'What are the odds?'

11 Feb 2010138
David O'Reilly, the award-winning director behind U2's 'Crazy' video, was getting ready to leave his flight in LA from Germany a couple of weeks back, when what should start playing on the in-flight screens but... his video for 'Crazy'.

David tweeted about it and added this shot. 'That was nuts,' he told us. 'It was pretty much the landing song,'What are the odds!?'

And that got us thinking: have you had a freakily coincidental U2 moment ?

Not with a U2 video you've directed being shown on your flight as that would restrict the field of entrants. In fact it doesn't need to include a flight at all. Or a video.

We're looking for your U2 anecdotes that stretch the bounds of possibility - a moment when U2 intersected your daily routine with just a hint of spookiness.

Well, anyway, you get the idea. Tell us about it below.
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walk on Soldier Field
2009 - a beautiful and dramatic night... I was returning to Chicago after having finished work as project architect of the stadium in 2003. It had been the most amazing career experience of my life. I remember walking through the building in 2003, listening to "Walk On" over and over on my ipod...effectively saying goodbye to a period in my life...and to the building - as it was now open and the design was done. Fast forward to 2009....I was there to hear "Walk On" for the first time live (for me at least)...and to share that with many of my former colleagues who had helped realize the stadium's design and construction. Amazing night - amazing experience...very very special. A combination of memory, hope and celebration. I personally think that the building is perhaps one of the very best as a "home" for the U2360 tour... a spaceship inside a spaceship. Looking forward to Soldier Field 2010!
Larry Moment
I actually have a few really crazy, bizarre U2 moments, but here's one of the best. I play music for fun in my free time. Once a year I do an "Acoustic U2 Tribute" show. On this particular day I was practicing with my band mates and they had just gotten through telling me how obsessed I was with U2, and that I was destined to meet them in person one day. So practive ends and me and the drummer of my band walk outside (on 54th & 8th in NYC) and head towards the subway to go home. We walk about 100 yards and I see this guy walking towards us wearing a hoody and definitely not too visible unless, of course, it's LARRY FREAKING MULLEN!!!! I froze...in total shock and disbelief and the best I could come up with was "HEY...what are you doing here!?" (as if I own NYC and Larry was somehow showing up unannounced). So we start talking. As you'd expect, Larry was very polite and cordial. I then proceed to tell him, "we were just playing your music upstairs." Without any explanation of the "U2 Acoustic Tribute" show this must've sounded to him like, "Great...you and billion other f---king people." So he was just like, "oh great." The conversation lasted about a minute, and yes, I totally blew it, but WOW....could there have been a bigger U2 coincidence!? This is a true story and I have more involving actual members of U2. All of them, are totally and completely coincidental and random. P.S. - I'm not a stalker, I swear ;-)
Beautiful Day
My young sons bought me a calendar for Christmas. It is a nice "country feel" calendar with pictures of flowers, quilts etc. along with an inspirational phrase. I was marking dates and when I got to June the phrase was "it's a beautiful, don't let it get away". Stopped me in my tracks!!
Vertigo and spanish lessons
Memory is feeble and we can create false ones easily, but this is the best recognition I have of the strange events that lead me to U2. I was 18 in 2005 about to graduate high school. Spanish class roughly 1330. I fell from my desk in class, I didn't know what was going on. I felt dizzy, intoxicated. I went to the hallway and the teacher sent my friend after me. We struggled to the nurses office, it was as if I just slammed a bottle of Jamesons. Ironic part, although you may already have caught on, it gets stranger, we were practicing counting lessons from 1 to a million. Remind you of a song release around that time? Remember I don't even know who Bono is at this time, I listened to Tom Petty, Tim McGraw, and Zeppelin. I graduated a few months later and moved to Beijing to live with my father, he had an Irish friend (coworker) named Pat that took a liking to me. We met every night at a bar called Dirty Nellies (an Irish pub) and Pat was from Ireland. He said some words to the tender and next thing I heard was Beautiful day being pumped through the record machine. I had no idea still who this band was and never really remembered listening to this song. I heard "see China right in front of you" and something caught me. It felt like fate. I went to see U2 for the first time in my life in 2009 in Croke park. I got tickets to all 3 nights and made it into the pit 2 of those, and Saturday show I was 250 person in. It's been a great band to fall in love with, and I a simple thank you to all those that make U2 possible I hope suffices. Thank you.
Great vacation moment
Been a fan forever and a few years back we vacationed in Ireland and while sitting in Gallagher's Boxty House enjoying the Irish food and drink, a U2 song came on and just made my moment! It could only have been better if I had run into the boys themselves!
I have the chorus from Vertigo as a ringtone. It was being played on the radio one day and the phone rang at the exact moment during the record so the pair were in sync!! What's the odds on that??
Yes :-) The song Breathes first line "16th of June 9:05" is my Baby brother's birthday who was born last year... That was my favourite U2 song even before he was born and it was the first song they played at my first U2 concert last year :D
Beautiful Day
A year ago, or so, I was getting a pierce made, I had been thinking about it for a long time, but I'm scared of needles, this time I was so frightened I was about to jump from the chair and leave the place without saying goodbye, when the girl who was to do it came in, the radio got on in the middle of the chorus of Beautiful Day, I took it as a positive sign and got my pierce done!
I was walking on the college campus listening to "Magnificent" and at the start of the song I pass a gentleman passing out pamphlets titled "The Magnificence of Jesus." It was totally ironic that at that moment I feel better about the world and the good it holds.
Opening up a 600-page book and finding t
I saw a book about music and strong emotions on a shelf containing interviews with people about their experiences. I thought that maybe U2 would be mentioned. I opened the book and there it was!! Those exact two pages were about a U2 concert. What are the odds, I thought. Maybe there are many of them in the book, but no, this was the only one, and the book is almost 600 pages. Wow! :-D
What time is it in the world?
I have problems sleeping. Not quite sure what the problem is, but one very early morning I woke up and out of habit, I looked at the iclock (complete with all my U2 songs) and saw that it was 3:33. I had a very surreal moment at such an early hour.
glad they left it behind...
I work at a college in the Midwest USA. I had a conference to attend last year and checked out one of the college's fleet vehicles to use to get there. It was going to be a 6 hour drive and there's absolutely no decent radio stations along that route so I packed my handy CD collection filled with a fair dose of the boys. I fired up the car and as I went to insert my CD into the player, I heard the unmistakable intro to Magnificent. I ejected the disc to find that someone had left their ripped copy of NLOTH in the player! SCORE! It was only about a week after NLOTH dropped and even I hadn't made a copy of mine yet (I only play my new U2 CDs once to burn onto my computer then return it to the package for safe keeping). l had no idea that there was ANOTHER U2 superfan at the college! Who else would have not only the new U2 CD but a ripped copy? That takes extra effort that casual fans typically don't exert. Suffice to say that 12 hour round-trip drive gave me a big jump on exploring the songs and memorizing B's lyrics. Turns out I wish the drive was actually LONGER... Instead of taking the CD once I returned, I decided to leave it in for the NEXT driver, sorta paying it forward as it were. However I doubt it lasted more than 30 seconds before becoming a 65 mph highway frisbee...
Vertigo 2005
I tried in vain to get tickets for the Brussels show in 2005. 2 weeks before the gig I was in the supermarket and saw this paper full of adverts, I thought, well, you never know if anyone sells tickets, and yes, some guy was selling tickets for the U2 gig at a reasonable price! I ended up on the front row of the mid section and before the gig was interviewed and aired on national television!! A day that I'll never forget.
Beautiful Day over Waimea Canyon
For our 30th wedding anniversary my husband and I were in Hawaii and for a very special treat we took a helicopter ride in Kauai. As we were approaching Waimea Canyon, U2's "Beautiful Day" began playing in the headsets and as we crested the top of the canyon Bono belts out the chorus, "It was a beautiful day!". I had tears in my eyes between the beauty all around us and the beauty in my head with the band echoing all that I was feeling. The pilot/tour guide started talking about what we were seeing and my husband asked him to stop for a minute so I could enjoy this moment without interruption. While Beautiful Day is a great song, I wasn't my personal favorite. But now I can't hear that song without being taken back to the helicopter over Kauai. It was a glorious moment in my life that I will never forget.
Reading, HMV, 1st April...
It's 1st April. My school has just broken up for Easter. My brother and I are walking into Reading to meet Mum. We're going to get her a birthday present. We want to get her an Annie Lennox CD. I decide I might want to get something for myself. We go into HMV in the Oracle...and there's a whole section devoted to U2! With an offer of 2 single-CD albums for £10! So I'm going back every now and then, increasing my U2 collection every time, by 1-2 albums...thank you, HMV, for being so helpful!
Christmas Miracle
Last December on Christmas day my entire family sat down to play trivial pursuit. We had one of those galaxy music stations(basically radio on tv) playing on tv. Anyways at some point durring the game Christmas(baby Please come home) starts playing on tv just as it was my turn to ick a card and ask the question. Turns out on the card I picked every question on it was related to U2. So we've got U2 playing on the tv, I picked a U2 filled card and I was the ony U2 fan in the room. 3 little coincidences coming together all at once. It was like a Christmas miracle haha!
I won tickets for the Boston show- it wa
On September 21st 2008, the man who took me to my first U2 concert died. He was my daddy. U2 is my favorite band and it was also one of his. One of the last things I did with him, as he was fading in and out of consciousness, was share two u2 albums I had on my mp3 player. I put one headphone in his ear and one in mine and I just sang along to him. Three weeks later, BIO Music held an essay contest and I wrote an essay talking about this last moment I had with my dad. The grand prize of the contest was four tickets to any of the upcoming u2 shows and although I did not know the dates yet (the album had not yet been released), I chose the Boston show. Later, when I got the tickets, I discovered that the dates of the Boston shows were September 20th and 21st. One year to the day after my dad died. Also, as an added sad coincidence, my best friend (we had been friends since kindergarten and someone who became a u2 fanatic at the exact same time as me although we had had very little contact with each other during that year) lost her father four months after mine and found a lot of solace in No Line that year. I invited her to come up and see the Boston show with me and that night two grieving u2 fans were able to grieve along to their favorite band together.
U2 360 my 60th U2 CONCERT
My U2 story is funny, as I had travelled from California to Australia and New Zealand to catch U2 in 2006 and saw 29 mind blowing VERTIGO Tour 2005 - Shows and 59 U2 shows total ~ As it happened, U2 names their next TOUR 360 TOUR - so my 1st U2 show 2009 is my 60th show - almost 3 Years later 360 degrees around the globe from my last U2 concert in NEW ZEALAND Great U2 moment for me - One of many - Like while driving and seeing an amazing Sunset and hearing U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday or Beautiful Day playing .....
It was late and dark...
And we were driving to Seattle. Just as the beautiful lights came into view in all the darkness...what song should come on? City of Blinding Lights. It had just started and it was breathtaking, with all the lights of the city, fading into the darkness. Truly a wonderful moment. :)
Hard Rock
A few years ago I was on vacation in Florida with my family. We were going to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and for "some reason" I was on a U2 kick and I wouldn't shut up about their videos and their influence on Rock music. As we at down at the Hard Rock, guess what was playing on all the TV's: The DVD U2 "Best of: 1990-2000"!!! It played throughout our entire lunch, and despite my family's eye rolling, we all had a great time!
Where the Streets have no name...
As I was leaving my hometown, moving to Colorado after college, fittingly "Where the Streets Have No Name" came on the radio as I drove across the state border, entering a part of my life I had no idea what it would be like! Perfect timing :)
Beautiful Day
My mom was teaching to drive, and I was pretty bad, I couldn´t turn on the car, but when I did, and it started moving, "Beautiful Day" started playing, it was awesome!! specially because it is my favorite song, It was like if my life had a soundtrack
Wedding hymn played on tour
I was listening to a bootleg (am I in trouble?) from last summer and had tears in my eyes when I heard one of our wedding hymns! They played a snippet of "Joyful Joyful, We Adore You" (Beethoven’s Ninth) at the beginning of Boots! I was very happy that I got to hear it live with my husband when we saw them in the fall! I have to say this is only one of many freakily coincidental U2 moments that I have had throughout my life!
All Because of You
I've been a fan ever since my cousin played me a song from this new band he liked. The song was An Cat Dubh. Over the years I eventually stopped attending church. In fact, I hadn't been to church in over 20 years until last winter. That's when my wife and I decided to try a brand new church in the area that advertised as being a church for people who don't like church. As we walked into the auditorium, they were playing All Because of You. I looked at my wife and said, "I'm hooked."
U2 cures bad days in the office
Whenever i am having a really bad day in the office, I declare it "all U2" day. It helps. One day, I walked into my office and I heard about 4 songs in a row. I looked at my iPod and it was on U2. One of the members of my team realized I was having a bad day so set it for me. Made the day better and that employee definitely knows how to suck up to her boss.
Thanks for flying Lufthansa
My first thought was hey, that is Lufthansa's economy class! on a 747. Too bad you had to fly eco, As a Lufthansa employee I would have done my best to upgrade you had I been working the check-in at LAX! My only acecote is that Lufthansa was part of some event where Bono was at. My collleague got a pic with him and emailed me at work in Franfurt. Was kind of a nice surprise in my inbox.
I did feel" Numb" thanks Edge
I was at the Dentist scared out of my mind over the needle that was moving towards my mouth, when Edge started singing "Numb".
the luck of the Irish shined upon me...
ok, I went to the L.A. record release party for NLOTH and entered to win a chance to see U2 play live in NY for the GMA appearance at Fordham University. This isn't so much spooky as it was good luck - I won! I was listening to the album when I got the call and almost didn't want to answer the phone. But when the answering machine came on and said, this is for the contest to win U2...I dove for the phone and 24 hrs later I was in the Big Apple! Oh...and there's many, many more. I keep reading some of these posts and I say...check, yup, uh-huh. Except for maybe that tree falling on my car. Sorry, Joshua. It wasn't the Joshua Tree, right? Cool name and I'm glad you're very much alive!
U2 Mental Telepathy
One day I was driving on the road as my two kids sat in the back. That day the car radio was not on and nobody had even been talking for a while, but the U2 song "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" was playing in my mind. As I was thinking of the line "we fight all the time, you and I..."...my teenage son belted out from the back of the car "that's alright we're the the same soul," and came in right on the beat. I could not believe my ears & when I explained to my son what had just happened he couldn't believe it either. Talk about a freakily coincidental U2 moment. Spooky indeed! We still talk about that incident once in a while and we still can't explain it.
Take Us to Church
I was explaining to a friend of mine how I have my own little worship time with U2 while fixing dinner almost every night. She thought I was a little crazy. That Sunday in church the worship leader announced we were going to learn a "new song, 40 by U2." My girlfriend was amazed and shouted out my name as the music began looking my way across the sanctuary. I just smiled back. The next time we sang 40 in church my sister-in-law was visiting. She gave me a thumbs up knowing my affinity! Just fun.
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