Jul 7 2001
Copenhagen, DK / Forum
with JJ72
Ten Things You Might Not Know About The Second Copenhagen Show

1. Edge was wearing his red No. 2 shirt.

2. The opening act was JJ72

3. Helena Christiansen was there for the second time in two nights but the girl on the singers mind was Eve, his daughter, who is also there for her birthday. Dad sends best wishes.

4. Introducing Kite, Bono says: 'You know you Danish people have a very big influence on our national tongue - just like you to know that.' At which point he slips into the local tongue for a moment.' It1s very warm and they are cool, let1s face it, it1s a pretty obscure language, do you speak Irish? That1s a very obscure language. Larry speaks good Irish. Larry Mullen Jnr1s father, Larry Mullen Snr, is with us in the house tonight and young whippersnappers JJ72 were in the house with us tonight, they were extraordinaryS anything else?' 'God is in the house,' someone shouts. 'Amen.. he1d better be,' says the singer. 'This is a song about, I1m not going to tell you. It1s called Kite.'

5. Another characteristically sweltering Scandinavian night and for the first time on the tour to date Adam takes his shirt off - during Mysterious Ways and Fly.

6. Charlton Heston has been taken out and a new film has replaced him, which introduces Bullet the Blue Sky. Text as follows: 'The five permanent members of the UN security council are: USA, UK, France, China and Russia 'The five biggest arms traders in the world are: USA, UK, France, China and Russia.'

7. 'Ring those bells Edge, let1s make those bells ring,' commands Bono as I Will Follow is introduced. 'We wrote a love song on two strings, twenty years ago we came walking down these streets, twenty years ago Copenhagen, same melody, same beats; rings those bells Edge; they shine like mercury and gold; ring those bells Edge, those bells never gonna grow old, those bells never gonna grow old; my spirit will never grow oldS'

8. Stuck In A Moment is dedicated to 'the Christiansens.'

9. Bono and Edge perform Stay together, at the point of the heart. 'This is a song that we started in Berlin at the start of the 901s, in a studio called Hansa. A lot of folks figured that this was the period when U2 went all arty on you, we didn1t see it that way OEcos when you1re out there, floating out there, you find all sorts of interesting shit like this beautiful song.' The song closes with 'Miami, New Orleans, Copenhagen, Paris, FranceS'

10. The Fly begins with a birthday girl. 'You walk into a sports hall, the lights go down and you see a little girl and she1s your girl and it1s her birthday today in Copenhagen, her name is Eve and she1s into two digits, she1s ten, oh my lord, what a win, I1m gonna love this girl.'

And ends with a drenching, as someone throws water at Bono and suddenly it is coming from all directions and the singer stands on the catwalk trying to throw his arms around the audience while getting completely soaked. One fan manages to get up on the catwalk. Bono hugs him. As if to say, Thank you Copenhagen.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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