Apr 23 1983
Chapel Hill, US / Kenan Stadium
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Erich Peace
1st Concert 1st U2
this was my 1st concert and what a way to begin a journey with none other the greatest band in the world!
1st U2 Show
1983. A sophomore at Chapel Hill. Bono was billed as the "Green Tornadoe". It was a cold rainy day, The first group up was a regional band called "The Producers" They took a van to the stage.(It was a football stadium.) Next up was Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five. They took a van to the stage. NEXT it was U2. Nobody really knew who they were. From the endzone here come 4 young Irishmen...walking to the stage in the rain..no van. The concert was an amazing experience. Bono climbing the metal scaffolding in a thunderstorm. He took a policemans hat and danced a jig. Todd Rungren was the headliner but people were leaving after U2. How could you ever compare to their performance? I have grown with U2 over the years, we are about the same age. I have seen them 10 times in the USA and even in their hometown of Dublin.
Gloria Gloria Hallelujah
In the rain. First show. During stage set up, the bass notes from New Year's Day rumble like musical thunder. The roadie playing a song? Not done, sir. Oh, ho, it's Adam doing his own set-up. Then we watch the band walk through the grey mist across the football field. Drums and Edge notes explode. Gloria. The first song we ever heard by the band, taking the plastic record around town as 81 became 82, telling friends they had to listen. Singing in the rain. Bono refusing shelter, walking out on a plywood ramp. The Edge playing tin whistle for the wondrous pipe opening of Tomorrow. The world felt differeent, better, cleansed. Bono climing the metal tower with the white flag, Edge craning his neck as his friend and bandmake ascended the slick wet metal wearing boots, Bono singing atop the structure. We could believe the news that day. We would not close our eyes and make it go away. The best band since the Beatles was there before our very ears. Inside our hearts and souls.
chapel Hill, NC
My first U2 show and I will never forget it. Spring Fling weekend at UNC Chapel Hill, NC. At 18, I drove with a group of friend from East Carolina University to UNC (3 + hours I think) to see U2 play at this festival. I had not heard their music yet, but I was told by some New Jersey boys that I could not miss it. It was in the football stadium outside and Grand Master Flash opened up along with Todd Rundren. As U2 took the stage it started to rain, but the band played on. The rain seemed to go with the music and I was spell-bound. Who were these guys??? Bono climbed the biggest steel tower with his white flag. The passion and power of the music was unforgettable. They have been my favorite band ever since. Love them - love the memories they have brought to my life~
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