Unforgettable Fire

Feb 25 1985
Dallas, TX, US / Reunion Arena
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Show stopper
I was at this incredible show. It was my first U2 concert and I was blown away. It was during all the drama surrounding the MLK day in Arizona, and there were rumors of death threats being thrown around. At one point during the show, the barrier broke and several people rushed the stage. Then, during Gloria, Bono stopped the song and had to calm the crowd down. I have read that it was due to someone screaming and waving what looked like a gun, but from where I was sitting, it looked like the crowd was just pushing so hard on the barrier, people were getting crushed. Bono said "no one has ever been hurt at a U2 concert" and that they were going to stop pushing and they would finish the show. Since it was the opening of the second US leg of the tour, Paul gave Bono the legendary bottle of champagne to signify a special show. He spayed the first few rows, and my friends who had managed to sneak down to the front, smelled like champagne in the car on the way home. It was magical and I have not experienced a show like it since, even after seeing them 7 more times! This one stands out.
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