May 12 1982
Passaic, NJ, US / Capitol Theater
Show Report
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Bono in NJ
A show I will NEVER forget! 2nd row blown away
I Bought 8 tickets. None of the girls I brought really knew who U2 were so I told them they didn't have to pay me for the tickets unless they loved the show. Every single one of them paid me and were in LOVE with them! One of the most amazing shows I had ever been to. As you can see, the tickets were not that expensive back then!!!!
Great memories
Unlike razor623's recollection. I remember only parts of it. I was 20 at the time, and was turned onto U2 over the previous 2 years, by roommate in college, Gordon. At the time I lived 7 minutes from the Capitol Theater, and remember driving the "war wagon" to the show. It was incredible, the Capitol was an ultimate intimate gathering place for rock and roll. I have seen many there, but U2 & The Clash were the most memorable. What I remember as my most memorable moment was when Bono told the press people to vacate the front seats, and he invited all the fans to "come on down, come on down' during one of the early renditions of "Bad". "Electric Co." and "Out of Control" were amongst my favorite of the day. I do remember as razor has mentioned that "Out of Control" was the opening song, and it's driving drum beat was awesome, and to this day remains as one of my favorite songs of U2, I hope they play it during this tour amid all their other hits.
Amazing show!!!
Capitol Theater on May 12, 1983 Opening act was Dream Syndicate. It was my first U2 concert of 24 shows since. I had a press pass for the show. The Capitol was a 3,000 seat theater with great sound. U2 was amazing, setlist was:Out of Control,Twilight,AnCatDubh-Into the Heart,Surrender, 2 Hearts beat as one,Seconds,SundayB Sunday,The Cry,Electric Co,I Fall Down,October,NewY Day,Gloria-Encores-Party Girl,11O'Clock,I Will Follow,40. Memorable moment-Bono climbing to the top of the speaker stack and hanging over the stage. Band sounded incredible. Became life-long fan!!!
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