May 16 1983
Buffalo, NY, US / Shea Center
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Life Changing
I was on the balcony and it was swaying under our feet! When i got home my mom was up and i told her about it but she already had seen the report that parts of sheas fell during a rock concert. First of my 5 U2 shows. Hope for 6?. Anyway Sheas is still a beautiful place after post U2 renovations.
Life changing
I was on the balcony for this show and felt like it was moving! Turns out it was! They brought the house down!! Show changed my life. Sheas theatre stands still to this day after post U2 renovations
best concert i ever saw
bono stopped a bouncer from hitting a woman trying to get on stage and forced the bouncers to leave saying'there is no trouble at a u-2 concert. i was on the upper balcony where we jumpd up n down so much that plaster was falling off onto the crowd under us. The band had the crowd mezmerized.
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