Unforgettable Fire

Mar 8 1985
San francisco, CA, US / Cow Palace
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My first U2 show
What I remember most about this show was piling into a van with 5 guy friends and my best friend and heading to SF to see a show. My friend Tanja and I were so excited to be seeing U2 live! We were seniors in high school and our parents trusted us enough to go off with the guys and stay the night at one of the guy's relatives. Thanks MOM!! I don't remember a lot about the show...just some blurred images and thoughts, but I do remember it was amazing. Very overwhelming. So many people in a small space, loud, and I'm pretty sure they ended with 40. As it has turned out, that was the first of many concert adventures for Tanja and I, but it took us 25 years to see U2 again together. That "magnificent adventure of living on the Edge" adventure will have to be posted on a different thread (Chicago 360). But the bottom line is that we both will continue to support U2 as the best band in the world, and yes, we are those trusting Moms that take there kids to shows.
2nd Time
What I remember most was that it was pretty easy to get tickets! I guess it was just the times, but three friends and I were sitting on our deck on a beautiful sunny March day, and one said, "Let's go see U2". So, we got in her car and drove to the Cow Palace and had the most awesome time!
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