Unforgettable Fire

Apr 8 1985
Landover, MD, US / Capitol Center
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Come on Down
My friend and I were in Section 201 but not for long! As soon as Bono sang "come on down," we found ourselves in the 12th row of the floor and managed to stay there for the duration. This was my 5th show and it's the one that changed everything. This tour was when the 4 lads from Ireland seemed to recognize they were becoming more to the world. I liken seeing U2 to going to church as there's a spirit and sense of grace that comes with a U2 show you cannot experience with any other band. Their commitment to their art and passion, along with their ability to lift spirits was what made them indelible. This tour is when they took flight and truly stepped into their magnificence. I cry every time I hear "Bad" now. I cried a lot at this show because "Bad" reminds me of a lovely college boy from George Mason who shot himself in the head just before he graduated from college. He was a troubled boy who was diving into drugs and also unable to reconcile his sexuality. "Bad" became a visceral and haunting song and it was on this night that I realized how much it reminded me of Vince. So if you've ever seen someone at a DC show who loses their shit during this song, it's probably me. Decades later, that gunshot and this melody have the power to reduce me to a weeping mess. Thank you, U2.
An Epic Concert
This was my first U2 concert, and wow was it something. Like everybody else in the arena, we went on down when Bono called us. As the crowd crushed the stage I somehow managed to convince the crowd control that the front row center seat was mine, so me and my friend ended up standing on it, barely holding on, for most of the rest of the show. Absolutely amazing performance. I thought I had heard on the radio that McGuinness had been arrested and charged the next day, but my memory is fuzzy.
Involved from Looper
They poured out their best. My 1st show and went with broken leg. fan and muscians with Bono in lead made it a great show. Let people know they don't need crowd control our fans can control themselves.
1st U2 Concert
I went with my best friend and her sister. I was 14 and my parents had not allowed me to go to the earlier leg of the tour when U2 played Constitution Hall. It is 30+ years later and I still haven't forgiven them. We charged down the steps and toward the stage when Bono sang, "come on down," during "Bad." We made it to one row off the floor. I was hooked. I have only missed one tour since and only because I was pregnant.
First Concert & 10th row seat
This was my first U2 concert and I was a senior in high school. I drove my 1974 Mustang to this concert with my best friend. We had great seats -the closest I'll ever get to Bono & Company again. I remember Bono calling everyone to "come on down" and when the crowd did, the management cut the electricity until everyone was back in their seats. It was a great concert and I have been in love with U2 ever since.
Second show I had ever seen
I was thirteen years old. Earlier that spring I saw the Kinks play at Constitution Hall but this U2 show will always stay with me. I remember Lone Justice (who??) was the opening band. "Bad" was the highlight. I, too, remember everyone making their way down to the stage, though I was too far up and too young to venture down.
First Show
I was a 20yr old college student and this was my first U2 show. I remember everybody storming down from the upper level when Bono sang "Come on Down" during Bad. Urban legend as it they were cited that evening for inciting a riot! Missed Bad at Camp Nou hope to hear it in Boston on the 20th.
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