Unforgettable Fire

Mar 7 1985
San francisco, CA, US / Cow Palace
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My first U2 show!
This was my introduction to a "proper" rock show. I has been to see the Go-Go's in 1981 but was chaperoned by my GF's' aunt. This time it was just me and some high school friends. I walked into the Cow Palace and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of people crammed into the concession area before you enter the arena. Once in, I was then overtaken by the smell of cloved cigarettes and incense. This was definitely a "Mod" and alternative rock scene and I was amped up for the show. Red Rockers opened the show and were well received. U2 came on to the stage and took control of the crowd from the beginning to the end of the show. I was a fan from War and knew that album well. I knew "I Will Follow" "Twilight" and "Gloria" but not the deeper cuts from Boy or October. I was hooked by the whole experience and was amazed at the connection we all felt from the band as we sang along with or without prompts from Bono. When they played "Knocking On Heavens Door" and brought up a fan to play guitar with them before Edge and Bono exited for a short break only to leave him onstage with Adam and Larry to back him, I thought that they were the coolest band ever and "felt" what we "felt" in that old arena. I have not missed a tour since, and hope to never miss one as long as they play.
I was 15 at the time and didn't have a driver's license, so my parents drove me and a friend to the show. It was my first concert ever and it was U2! Needless to say, I have seen U2 live now on every tour since. I will see them live again this year for the 13th time. Great memories of the Cow Palace show. I was on Edge's side of the stage. This was U2 on the verge of being the massive band they would become. Two year later, they would play this same venue for The Joshua Tree tour and be on the cover of Time Magazine.
U2 - 2
My best friend and I went to this show. We were both turning 18 that week. The show was in a place called the Cow Palace, technically in Daly City by a matter of yards not the greatest place for a show, but hey it was U2!. This was my second U2 show. Electric Co., Bad and Unfogettable Fire, were great. For the encoure they played Dylan's "Knockin' on Heavens Door". During which they pulled some guy out of the audience, Edge handed him his guitar and let him go! Every teenagers dream! Been a fan since January of '83.
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