May 17 1983
Toronto, ON, US / Massey Hall
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In the beginning there was WAR
Dream Syndicate was the opening band. I was against the stage in front of The Edge. End of the show just missed catching Edge's sweat towel so the roadie gave me The Edge's song list. Unfortunately for love or friendship I gave it away to someone at the end of the Eighties.
What a show
Yes I was there. Front row i was a young 18 year old. I believe the Alarm opened up. Back then it was all about the music. I recalled I had to sneak my Camera in to take Pictures. Bono walking along the balcony...amazing
U2 take over massey hall
U2 blew into town with L.A. band dream syndicate to open the show. these were the crazier days when bono would climb around on stuff. he ended up crawling up on the left side stage P.A.system & then proceeded to climb on the railing on the first balcony. first time getting to see them & it was an awesome show.
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