Unforgettable Fire

Feb 26 1985
Austin, TX, US / Frank Erwin Center
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first time
show of course incredible snippits knocking on heavens door as bono improvises lyrics even singing "i dont know the words and sometimes im not so sure still i keep kncking on heavens door'' partied after with another the show til the wee hours so im back at the hyatt get in the elevator with another gent i cant remember who got off first i thought i know that guy damn it was the EDGE i rememember he nodded (me in my new concert Tshirt he was curtious but the edge is always
The first time I saw them
At the age of 14, I begged my Mom for several months prior to the show to go see them. She gave in after my relentless pleas. We drove from San Antonio to Austin, and saw the show. The performance was so powerful that I knew then that they would become one of the best band's in world!
My first concert
This was my first concert ever, of any band. I grew up in a small town and Austin was the closest place to see U2. I begged my parents to let me go as my 16th birthday present; I was turning 16 on Saint Patrick's Day. My older brother arranged everything and drove me and my best friend about 2 hours after school to the show. I had only heard two U2 albums by then, Boy and Unforgettable Fire. What I remember most is that they played the song October. I thought it was amazing. It was so overwhelming seeing them live, I don't remember who opened for them. All I know is I have judged every concert since then by the standards that U2 set for me, and that concert set me on a journey as a die hard U2 fan.
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