What Did Edge Pick ?

15 Nov 2012108

A limited-edition CD that's only available with a subscription to U2.com, Edge's Picks comes with From The Ground Up:U2.com Music Edition.

We know it features 15 tracks live from U2360°. But what do we know about the tracks?

We know from the video player on the U2.com home page these last few days that Electrical Storm, live from Milan, is one of the tracks.

We know from the audio player on the home page that New Year's Day and Get On Your Boots are also on the CD. (Some more 'Boots' below.)

We know that when you subscribe (or resubscribe) you can instantly download two bonus tracks, No Line On The Horizon and Spanish Eyes. That rules them out of the 15.

And we can rule out another 22 tracks - the 22 on U22, our earlier CD set from U2360°.

We also hear that each song on Edge's Picks has previously been released as a single or album track.

And (drum roll...) today we can reveal that the CD opens with Breathe...  and closes with "40".

So what other tracks are you betting will be on Edge's Picks? Make your predictions in the comments below.

(You can refresh your memory of what the band were playing on the road between 2009 and 2011 here.)

Incidentally, as jmcca93 says here, 'I need some of Edge's Picks - normal picks don't get the same chime sound.'

So what are Edge's Picks?
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Stuck In A Moment
Just got my U22 and am loving it!! I hope Edge picks Stuck In a Moment, it's my favorite moment from the Anahiem show!!
hello, hello...
well now we know that "Vertigo" will be on the cd as well. hopefully sunday bloody sunday won't be on there because it was already on the duals cd from 2011. hope i will follow and mercy will be on there
surely this has to be one of edge's faves
karl 20
hope angel of harlem/ man in the mirror from nou camp 2009 is on the 15
Return of stingray guitar
I want return of stingray guitar brilliant start of a concert!!! Return of stingray guitar Return of stingray guitar Return of stingray guitar Return of stingray guitar or a bonus track!!!!
luv the song NEW YORK, what a VOICE!!!!!!!!!
bonus track
i think the bonus track will be "Mercy"
Edge's Picks
Your Blue Room Your Blue RoomYour Blue RoomYour Blue RoomYour Blue RoomYour Blue RoomYour Blue RoomYour Blue Your Blue RoomRoomYour Blue RoomYour BluYour Blue Roome RoomYour Blue Room Your Blue Room. Enough hint?
Party Girl Bonus Track
I'm guessing the bonus track that's being referred to is the "a cappella" snippet sung before Moment of Surrender on U22. Which makes it unlikely it would be released on Edge's Picks. However, All I Want Is You is snippeted during the version of Bad that closes disc 1, then it opens disc 2. But my guess would be that's the Party Girl bonus track they're referring to.
Party Girl ?
@Dubliner Party Girl Was not a Bonus Track, it was only featured as a snippet before Moment of surrender on U22 bonus tracks released were Unknown Caller No Line On The Horizon Spanish Eyes Desire Hope that helps
Party Girl
Reading "pop1" - Party Girl was a bonus track for U22, I missed that ... can anyone confirm and since i have subscribed for five years or so, anyone know how to retrieve the song on the website? Dubliner
Bonus Track "Desire"
Since U2.com has made a third bonus track available for download which is "Desire" I guess we can rule that one out from Edge's Pick's.
vertigo tour
This is the order
1) Breathe 2) Follow 3) Boots 4) NYD 5) Electrical Storm 6) Your Blue Room 7) Angel 8) In A Little While 9) Miss Sarajevo 10) Vertigo 11) Crazy 12) Sunday Bloody Sunday 13) HMTMKMKM 14) Mothers 15) 40. Would be nice to have a second disc of the new material on CD which was only released on vinyl on the Wide Awake in Europe LP such as Mercy, North Star, Every Breaking Wave, Boy Falls From The Sky.
Which 4 songs didn't make it ?
U2 made available a total of 46 songs for voting last year. 22 made the original U22 Double Live Cd (Unknown Caller was made available as a download). So that means there are only 23 songs left to choose from that will make Edges CD of 15 tracks. None of the new material was made available to vote on (Mercy, North Star, Every Breaking Wave, Glastonbury, Boy Falls From the Sky). They have mentioned the CD opens with Breathe and closes with 40. u2.com has also mentioned that Boots, Electrical Storm, and New Year's Day made the CD. So the list gets narrowed down to 10 songs to choose from of the remaining 18 songs and since No Line on the Horizon and Spanish Eyes and now Desire are also available as downloads this year you can count them out as well which now leaves 10 out of the 15 remaining live songs recorded to choose from and since Party Girl was a bonus song you can count that out as well. So that leaves 14 songs to choose from. So to recap we know that Breathe, 40, New Years Day, Electrical Storm and Boots are gonna be on the CD. We also know that No Line on the Horizon, Spanish Eyes, Desire and Unknown Caller and Party Girl will also not make it. So that leaves 10 tracks out of the remaining 14 songs to choose from which are 1) I'll Go Crazy 2) Vertigo 3) I Will Follow 4) Sunday Bloody Sunday 5) Pride 6) Miss Sarajevo 7) Hold Me Thrill Me 8) Stuck in A Moment 9) In A Little While 10) Mother's of the Disappeared 11) Stingray Guitar 12) Your Blue Room 13) Angel of Harlem 14) Scarlet. Since we know that Breathe is opening the CD I can't see Stingray making it as Stingray opened most of the European shows and they probably want to keep the running order pretty much the same as it was on tour. I also can't see them releasing another live version of Sunday Bloody Sunday or Pride and Scarlet won't make it either.
Space Oddity
They should have included Space Oddity on U22 on Even Better Than The Real thing and had it as track one!! When I heard Space Oddity playing through out the stadium in philadelphia i had the chills it was great.
Please can we have Sunday Bloody Sunday featuring Jay-Z from the first night in Sydney!!!
Mothers of the disappgreat eared
Great song, didn't see it live, love to hear it. Love from holland. The 1st country U2 get famous !! Remember pink pop Edge ?
Edge's song choices
The only song I don't actually like is "Get on Your Boots" , the Live version of "Dirty Day"?.. Now that totally ROCKS in a dark and profound way. I vote for that ( it is in my top 5). We are all so different.
stingray guitar !!!!!
Return of stingray guitar is amazing..is the best intro with zoo station and popmuzik...i want it on the cd of edge's picks!!!..please!!!
Thank you
It doesn't matter what songs Edge picked, every U2 song is great. Thank you once again for the wonderful gift!
I Hope Return of the stingray guitar is on there best opening for a gig since Zoo station on the ZOO TV tour
Andre Lay
I know that
Edge Picks are the german blue herdins and give that chime sond ;)
Ravin sez
Miss Sarajevo is a can't miss, really. Bono's Aria brought it!
Thanks for ending with 40. Brings back memories! Great memories!
// THE FLY //
Setlist... I Think
01. Breathe 02. I WILL FOLLOW 03. Get On Your Boots 04. DESIRE 05. ANGEL OF HARLEM 06. Electrical Storm 07. New Year's Day 08. VERTIGO 09. IN A LITTLE WHILE 10. PARTY GIRL 11. HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, KILL ME 12. YOUR BLUE ROOM 13. MISS SARAJEVO 14. MOTHERS OF THE DISAPPEARED 15. "40"
Mercy has been released on "Wide Awake In Europe", so maybe...
Tracklist (15 Pics)
1. Breathe 2. Get On Your Boots 3. Electrical Storm 4. Your Blue Room 5. Unknown Caller 6. New Year's Day 7. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 8. In A Little While 9. Miss Sarajevo 10. Vertigo 11. I'll Go Crayy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix) 12. Sunday Bloody Sunday 13. Scarlet 14. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me 15. 40
If it is only previously released tracks Mercy is going to miss out again. It would be great to have live version of that!
Magnificent (Again!)
You might have read my title and thought I was crazy. But I think the Desmond Tutu version of Magnificent that was played on the final leg of the tour in North America will make the cut. (Or I hope it does at least!)
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