'Songs of Experience'

10 Sep 2017118

'You're The Best Thing About Me', the first single from the band's highly anticipated 14th studio album, Songs of Experience, is released Sept 6. Listen/Watch Here.

'You’re the best thing about me
The best thing that ever happened a boy
You’re the best thing about me
I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy
You’re the best thing about me
The best things are easy to destroy…’

The new single features a sleeve image by Anton Corbijn of The Edge’s daughter Sian Evans.

Tune in tomorrow evening to see the band perform the song live for the first time on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and if you’re a U2.com subscriber, keep an eye out for a special visual art piece coming your way.
The release of the first single, follows a surprise gift to fans last week of The Blackout performance video, another track from  the upcoming album.
Songs Of Experience is the companion release to 2014’s Songs Of Innocence, the two titles drawing inspiration from a collection of poems, Songs of Innocence and Experience,  by the 18th century English mystic and poet William Blake. 
While Songs of Innocence charted the band’s earliest influences and experiences in the late 1970s and early 80s, the new album is a collection of songs in the form of intimate letters to places and people close to the singer’s heart; family, friends, fans, himself.
Songs of Experience will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download, with the release date and pre-order details to be announced soon.

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New album is stunningly phenomenal.
This album is one big, warm, loving embrace...AND one HUGE (; )) honest, vulnerable assessment of this moment in time...AND all of this makes it one for the ages...TIMELESS INSTANT CLASSIC.
U2 still here!!!
First listening, I prefered the Blackout..but now, I just can't stop listening it over and over again! That's a great song, beautiful lyrics as usual, a quite different musically but of course, it still U2!! Bono, what a voice! :0 Can't wait for the issue of SoE.. Love you guys!
Best thing about me
Simply excellent
hardware release?
Is there any kind of a release of this single on vinyl or CD and are there remixes included?
You are the best thing :)
This song is great, please let us know when the album will be out! Love
'You're The Best Thing About Me'
It is a great song, good song , excellent as always !!! thank you! for your music !! every day, yes everyday! i want U2 !!!!
Sci-Fi Soul Mix
Everyone I know that's heard the Sci-Fi Soul Mix prefers it to the single released... Single is great but Sci-Fi Soul Mix is next level awesome and fresh U2....
Sci-Fi Soul Mix version
Please release the Sci-Fi Soul Mix version for sale of You're the best thing about me....!! It's next level AWESOME... Hoping the album is a double up. A standard version and a Sci-Fi Soul Mix version of every song.... That's the U2 that reinvents album releases!!! If you haven't heard it yet track it down... Sooooo good....
Sneak attack
I love that some U2 songs sneak up on you like an unannounced afternoon tryst........then you long for them more than when you first heard them.
"Simphatic" song!!! It is blunt, simphatic, fresh, cool...easy, gentle, jolly...
Great song, I want more of the part befo
I want more of the part before edge sings, I wish it was also part of the intro and weaved through the song more . . . I love the song . . . make a remix with more of the funky guitars!!!!
Sian Blue
Love the cover, really addicted to “Your the best thing” just makes me want to dance. Black out is also excellent... keep the songs coming!!!
A slow, but bright-hot burn
I have to admit, I was a little non-plussed when I first heard this song - especially on the heels of Blackout, which has such a much more "rock anthem/in your face" feel; but this one has REALLY grown on me over the past week, to where it's a little on auto-play in my head! :-) I'm enjoying it more and more. Really looking forward to hearing more of the new stuff. . . and - of course - looking for tour info to see it all live!! Let's hope album is no later than the previously floated date of Dec.1!!
Playing it SAFE.
I'm a devoted U2 fan and will be forever. U2 are my number one band and always will be. This new single is so safe it drives me mad. I love it, but it still seems way too clever and safe... I miss the U2 that followed Rattle & Hum with Achtung Baby, Then followed that with Zooropa.... Then followed that with POP... WOW! After that amazing exploration resulting in 3 epic albums they produce All You Can't Leave Behind that must stand as one of the most complete albums of all time... This was a band that didn't play it safe, they took a leap, after a leap, after a leap... This single plays like a desire for radio play and popularity, not a going out on a ledge moment... Looking forward to the rest of the album. Hoping they start rolling the dice rather than fearing the failure....
When is it out on cd
Another brill song can't wait to hear the album
The Quickening
The greatness unfolds..........I keep singing it........
Chill bitches
Just sit back and listen........ PS, let's hear your song / where is your grand song to your wifey. That's what I thought.
Great production. When the chorus comes in, it's like a breath of fresh air. Larry sounds fantastic on it and really clear. Could be the freshest sounding U2 album in years. The verse and the rhythms make me want to dance and the chorus swings. Love Edge singing after my favourite part of the song, which is the instrumental with the disco groove. Thanks for the music...
favourite bit
the guitars before Edge's lyric are great. Killers-esque
Can't get this song out of my head. The rhythm boys really nailed it on this one (has some groove). It moves and progresses. The lyrics are poetic. All in all it is an uplifting tune that I can dig.
The Best Thing about U2
So Exciting by this uplifting song!!! I wasn't waiting much from a song 1 year old, but this version is so funky!!! Adam Clayton shines on "The Best Thing" et "The Blackout", he's so groovy on both songs. The beginning of "The Best Thing" reminds me the beginning of "Electrical Storm". I can also hear a lots of David Bowie all along. Their's a lot of experiment in here, but it's subtile. The Edge reinvents himself once again.
46 years old.....always the same chills
This song ...... I have it in my head for 3 days .... U2 ... you are giants !!! I have nothing to say. Just thanks for all the emotion released. 30 years that it lasts ......Yeah it's good. I am waiting for you in LIVE in Paris.
Why is it not available on vinyl
Yesssssssss !
Thanx !!!! Again and again....
oh no, radio friendly
Round and round "youuu're the best thing..." Bono, I wouldn't believe you have nothing to say. It is single for single use. I hope next songs will be much better.
You're the best thing about me
Had me hooked in the first four bars!
Great song, much better for radio than Blackout.
They were incredible on Jimmy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is why I've always loved you guys, you give your all no matter what. It looks like the current tour is going to keep going, was thinking we might have to wait for the new one. Either way I'm checking every day, would love to see you in Cleveland again. Thanks for the last 37 years and my 14th show. Can't wait for number 15.
Love it!
The boys are in form. Songs of Innocence was great from start to finish. Songs of Experience looks headed to be the same way. U2.....reclaiming their rightful title of the BEST band in the World. Not that there was ANY doubt!
The Best Thing
U2 is The best thing about me! Greetings from São Paulo!!!
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