'With love, Bono & Edge'

30 Jan 202274

'With love, Bono & Edge'

Bono and Edge have shared a performance of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', complete with a new closing verse.
The acoustic performance captured at home in Dublin comes on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, on 30th January 1972, when thirteen civil rights protesters were shot dead by British Army soldiers in Derry.
Scroll down to read the complete lyrics of  'Sunday Bloody Sunday (30th January 2022)'

'Sunday Bloody Sunday (30, January 2022)'

I can't believe the news today
I can't close my eyes and make it go away
How long, how long must we sing this song?
How long? How long?
'Cos tonight
We can be as one, tonight, tonight.
Broken bottles under children's feet
Bodies strewn across the dead-end street
But I won't heed the battle call
It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Alright, let's go
And the battle's just begun
There's many lost, but tell me who has won?
The trenches dug within our hearts
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters 
Torn apart
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
How long, how long must we sing this song?
How long? How long?
'Cos tonight we can be as one, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight 
Tonight, tonight 
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Sunday, bloody Sunday 
Sunday, bloody Sunday 
Wipe the tears from your eyes 
Here at the murder scene 
The virus of fiction, reality TV 
Why so many mothers cry
Religion is the enemy of the Holy Spirit guide 
And the battle just begun 
Where is the victory Jesus won 

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Glad to see they still have the spirit. Hey, please can you guys do an acoustic version of 'Bad' Thanks
This is nothing without the percussion. If two buskers were doing this you may stop, listen and say "God love them, they're trying". Nice idea but no substance lads.
Loving this acoustic version and especially that new last verse. You two have a bond that makes the songs you sing together seem effortless and yet powerful. Thanks Bono and thanksThe Edge.
Just Breathtaking
I hope this will be available to purchase please. Absolutely beautiful acoustic version with a contemporary serene twist to a iconic song and lyrics
no me canso de escuchar esta canción!!
Great Song, Beautiful Performnance!!! Congratulations!!
Thanks for this great performance
How long ?
How long must we sing you are the greatest band ?
An amazing way to remember, with such a beautiful breakdown of the original song. Will
Beautiful song and even more beautiful performer in it's pure form.
Sunday bloody Sunday
Great performance, love the lyrics. Holy Spirit guide, God Bless ❤️
Absolutely breathtaking
Thank you
Nice 1 U2
Great version lads, not bad for two old lads, you still have it not that you ever lost it. Great to hear something new from U2 ..miss the live stuff. Thanks a million
SBS Acoustic
Thank you so much gents! I needed that!!! Peace and love! JG
Peace & Unity
Beautifully done.
Deeply moving
Bono and Edge's eyes Our generation's voice of wisdom, Edge's unmistakable emotion laden guitar And the final verse overlaying immensely moving imagery, Says it all. Nothing left to comment beyond the band's own decades-long plea to humanity; Stop the violence. No More...
Acoustic “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
Loved this!!!! I love acoustic versions of songs♥️ The new last verse is spot on.
Took My Breath Away
Bono and the Edge’s acoustic performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday is beyond words! Fabulous! Thank you!
Hope to see you soon in denmark
I would love to see U2 do an un plugged concert, smaller venue, intimate setting. Would be an amazing time and performance to see. Nick West Vancouver BC Canada
I second the idea of making a bunch of acoustic performances available as an incentive for being subscribers, please?
3 chords and the truth
great rendition, but the denver colorado ‘87 version rattle n hum is still the foremost version of this masterpiece
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Stripped down but just as powerful. Maybe even more so. Bono’s vocals have so much passion, feeling. He just gets better and better. And the Edge, what can I say. Perfection. Thank you for this. Looking forward to hearing it on a record someday
Timeless Classic
This song is a perfect example of one of the many things that I love about U2's music--it's universality to the human condition. This song is about events 50 years ago, in a very specific conflict, and yet, it speaks to all of us, still, today. Thank you, U2, for this classic song. And thank you, Bono and Edge, for this beautiful acoustic version in remembrance of your fallen compatriots. (And, much respect to Larry and Adam, whose drums and bass line I do especially miss on this song.)
Great song
Still one of my favorite songs
This is an amazing acoustic version of a truly iconic song
Gratidão por nos presentear com tão linda canção!
What a great acoustic perfomance from you guys! Thank you. Hope to see you at a concert soon.
Rachel R
Sunday Bloody Suy
Thank you for sharing this acoustic version with new verse. So powerful seeing the emotion of the song laid bare. A collection of acoustic versions from the U2 catalog might make a nice subscriber gift sometime...
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