dear friend for a few days and felt an intuition to text him "what you got they can't steal it no they can't even feel it". He texted back - "how did you know? I'm literally walking into an audition...feeling overwhelmed...your text came at the perfect moment". Then he nailed his audition and "what you got" the part. Love love it!
A Window In The Sky
I was blessed with seeing two shows in 2009 and have tickets for east lansing in 2010.Wanting to see more I began to scheme,I balanced my check book, the last three digits were 3.33! See you in either Chicago or Philidelphia!
road trip revelation
As my family was driving from Reno to Las Vegas for the first time -- on our way to my first U2 concert -- we started seeing these strange trees. Not knowing what they were, we nicknamed them palm-pines, thinking they looked like a cross between the two. Next time we stopped for gas I saw a post card with a picture of a tree like the ones we'd been seeing, and it was labeled "Joshua Tree!" First time we'd ever seen one and we were on our way to see U2 -- couldn't believe it!!!
Unforgettable Fire, indeed...
I'm a soldier in the US Army. Prior to joining, I was a radio station DJ, and that's where I first really got in to U2. By the time I left for boot camp, U2 dominated my CD collection and MP3 player. While in boot camp, of all places, I had an unforgettable U2 experience. Basic Training ("Boot Camp") culminates in a week-long field training exercise in which everything you've been taught is put to the test. At the end, a rigorous 12-mile ruck march back to base / staging area was our "final rite of passage". As we approached the finish line, the PA system started blasting a U2 song... Then another.... The entire sountrack for the ending of the biggest challenge of basic training, in fact, was U218. ... and as I sit here writing this, I've fired up, "Some Days are Better Than Others"... Because 'some days you wake up in the Army, and some days it's the enemy.' Cheers. 3 Magnificent nights in Dublin this past Summer. Looking forward to the last night of 360 in the US this summer in NYC!
It Might Get Loud played on my flight to
I decided to take a weekend mini vacation to San Francisco when I managed to get a really cheap last-minute deal on a flight from Philadelphia. I boarded the flight, there were very few people onboard, and I was about to settle down for a nap when I looked up and saw Jack White, Jimmy Page and THE EDGE on the in-flight screens and sure enough, It Might Get Loud was the feature movie on my outbound flight to SF!!! I couldn't believe my luck! That was my first time watching the movie because I missed it when it was in the theaters! Not only did I get a great deal on the flight, it was even sweeter to get that unexpected surprise film! And I own the DVD now!
Carried The Cross
In July 2009, I met up with a friend in Ireland for a vacation built around the U2 shows in Dublin. We drove around the countryside for a few days. Then on the morning of the first show, we left Lisdoonvarna bound for Dublin. Of course our travelling music was U2. We're listening to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"... and just when we get to the part where Bono sings "carried the cross...", I see a statue of Jesus in the middle of nowhere. Now I recognize Ireland is largely a Roman Catholic country, where religious statues are common. But it was still a pretty cool moment, cause I knew then the concerts would be awesome... and they were.
Phil Joanou Meeting
Spotted Phil Joanou outside Tempe stadium getting ready to shoot Rattle-n-Hum, many years back. I introduced myself and told him I was a film student and I was shooting some super-8, black-n-white footage of U2. He said cool and good luck. Many years latter my wife mentiones she is working on this guys film, ENTROPY, and he claims to know U2. I re-introduced myself to Phil Joanou and reminded him of our meeting outside Tempe stadium. We went to his cast-n-crew screening of ENTROPY and Bono was in the movie telling the main character to follow his dreams of being a film maker. So many weird things have happened to me throughout my life that have to do with U2. It's as though they are inner-twinned in my subconscious--I feel like forest Gump sometimes.
U2 Opens up in SLC, Ut.
I am so extremely suprised and completely thrilled about hearing the news today of the opening US show will be right hear in Salt Lake City, Utah at Rice Eccles stadium June 3rd. I am so there!
I live in Bulgaria and I had to travel all the way to Zagreb by car, so that I can be at the concert on the ninth of august 2009.... I had to get up at 4.30 in the morning, on the sixth, so that my friends and I could arrive by the end of the same day. Needles to say I barely slept that night, but at exactly 4.30 a.m. my alarm rang I sprung out of bed, junked up on adrenalin and the first thing I did was to turn my TV on - on a completely random channel (I just pushed a button on the remote) and even before there was a picture on the TV screen, I could hear "Magnificent" just beginning and I went completely crazy!!!! I turned the volume on... and started screaming with joy!!! And that I believe was destiny’s most amazing way to mark the start of my journey to you guys…The gig was mind- blowing, I am still lost for words…and I never actually thought that I would be lucky enough to be among 60 000 people, singing “Happy birthday!” to Edge.
And I thought it was just me...
I'm a life-long fan absouletly in love with the music and beauty of U2. This happens to me ALL the time, literally. Perfect example: Yesterday (2/15), Driving into Memphis. Turned off the CD player to find a weather report and had perfect timing. The next song...Pride. On a random station, on a road trip, driving through Memphis. OH, and last June 16th...I played cash 3 and hit 509. (Breathe)
Dog Return
I have had a few enlightened moments when U2 happened to be there for me.* One of the most emotional ones was when my wife and I decided we needed to get rid of our dog. We just had our second baby and it was not a large home to have such a big dog. We had to make the tough choice. -my friend and I took an extended lunch to take my dog, named 'Bono' to the Humaine Society..It was a sad day. My friend knew I was huge U2 fan and an animal lover, so he knew how tough this would be. While we were waiting in the lobby area filling out paperwork, 'With or Without You' came over the lobby radio...All I could do is drop my paperwork and hold Bono..I mean, he had no clue what was going on, and it just tore me up. It still brings a tear to my eye to this day..It was bittersweet to say the least. It was as if the U2 angel spirit was upon us both....Thanks for the soundtrack of my life..~
Beautiful Day
I had finally made the decision to leave my husband. I went to this office to get started on the divorce paperwork. When I walked into the door I heard Beautiful Day playing over the radio. I started laughing. The girl at the desk asked me what was so funny. I explained that U2 is my favorite band and to walk in here and hear this song playing is a sign that I'm doing the right thing! And it was!!! It's been a beautiful day every since then!
All Because Of Bono, I Am
ok. so Im an involved ONE Campaign member at my college. I'm the campus leader there, and our school ranked in the top 100 schools. This made me eligible to attend the Power 100 Summit, held a little over 2 weeks ago in Washington D.C. Btw: in case you dont already know, Bono is a co-founder of the ONE Campaign. It's the first night of 3, and we are attending a mixer. I am somewhat questioning why I, of all people, am attending this event with other people so much more involved than myself. It was a slight crisis of faith. so I step out, and go into the hallway, where the chatter has died down. And what do I hear? All Because of You playing on the radio, just by chance, and all of a sudden I remembered why I was at this summit. I remembered why I love U2, and why I love Bono, and why I love campaigning with ONE. and it started off my Extreme Poverty Resolution set of conferences on a good note with a rocking guitar riff. =) And because of ONE, I have found my calling, which is, of course, All Because of Bono.
He was ALL I was looking for!
My 1st son had just been delivered via c-section. As they took him away to clean him up, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and happiness and tuned into the very beginning of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For which was playing in the operating room. It was followed by Mysterious Ways in a U2 double header, and it was during that song that they brought him back to me. Every time I hear those songs, I think of that moment!
once i was singing in my car elevation and when I turned on the radio it was that music and in the same place i was singing. That was pretty strange. haha
Edge at the Urinal
The whole Achtung Baby period was surral for me. At the time, I was friendly with Paul Pesco whose sister, Theresa, worked for the band. Paul was doing some musical work with me when he recounted that Edge recently called him at home and asked him to do some work for the upcomming tour. Some months later......early in the tour a friend of mine was a friend of BP. I was told the band were going to be at the Riga Royal. After the Garden show I headed over to the hotel to meet my friend and went into a bathroom....as I am relieving myself at the urinal who walks in, stands next to me, and does the same? The Edge. Very strange moment. Minutes from the Garden show I am peeing next to Edge. All this was followed by encounters with the rest of the lads downstairs as MIke Scott chatted about and roadies told of Phil Joanou's recent marriage. MOnths later, during the Outside Broadcast, I entered the home of one Sterling Campbell who I was working with at the time. Sterling had none other then Des Broadberry in his house working on music. Sterling tells me he was at the Riga the same night with Martika, a story eventually told in Rolling Stone. It was a strange year but a memorable one.
strange coincidence or not....360 in Lon
Well because my friend and I tought 6 U2 shows wern't enough, we decided, all very last minute, to go to London for our final 360 show ( at least for that year;-)) Annyway when we booked our flight the flight number started with U2! We could'nt believe it this was mend to be.... Arriving in London we checked in at the hotel, and when we got our key the second wierdest thing happend, it was room 360! What are the odds to go to A great U2 show at the 360 Tour, and getting room 360 at the hotel?! I still think it was mend to be for us to see them one more time last summer. By the way, it was one of the best shows we went to, and we had the best place right in the middle under Bono's nose. Very happy memmories from that weekend :-))
They're always with me
On the last day of our holiday to Vancouver visiting my husband's cousin, my family and I paid a last visit to Granville Island. We picked up some food from the market and went out on the deck to eat it. As I walked through the door I heard the strains of 'Still haven't found' from a busker. I was feeling emotional enough as it was and that just finished me off! I gave him my money but he will never know the impact he had on me. Perfect end to a perfect holiday!
A few days ago I was at the university, waiting for to do an exam and I was really nervous, so I sent a message to a friend of mine in search of some encouragement. Immediatly he answered that they were playing MAGNIFICENT on the radio at that very moment!!!! I got the highest mark in the exam!!!!
Avion Espia
Films, France and U2
My anecdote was like this. I had to travel to France to attend an advertising festival over there, so I needed to take a 12 hour flight from Mexico to Spain. When I took my seat, I realized there were some movies and music albums to hear during the flight. For my surprise, No Line On The Horizon was one of the albums. I didn´t care to hear it again, as I watched through the window the never-ending sea. Then, I decided to watch one of the movies. Turns out that this piece of action of a loving father who´s looking for his kidnaped daughter, who was traveling trough Euirope following U2´s Vertigo Tour... the film´s name is Taken. And, at the end of my travel, when I was returning home, I started to talk to one of the policemen on the Nice airtport, and he told me a little about the big problems they had when the demo version of How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb was lost 5 years ago. What are the odds really? =)
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