Unforgettable Fire

Mar 30 1985
Providence, RI, US / Providence Civic Center
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Ottawa, not Providence!
This was my first U2 show. I hitchhiked from university in Kingston 2 hours to Ottawa with my best friend. I've seen every tour since this one in 1985, now going to as many shows as I can on one tour. At this Ottawa show, Bono's voice was very hoarse and he seemed exhausted from touring. He croaked, "If I can't sing the lyrics, I know you'll sing them for me," (paraphrasing after 35 years...) and the crowd went wild. I loved how they exited the stage at the end of the show, which was how they did many shows back then: Bono put down his mic and walked off, then The Edge (I think! from memory!) so that just Adam and Larry were playing, then Adam stopped playing and walked off, leaving just Larry to play, stop and walk off on his own. A staggered exit. (Great band name.... called it! [see Andy Pratt on Parks & Rec...]). It was a great, raw, powerful, energetic, amazing show! I wouldn't become a super fan until two albums later, after seeing the movie Rattle & Hum, then I became utterly devoted.
Yes, Ottawa .....
My first U2 concert was in Ottawa not Rhode island..... last night in Montreal was my 18th.. from 18 years old to 52 now... where has all the time gone. U2 music has been there with me the whole way.
Agree this date was Ottawa not Providenc
Unforgettable show at the old Civic Centre. Setlist: 1.11 O'Clock Tick Tock 2.I Will Follow 3.Seconds 4.Two Hearts Beat As One 5.MLK 6.The Unforgettable Fire 7.Wire 8.Sunday Bloody Sunday 9.The Cry / The Electric Co. 10.A Sort Of Homecoming 11.Bad 12.October 13.New Year's Day 14.Pride (In The Name Of Love) Encore: 15.Knockin' On Heaven's Door 16.Gloria 17.40
Ottawa ON - not Providence
This was my first U2 concert in Ottawa at the Civic Centre. I was 16 years old. It was amazing. What a difference from concerts today, my ticket was around $18(I still have the ticket stub) and i bought it a few days before the concert. I sat in the stands and when Bono sang Bad and pulled up someone from the stage, i was hooked. Have seen every tour since.
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