Unforgettable Fire

Mar 28 1985
Toronto, ON, CA / Maple Leaf Gardens
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MLG March 1985
I was lucky to see the U2 Unforgettable Fire show at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1985. I was 18 and had seen some wicked rock shows already (Rush, Who, Sabbath, Metallica, Van Halen), but the U2 show blew me away! It was the first time seeing U2, we sat in the Blues, and like Chandlereast said, I too can still remember singing '40' well into the Toronto streets walking back to the Go station. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.
Russ Zara
My First U2 Concert!
Truly an UNFORGETTABLE night! How long, to sing this song!
You forgot March 29th
On March 29th 1985 you played Ottawa, Canada at The Civic centre arean. Lone Justice opened for you.
First U2 Concert
This was my first U2 concert. I was 20 years old and had been a fan of U2 since War was released. It was coming close to final exams at McMaster Univ. in Hamilton Ontario, but I didn't care, I so wanted to see U2 live after missing the boat on previous shows. A group of us went. I think there was 8 of us and we had seats at the far end of MLG. I remember the excitment building while we were sitting in the seats prior to the show (when you're 20, everything is more intense isn't it). I remember the show being absolutely incredible. The feeling of everyone in that arena coming together that night as one. The one thing I will NEVER EVER forget was that U2 closed the show with 40. Everyone in Maple Leaf Gardens was singing along to the chorus. Bono finished and left the stage, but we kept singing the chorus, then Adam left, then Edge, but Larry kept playing the drums and we all kept singing. Finally Larry left, but we kept singing the chorus. The lights went up, they started playing some very mellow music, but we kept singing the chorus. We were all walking up Carleton street outside the arena, STILL singing that song, walking down the middle of the street. I've never seen anything like it since. I've seen U2 every time they've come to Toronto since and every time, even 25 years later, I'm 20 years old again. At least for a little while.
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