What Did Edge Pick ?

15 Nov 2012108

A limited-edition CD that's only available with a subscription to U2.com, Edge's Picks comes with From The Ground Up:U2.com Music Edition.

We know it features 15 tracks live from U2360°. But what do we know about the tracks?

We know from the video player on the U2.com home page these last few days that Electrical Storm, live from Milan, is one of the tracks.

We know from the audio player on the home page that New Year's Day and Get On Your Boots are also on the CD. (Some more 'Boots' below.)

We know that when you subscribe (or resubscribe) you can instantly download two bonus tracks, No Line On The Horizon and Spanish Eyes. That rules them out of the 15.

And we can rule out another 22 tracks - the 22 on U22, our earlier CD set from U2360°.

We also hear that each song on Edge's Picks has previously been released as a single or album track.

And (drum roll...) today we can reveal that the CD opens with Breathe...  and closes with "40".

So what other tracks are you betting will be on Edge's Picks? Make your predictions in the comments below.

(You can refresh your memory of what the band were playing on the road between 2009 and 2011 here.)

Incidentally, as jmcca93 says here, 'I need some of Edge's Picks - normal picks don't get the same chime sound.'

So what are Edge's Picks?
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THE 15!!
So we've already had 7 songs. The rest are (in random order): Return of the Stingray Guitar, Scarlet, I Will Follow, HMTMKIMKM, Your Blue Room, Mercy, Vertigo, and Mothers of the Disappeared. Vintage list!!
U2-15 I Think Will will Get This - But M
1/ Breathe 2/ I Will Follow 3/ Get On Your Boots 4/ New Years Day 5/ Electrical Storm 6/ Stuck In A Moment You Cant Get Out Of 7/ Your Blue Room 8/ Vertigo 9/ I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 10/ Sunday Bloody Sunday 11/ Scarlet 12/ In A Little While 13/ Miss Sarajevo 14/ Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me 15/ 40
I Will Follow?!
I hope "I Will Follow" is on it! Love it so, and was SO happy to hear it live at Spartan Stadium (Michigan) in 2011, because it was NOT on the set list when we saw U2 360 in Toronto in 2009, but it's my all-time FAVORITE!!! YES, when I heard that opening "BAna nana nana nana, DAna nana nana nana" of "I Will Follow" in concert in 2011 my hair stood on end and I almost died. Amazing that the boys from Dublin CONTINUE to pull out these great tunes from their early years...amazing, and I can't wait to see Edge's picks when they are announced. Keeping my fingers crossed for "I Will "Follow!"
Please U2.com release the RARE recording
If I could choose, these would be my picks. I think you'll get my point pretty quickly. U2 & U2.com, thank you so much for stepping up with some Great Fan Club packages lately, but Elevate our Souls and treat the hardcore paying fanclub folks with some of these real special recordings// 1) Mercy, 2) Every Breaking Wave, 3) North Star, 4) Boy Falls From the Sky, 5) Return of the Stingray Guitar 6) Glastonbury 7) Mercy, 8) Every Breaking Wave, 9) North Star, 10) Boy Falls From the Sky, 11) Return of the Stingray Guitar 12) Glastonbury 13) Mercy, 14) Every Breaking Wave, 15) North Star, 16) Boy Falls From the Sky, 17) Return of the Stingray Guitar 18) Glastonbury,
I would be pleased to have Your Blue Room on the CD and maybe a rehearsal version of Drowning Man who sadly did not make it on the set during the tour. But the rehearsals were simply great!!!
would really get me excited. Please. Thanks.
MOthers of the Dissappeared!
I really hope edge includes Mothers of the Disappeared, they performed it a few times on the Euro leg of the tour, and from youtube, it seemed AMAZING! and I hope it becomes more of a regular track on the next tour.
Edge's Picks to arrive 'In A Little Whil
1. Breathe 2. Get On Your Boots 3. Desire 4. Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of 5.Miss Sarajevo 6. Vertigo 7. New Year’s Day 8. In A Little While 9. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, 10. Electrical Storm 11. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight 12. Pride (In The Name of Love!)13. Sunday Bloody Sunday 14. Scarlet 15. '40’ I would love to have a version of Mercy, but as it has not been released, that won't happen. But I can't complain, I really look forward to listening to this set list!
my three step 360 program
u22, great offering, great sounds, something that was eagerly antecipated. u2, u2.com, now give us fase 2 of 360 tour subscriber`s package. what an adition to the audio experience of an unforgettable journey that was 360 tour! facts are as follows. u2 played 60 songs during 360, all 7 legs.59, if we consider mlk/walk on combined. 58, if we consider the normal version of i ll go crazy, played in barcelona and never to be played again. the remix became much more relevant. 6 full non u2 songs, that s 52, 6 unreleased songs, that s 46. So, u22-22+1, now, a 15 track cd + 2. u2.com says the songs on edje s picks have been released as album track or single. they do not state if on U2 albums or as a U2 single only. this is my song order for the cd, i ll go with the heart rather than racionality. probably and like u22, the song sequence will resemble a concert set list. so out of 21 to choose, these are my 15. * Breathe- follow- boots- nyd- storm- angel- desire- stuck- pride- saravejo- sbs- i ll go crazy...- htkkm- vertigo- 40 *. I will go crazy if u2 release a bluray with all these 40 songs! 360 tour journey. the ultimate thing! - support ONE.org.
No crazy tonight??
Don't think crazy will be on the 15, the live version was on the 'artifical Horizon' renewal few years back, maybe I'll be wrong......
What an opener!
So so so glad that Breathe is the opener. That was the first song I ever heard U2 play live in person. I'll never forget it.
Every song Edge picks will be amazing, because he's a genius and I love him!!!!!! :)
crazy from barcelona
I hope to see i´ll go crazy from the barcelona gig. the eletrical version of it.
Crazy Tonight
Do we really need the exact same version of Crazy tonight from Croke Park???Its already available on Artificial Horizon CD & Vinyl,Plus available on Wide Awake in Europe Vinyl.We dont need the same song 4 times
vertigo tour
Edge Picked 10 out of the15 songs left t
People just to be clear on this. U2 recorded a total of 46 songs for voting last year. 22 made the original U22 double Live Cd last year with Unknown Caller made available as a download. So that means there are only 23 songs left to choose from that will make Edges CD of 15 tracks. None of the new material will be released i.e. Mercy, North Star, Every Breaking Wave, Glastonbury, Boy Falls From the Sky. They have mentioned the CD opens with Breathe and closes with 40. u2.com has also mentioned that Boots, Electrical Storm and New Year's Day have made the CD. So the list gets narrowed down to 10 songs to choose from of the remaining 18 songs and since No Line on the Horizon and Spanish Eyes are also available as downloads this year you can count them out as well which now leaves 10 out of the 16 remaining live songs recorded to choose from and since Party Girl was a bonus song you can count that out as well. So that leaves 15 songs to choose from. So to recap we know that Breathe, 40, New Years Day, Electrical Storm and Boots are gonna be on the CD. We also know that No Line on the Horizon, Spanish Eyes and Unknown Caller will also not make it. So the 10 tracks out of the remaining 15 have to be I'll Go Crazy, Vertigo, I Will Follow, Miss Sarajevo, Hold Me Thrill Me, Mother's of the Disappeared, Desire, Angel of Harlem, In a Little While, and Your Blue Room. I don't think U2 need another live version of Sunday Bloody Sunday or Pride and since Stingray opened the shows and Breathe is the opener of the show I can't see that song being on it either.
North Star (please)
I hope Edge chose North Star
This would be Great! :)
1. Breathe 2. Get On Your Boots 3. New Year´s Day 4. Electrical Storm 5. Desire 6. Angel Of Harlem 7. Your Blue Room 8. Pride 9. I Will Follow 10. Miss Sarajevo 11. Vertigo 12. Mothers Of The Disappeared 13. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 14. Return Of The Stingray Guitar 15. "40" North Star?? Every Breaking Wave?? Glastonbury??
There's only 8 songs left:
I'd like HMTMKMKM Blue Room Mercy Pride Scarlet Return of the Stingray Guitar North Star Mothers of the Disappeared
1.Breathe, 2.Boots, 3.Follow, 4.N.Y.D, 5.Pride, 6.Electrical Storm, 7.IALW, 8. Mother's, 9.YBR, 10.Vertigo, 11.Crazy, 12.SBS, 13.Scarlett, 14.Hold Me..., 15 "40" then the rest as downloads. Please Please Me someone once said.
40 what a finish
With Breathe opening the cd and 40 ending it i dont really care what else is on it . It will be a great cd anyway . But what would make it a great great cd for me would be if Edge would include Space Oddity before Breathe . I love that song everytime i hear it now i expect it end sudden and U2 coming in . Also if Edge is including 40 are U2 going to finish with it next tour ? I hope so
Edge picks
Why Zooropa doesn't the list?
My 15
HMTMKMKM, Crazy Tonight, Mothers Of The Disappeared, I Will Follow, New Year's Day, No Line, Breathe, North Star, Boy Falls From The Sky, Glastonbury, Electrical Storm, Vertigo, Breathe, 40, Scarlet. If they were played I would have said; Promenade, Acrobat, Love Is Blindness, Kite, Lady With The Spinning Head, Please, Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World, When I Look At The World and Window In The Skies... Hint, hint - Mr Macphisto needs to make a come back..
Edge Picks
The special picks is what Edge has used for many years to get a great chimey sound. The picks have dimples on the back rounded section usually used for a grip but Edge generally holds the pick on the end that usually hits the string and plucks by using the dimples as a scratching effect on the strings, sounds great on the Stratocaster particularly during Bad and Streets, with the delay kicked in it creates the awesom 3D U2 sound we all love. I've been trying to get some to recreate the sound at home. I use a Vox AC30, Fender Strat, and a TC G System for my main fx!! Thanks Edge!!! Can't wait, I am resubscribing as I speak!! Hoping for HMTMKMKM... BTW you should really consider resurrecting Acrobat and Love Is Blindness some time. On the next tour maybe?? See you when you come to Brissie, Australia!!
Unreleased songs !!
North star , every breaking wave, glastonbury, ..... Thx guys !! Greetings from Belgium
North Star
Please :)
Postcard from The Edge
I think there is only room for one 'astronaut' song and I think it'll be 'In A Little While'. Sorry 'Your Blue Room'. 'Desire' & 'Angel of Harlem' are doubtful because of the Michael Jackson medleys - they might not get permission from MK's estate - so I'll venture a guess for 'Stuck In A Moment'. Of course it would have been great to get the new songs: Mercy, et al. (unless Wide Awake In Europe counts as an album!) 1. Breathe 2. Get On Your Boots 3. I Will Follow 4. New Years Day 5. Electrical Storm 6. Stuck In A Moment 7. In A Little While 8. Miss Sarajevo 9. Vertigo 10. Crazy Tonight/Discotheque 11. Sunday Bloody Sunday/Scarlet 12. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 13. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me 14. Party Girl 15. "40"
Hey Edge! How about Return of the Stingray Guitar????
22 Down 24 To Go !
Twenty-four tracks didn't make the U22 CD, three of them have been released as bonus tracks: No Line On the Horizon Unknown Caller Spanish Eyes That leaves the following 21 unreleased at this point: 40 I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix) Vertigo I Will Follow Sunday Bloody Sunday Pride (In the Name of Love) New Year’s Day Breathe Electrical Storm Miss Sarajevo Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of In A Little While Get On Your Boots Mothers Of The Disappeared Desire Return Of The Stingray Guitar Your Blue Room Party Girl Angel Of Harlem Scarlet Wonder if Edge picked from among those songs or if he was able to pick from any songs played on the tour? It certainly seems like Electrical Storm and Get on Your Boots will be making this compilation from the promotional videos U2 is including advertising this compilation.
I would love to get a live version of Scarlet. October is so often overlooked, and they rarely perform anything off this record anymore.
Vertigo and it's good
As long as Vertigo makes it (which I'm very sure it will) it will be a great CD, since Electrical Storm, Get On Your Boots, Breathe and "40" are all on it for sure. My picks would be (In a rough order): 1.Breathe 2.Get On Your Boots 3.New Year's Day 4.Stuck In A Moment 5.Desire 6.Angel of Harlem 7.In a Little While 8.Electrical Storm 9.Miss Sarajevo 10.Vertigo 11.I'll Go Crazy 12.Sunday Bloody Sunday 13.Hold Me Thrill Me. 14.Your Blue Room 15."40" You can get I Will Follow from Glastonbury; there's a snippet of Party Girl on U22; Scarlet, Pride and Mothers of the Disappeared are possibilities; Stingray has not been previously released; Unknown Caller, No Line and Spanish Eyes are already released as bonus downloads. And that's my narrowed down list :)
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