What Did Edge Pick ?

15 Nov 2012108

A limited-edition CD that's only available with a subscription to U2.com, Edge's Picks comes with From The Ground Up:U2.com Music Edition.

We know it features 15 tracks live from U2360°. But what do we know about the tracks?

We know from the video player on the U2.com home page these last few days that Electrical Storm, live from Milan, is one of the tracks.

We know from the audio player on the home page that New Year's Day and Get On Your Boots are also on the CD. (Some more 'Boots' below.)

We know that when you subscribe (or resubscribe) you can instantly download two bonus tracks, No Line On The Horizon and Spanish Eyes. That rules them out of the 15.

And we can rule out another 22 tracks - the 22 on U22, our earlier CD set from U2360°.

We also hear that each song on Edge's Picks has previously been released as a single or album track.

And (drum roll...) today we can reveal that the CD opens with Breathe...  and closes with "40".

So what other tracks are you betting will be on Edge's Picks? Make your predictions in the comments below.

(You can refresh your memory of what the band were playing on the road between 2009 and 2011 here.)

Incidentally, as jmcca93 says here, 'I need some of Edge's Picks - normal picks don't get the same chime sound.'

So what are Edge's Picks?
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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss me,Kill Me
This has to be on there...and also Miss Sarajevo.
I absolutely LOVE Glastonbury!! It's such a hard rocking song! I really hope it's on the new album! Your Blue Room would be awesome too! Would love to hear Hold Me,Crazy/Discotheque, and Stingray Guitar!
Gotta have "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" on that disc!!!!
Please, new songs: North Star, Every bre
Maybe the band never get release the songs, so, this is a great chance to keep it...
no stingray?
i guess previously unreleased means no return of the stingray guitar. i'm guessing stuck in a moment, party girl, ms sarajevo, i will follow, desire, angel of harlem, your blue room, hold me thrill me kiss me kill me, i'll go crazy tonite and scarlet. that looks like 15 total. still hoping for surprises like....unreleased tracks!!!
Hold Me Thrill Me
Please it is a must
So happy that ''40'' is on there. A song from the Moncton show made it on the cd!!
HMTMKMKM/Crazy Tonight
PLEASE Give us Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me and Crazy Tonight/Discotheque!
Sunday Bloody Sunday
This song has to be on The Edge's list , it's a staple song and when its played live the stadium walls shake
The only song I can ask for is Unknown C
but it had already been used on U22, so I think it's improbable (to see UC again on Edge's Picks). Anyway, Edge, you're perfect. What you do is perfect and I'll love it, I know.
new songs
Mercy, North star, etc.
So boots,ES,breathe, NYD,40. Leaves 10!
1-Stingray, 2-Your Blue Room, 3-I Will Follow, 4-Mercy, 5-HMTMKMKM, 6-EveryBreaking Wave, 7-Scarlet, 8-Mothers of the Disappeared, 9-North Star, 10-Glastonbury, and one for luck! 11-Boy Falls from the Sky. Id take those on download if there not on the CD ;) cheers
The new songs...
Return of the Stingray Guitar, North Star, Mercy etc. ... U2 like to keep us in supense, so to tease us, they won't bring out a new CD, they'll bring out new songs, but live. I mean, I love 'em forever, but, c'mon guys, a new CD! Please?
I agree
I´m hoping for Your Blue Room and Mothers of the dissapeared...
Unknown Caller
A real good stuff and a symbol of the 360° beginning!
Beautiful Breathe..
It is an amazing song for the opening... I can’t wait to see the rest of Edge’s choice… I wonder if Your Blue Room and Scarlet will find its place on this CD. Thank you the Edge, thank you all! You are, as always, my inspiration. Natasa
Nice jeans!
Hahaha, he looks like he's just finished building up the Claw. Well, my selections are: Sunday Bloody Sunday, please, I know it's a classic but it sounded awesome at Azteca Stadium. What about HMTMKMKM? that's a good one from Pop; I've also thought about an acoustic one, probably and what about Return of the Stingray Guitar from Moscow, it'd be amazing to listen to those fans in the background.
Your Blue Room
This song it's the most beautiful and melancholic thing made at the Claw.
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