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15 Nov 2012108

A limited-edition CD that's only available with a subscription to U2.com, Edge's Picks comes with From The Ground Up:U2.com Music Edition.

We know it features 15 tracks live from U2360°. But what do we know about the tracks?

We know from the video player on the U2.com home page these last few days that Electrical Storm, live from Milan, is one of the tracks.

We know from the audio player on the home page that New Year's Day and Get On Your Boots are also on the CD. (Some more 'Boots' below.)

We know that when you subscribe (or resubscribe) you can instantly download two bonus tracks, No Line On The Horizon and Spanish Eyes. That rules them out of the 15.

And we can rule out another 22 tracks - the 22 on U22, our earlier CD set from U2360°.

We also hear that each song on Edge's Picks has previously been released as a single or album track.

And (drum roll...) today we can reveal that the CD opens with Breathe...  and closes with "40".

So what other tracks are you betting will be on Edge's Picks? Make your predictions in the comments below.

(You can refresh your memory of what the band were playing on the road between 2009 and 2011 here.)

Incidentally, as jmcca93 says here, 'I need some of Edge's Picks - normal picks don't get the same chime sound.'

So what are Edge's Picks?
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your blue room
I hope your blue room will be on it!
In a Little While
Hopefully In a Little While!!!
Acrobat 2U
Whatever Edge picks will be amazing. I just want to thank the band for doing this. U22 was incredible because the sound quality was so good and to get more from the 360 tour in a package like this is a huge bonus for all of us. Lets go Crazy!
Well done, the Edge!
Breathe and 40 are the perfect bookends for the 360 show!
Your Blue Room & Return of the Stingray
...would be nice. It's a pity that Return of the Stingray Guitar hasn't been released so far.
In a little while!!!!!!!!
In a little while..... Pleeeeeaseeee!!!!!!!!
Your Blue Room ft Sinead O'connor
You just HAVE to include the beautiful song - Your Blue Room with the haunting vocals from Sinead O'Connor recorded at Giants Stadium 2009
Edges? / My picks
1. Breathe, 2. N.Y. Day, 3. I Will Follow, 4. Get On Your Boots, 5. Electrical Storm, 6. Your Blue Room, 7. In A Little While, 8. Miss Sarajevo, 9. Vertigo, 10. I'll Go Crazy, 11. Sunday Bloody Sunday, 12. Scarlet, 13. Pride, 14. Hold Me Thrill Me..., 15. "40"
Not the running order.... I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight Get On Your Boots Vertigo Sunday Bloody Sunday Miss Sarajevo Pride (In The Name of Love) In A Little While Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Breathe I Will Follow Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of New Year's Day Desire Electrical Storm 40 What's a shame is that we still don't get rarely played stuff. I hope that the 6 remaining songs will end up as a download like no line and spanish eyes. How in the world a song like stingray cannot be on one of those 2 cds?????? that is beyond me. I need to say that it is still a brilliant gift to the fans
Scarlet, please?
I really hope for the more rarely played tracks this time than U22 gave us. I want to hear the tracks that they didn't exactly play on every show on the last tour. Or maybe that can be a future fan release? An album of rarely played U2 live songs.
Only album og single tracks !
well, there goes Stingray :-( Fortunately Boy Falls From The Sky is an album track :-) I would love to get North Star, Mercy and Every Breaking Wave, but I guess that aint gonna happen this time around. If the album is leftovers from last years voting it only leaves 15 options to fill out the last 10 tracks, with what we know and previously have gotten. Looking forward to the CD anyway though.
Sunday Bloody Sunday from Moscow, it was amazing, best song from Russian gig.
Scarlet/Walk On
Ok, so I've lost count on the number of times I've kindly asked for Scarlet to be released. So here goes, one more time. Please, issue Scarlet/Walk On from Melbourne 1/12/10. If not on this release, perhaps as a digital download. Don't issue Scarlet on it's own. It really is an accompaniement to Walk On. Thank you. The whole world deserves Scarlet/Walk On.
Guessing The Edge
Unknown Caller Until the End of The World.... I Will Follow Get On Your Boots.... Bad Elevation Moment of Surrender Pride In The Name of Love....€ : ).
Last 10 of the 16 songs prediction/guess
Vertigo, Stuck In A Moment, Pride, I Will Follow, HMKMKMTM, Miss Sarajevo, In A Little While, Your Blue Room, Angel of Harlem and Desire. I left out Crazy and SBS because we have SBS on the Duals fan club CD and Crazy is on the Artificial Horizon fan club CD. The songs that didn't make it are Mothers of the Disappeared, Scarlett, Party Girl and Return of the Stingray Guitar.
"Best concert of my life"
Hello, everyone u2! My name is Jully, I missed chatting with you here. I am a Brazilian fan, manic fan of u2 hahaha. Uh like to go back to the time when the band was in Brazil with that song: "U2 - Pride (Live In Brazil 02.20.2006)," she acoustic singing background vocals with the Brazilian fans. which was also another live more in Brazil was also, "U2 360 º Tour - Opening - Ever Better Than The Real Thing - Live at São Paulo / Brazil - 13/04/2011" is the song The Real Thing Ever Better it in version of electronic music, but with their own version banda in making this song in "electronic" eai what you think!! Another live back to the old days I really miss that I went and I attended was the best live my life and one of the biggest shows in the history of u2 and of course the "Italy": Elevation-(Live At San Siro, Milan) I hope you enjoy my commentary hugs Jully
no new songs
Well it seems that if every one of the these songs that Edge picks has been previously released as a single or album track, then there won't be any of the new songs that the band introduced on tour except for maybe Mercy.
Just to refresh your memory these songs
The other 10 songs will come from this list of songs that didn't make it: No Line On the Horizon 2.26% 40 2.23% I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix) 2.22% Vertigo 2.22% I Will Follow 2.17% Sunday Bloody Sunday 2.12% Pride (In the Name of Love) 2.1% New Year’s Day 2.06% Breathe 2.04% Electrical Storm 2.01% Miss Sarajevo 1.92% Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 1.87% Unknown Caller 1.71% Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 1.6% In A Little While 1.55% Get On Your Boots 1.52% Mothers Of The Disappeared 1.41% Desire 1.38% Spanish Eyes 1.3% Return Of The Stingray Guitar 1.24% Your Blue Room 1.17% Party Girl 1.16% Angel Of Harlem 1.05% Scarlet 0.96%
Brazil, April 10-2011, The public record
You should put a song from the PUBLIC RECORD SHOW. Remember April10-2011. It was a memorable day and have to be registered on a cd. Please!
Love it so far!
Would love to hear Sweetest Thing and The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Yahweh would be amazing as well. I don't know if these were even played live @ U2360 but I'd love to get live versions! Keep up the great work U2- so happy I'm a subscriber!
40 no better way to close a show!
No better way to close a show, It will stick with me forever, the Vertigo tour. The masses leaving Madison Square Garden after the show walking down the staircase all the way down to Penn Station singing 40. Game over!
My pick on Edge's picks
1. Breathe/2. Get On Your Boots/3. I Will Follow/4. New Year’s Day/5. Stuck in a Moment/6. Electrical Storm/7. Pride (In the Name of Love)/8. In a Little While/9. Miss Sarajevo/10. Vertigo/11. I’ll Go Crazy/12. Sunday Bloody Sunday/13. Mothers of the Disappeared/14. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me/15. 40.
I think the cd tracks will be like this: 1 - Breathe 2 - Will Follow 3 - Get On Your Boots 4 - New Year's Day 5 - Stuck In a Moment 6 - In A Little While 7 - Electrical Storm 8 - Miss Sarajevo 9 - Vertigo 10 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 11 - Sunday Bloody Sunday 12 - Mothers Of The Disappeared 13 - Pride (In The Name Of Love) 14 - HMTMKMKM 15 - 40 I don't know if the track will be in this way but probably will be those.
Vertigo has to be in there shocking it didn't make the u22 release U2s best single
So ten remaining!
1) Crazy Tonight/Discotheque 2) Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me 3) Stand Up Comedy 4) Mofo 5) Exit 6) Window in the Sky 7) Love Comes Tumbling 8) Wire 9) Indian Summer Sky 10)The Ground Beneath Her Feet And some covers would be cool! Like... Instant Karma-Beat on the Brat-The Saints Are Coming I dont know!!! I want a lot of songs!!!
In a little while
we need a live version of this underrated gem released on cd please!
some news, some olds.
1. Breathe, 2. I will follow 3. Get on your boots 4. No line 5. Spanish eyes 6. Electric storm 7. Mothers of disapeared 8. Sunday bloody sunday 9. Mercy 10. ILl go crazy remix 11. New years day 12. Miss sarajevo 13. In a little while 14. Hold me..kill me 15. 40
Your Blue Room and Scarlet
I'll miss Mercy and Every Breaking Wave. I'm glad justice has been done to Breathe, an awesome opener. I only ask for Your Blue Room and Scarlet.
Come on The Egde! It would be great to hear this song from my first U2 concert again and again.
My wishes!
Great! Breathe! That is so freaking amazing! I would like to have: Your blue room! Definitely! Such an amazing song! And Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me! I am a fan of that song for a long while, and I was so happy that you guys played so I really want to have a proper live record of it! And I also would like Boy Falls from the Sky, I no it's not really released before, but it would be so great:)!
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