Unforgettable Fire

Mar 17 1985
Denver, CO, US / McNichols Sports Arena
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Fantastic show!!
I was there after missing the Red Rock shows by 5 days. Awesome show!! During Gloria a guy jumped on stage and 2 huge security guys swooped in to take him off but Bono gave him his leather jacket & let him dance on stage for most of the song. Wicked cool!! Here's the set list Setlist: Main Set 11 O'Clock Tick Tock I Will Follow Seconds MLK The Unforgettable Fire Wire, Gimme Some Truth (snippet) Sunday Bloody Sunday Cry (snippet), The Electric Co., Amazing Grace (snippet) A Sort Of Homecoming Bad, Ruby Tuesday (snippet), Sympathy For The Devil (snippet) October New Year's Day Pride Encore Molly Malone (snippet), Party Girl Gloria 40, Do They Know It's Christmas (snippet), We Are The World (snippet)
Best show ever
My first ever road trip out of state and first U2 show. It was a glorious rocky mountain spring day. Got to McNichols arena in the afternoon to soak in the atmosphere. I was really surprised at how many "punks," "goths" and "wavers" were there. I remember girls with crazy green hair and dudes in long black trench coats. It was the 80's, after all. The show started with the bagpipes, but as it faded away, Bono comes out and screams "One mile is not high enough! We're goin' up and we're never comin' down!" And with that the best show I'd ever seen—or would ever see—launched me to a place I'd never been before. I've tried to describe it hundreds of times, but what I felt was a warmth. An unbelievable warmth coming off the stage and filling my soul. It changed my life.
Not to be missed
U2 on Saint Patrick's Day. Although I missed the famous Red Rocks show a couple years earlier, I wouldn't miss this one. I had been a fan since about the time October was released, but this was the first live show I saw. Fabulous, and engaging from start to finish!
U2 on St. Patricks Day
Was there! 25 years ago this month... amazing how time flies. The concert was great! U2 was and IS the best ever.
Unforgetable U2 on St. Patricks Day
I was at this show. The Red Rockers opened for U2. I'll never forget the opening just before U2 took the stage. An Irish piper in full military dress came out and played a solem song on the pipes. It was a weird emotion...a combination of excitment at the same time being humbled by the lone notes of the piper. Your mind was darting between concert euphoria and sad thoughts of St. Patrick, Bloody Sunday..to name a few. 40 at the closing seem to go on forever! Great Concert..not as wet as Red Rocks!
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