Unforgettable Fire

Mar 19 1985
Minneapolis, MN, US / Minneapolis Auditorium
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Knockin' on heaven's door
The Mpls Auditorium is gone (torn down), but the memories remain. U2 put on a great show and had the audience eating our of their hands the whole time, but during the encore they took it a step further. They invited someone from the crowd to join them on stage. The person was supposed to know how to play the guitar.....on the third try they got a young man who could play a few chords and started him off playing Bob Dylan's classic, Knockin' on Heaven's Door. As the young man played, each of U2 left the stage one by one....and the guest kept strumming....until U2 rejoined and helped him finish strong. 25 years later, I am taking my twin boys (12 yrs) to see them again in June, 2010. Can't wait.
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