'Songs of Experience'

10 Sep 2017118

'You're The Best Thing About Me', the first single from the band's highly anticipated 14th studio album, Songs of Experience, is released Sept 6. Listen/Watch Here.

'You’re the best thing about me
The best thing that ever happened a boy
You’re the best thing about me
I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy
You’re the best thing about me
The best things are easy to destroy…’

The new single features a sleeve image by Anton Corbijn of The Edge’s daughter Sian Evans.

Tune in tomorrow evening to see the band perform the song live for the first time on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and if you’re a U2.com subscriber, keep an eye out for a special visual art piece coming your way.
The release of the first single, follows a surprise gift to fans last week of The Blackout performance video, another track from  the upcoming album.
Songs Of Experience is the companion release to 2014’s Songs Of Innocence, the two titles drawing inspiration from a collection of poems, Songs of Innocence and Experience,  by the 18th century English mystic and poet William Blake. 
While Songs of Innocence charted the band’s earliest influences and experiences in the late 1970s and early 80s, the new album is a collection of songs in the form of intimate letters to places and people close to the singer’s heart; family, friends, fans, himself.
Songs of Experience will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download, with the release date and pre-order details to be announced soon.

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What begins badly ...
God knows how much I love U2's music, but from NLOTH something happened to the band, it's a mystery to where the band is headed. Far below what should be a 1st single this song.
3x SOE Songs all sound great
Loads of negativity on here. My view is that best things is immediately an "up" song. The best way to fight the segregation, hatred and ignorance in the world is to celebrate what joy is and who brings this to you (partners/ children/parents etc). Wear joy like a badge, a uniform and we will be okay. Also loving the very dirty bass on blackout. I described this as a disco royal blood! The three songs ive heard as a lifelong u2 fan seen very strong vs boots which was the point where it all went wrong ( though was great live on 360). Little things is great as well.
robb holt
Connecting with younger listeners!
Solid tune! I dig the middle 8... My 19 daughter LOVES the entirety of it... that says something.
Not Sure
I'm really not too sure about this song at all but defo not a valid single release. Let's hope it has more of a punch when played live.
Your the Best Thing About Me
I am a huge fan who has seen U2 on every tour since 1987. "Your the best thing about me" starts off great but the chorus disappoints me and sounds cliché, better suited for children. I have been eagerly waiting for the release of Songs of Experience and I hope the remainder of the album doesn't resemble anything like this. "The Blackout" was much more creative, uniquely U2 and memorable.
10/10 lets see what the charts say! New single is great- thought provoking lyrics great tune Can't wait for the album-could it be their last? And a tour- wow!!! I think Songs of Ascent may well be- especially at the pace they take! But what a journey it's been from the start- a life's work!! There should also be a live Joshua Tree album, like the old MSG album
The Best Thing About Me
As usual a song that completely blows your expectation. The sound is clear, the lyric is defined, again Adam making the Bass obvious. Drums kick arse as usual. Great song, Fresh!
Positive vibes...very welcome
I love this single. It's my favourite out of the three we've heard so far from the album. The world needs joy and good vibes just now...hooray!
Love It!
I loved this song, and this is the second listen through, only. With a lot of U2 songs I have to listen for a few times, this one I loved right away. It's so personal, too, and I love that, after all these years, Bono is still so willing to share himself with us. Cannot wait for the album!
Gorgeous Song ...
Thank You I have this song on my iPhone ...... I'm So Happy !!!
Honestly this song feels half-hearted and stiched together. So why even bother leaving this comment you might ask yourself? Because I care! I want my heroes to create legendary anthems and songs that touch the soul and this just doesn't cut it. I'll be looking for the hidden gems on SOE as I did on SOI once again.
You're the Best Thing About Me
I like this Song ,good sound and strong Text.. Greetings Ellen Kempet
Feels like a b-side or rarity
With the past two records, they couldn't identify the single ("Magnificent" and "Volcano" both should have been giant hits). "The Blackout" was great, but it's not a single? So far, "You're The Best Thing" feels and sounds like a b-side or rarity from ATYCLB or HTDAAB. It fits next to "Summer Rain," "Big Girls Are Best," "Love You Like Mad," "Flower Child," "Are You Gonna Wait Forever?" and others. Not a bad song at all, but maybe not album worthy and certainly not a single. Maybe it'll grow on me.
U2 are the best thing about me!
Great new song from you guys! Beside my wife and kids you're the best thing about me! (Thanks for spicing up my life)
Best boys on the planet!!
This is the BEST first single for years!!!!!!! Well done!!! With this, Blackout and Little tvinga the album can't come soon enough!!! Love U2 to the min and back!!!!!
Good song... though are the lyrics gramm
'You’re the best thing about me The best thing that ever happened a boy' Can someone explain that second line to me? Wouldn't: 'The best thing that happened to a boy' make more sense? This is bugging me!
Good opener
Great tune fellas!
what will be the next?
the little things that give you away, The black out, you're the best thing about me,... maybe??? american soul? red flag day? TBD? civilisation? the showman? thightrope? summer of love? ...
You're the Best Thing About Me
I like it!! Bring on the 'Experience' and maybe a bit more UK live??
Hit single
Think this album could be up there with Acthung Baby!
You are the best thing about me
Great song, pop song. i love it. it's U2 again. Love
Another Big Song
Great Mix of Rock and a touch pop (music that is, not the Classic 1997 album) l hear Very Big things in it
Absolutely Brilliant
I love this song. It's now part of me. The melody keeps replaying joyfully. Thank you U2. I'm so excited... 2 fantastic songs in 2 weeks and a new record to be released. Bless us in splashes!
Cannot wait!
Will there be a 7" version? I sure hope so.
New Song!!
Muy buena, gracias u2
Niall OFarrell
I'm afraid this could be U2s worst album neither blackout or this are any good. Nice to have new music and all that but you won't be listening to any of these songs in a couple of years. Thanks god for their amazing back catalogue!
So So So excited!!!!
Beautiful song! Hope you could have a gig in Shanghai
We'll be saying "I do"at U2 9/8/17
U2 concerts have always been my church. I found someone who feels the same so we decided to have our wedding at our church, a U2 concert. Our wedding ceremony will be in the GA line. We have songs picked for the ceremony and this one will definitely be included!
The best
The best, that´s all!
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