Unforgettable Fire

Apr 9 1985
Pittsburgh, PA, US / Pittsburgh Civic Arena
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My first U2 concert
The night was fabulous..as was the time before it. My friends and I were so excited to plan going to this concert. We slept out for tickets in 10 degree weather. Not fun at the time but we STILL talk about it like it was the best thing ever! At the concert Bono dedicated a song to a girl from my high school who had died as the result of getting hit by a car. There had been a rumor at school that it was going to happen but none of us believed it. It was a very special moment. I've seen all the tours that have come to Pittsburgh since that night...April 9 will always rank as one of my top U2 concerts ever.
Unforgettable Night '85
Seeing U2 for the first time in the atmosphere of 85 was a great experience. Lone Justice had a great set to open, then "Welcome to the Unforgettable Fire" Such a great show focused on the band and music. No giant screens and 30 camera angles to distract, just the band and us. Wire, Seconds, Tick Tock, songs you don't here U2 play nowadays. Also remember Bono dedicating Pride to a local girl(Beth...) who would have been at the show, had she not been killed in a car accident a few days before. When Bono said her name, you heard the yells and screams from her friends at the show, it sent a chill through me. It was a cool gesture and surely made the night for her friends. I left the show just feeling really good. Also learned not to buy stuff in the parking lot. My brother bought a shirt and in the first wash, it was shredded, ha. I outgrew mine a few years later. Great show, Great night I'll not forget!
Blown away!
I wasn't ready to admit it then, but I was never a "fan" of anything until U2. I found the music in 1983 with October and Boy (two albums at the same shopping trip). War grabbed my heart and let it soar. Many may be afraid of the religious overtones in some of the music, but for me it was a stream of life. I could have my faith and great music too. My girl friend at the time bought me tickets to the show in Pgh. The night was the best. I was blown away by Edge playing all the instruments and Bono's ability to improvise new wrinkles into the set. I wish I had a copy of the playlist. I know for me the highlights were Bad, New Year's Day, I Will Follow, and closing with 40. It was rich, right and powerful. I probably never thanked my girlfriend enough for those tickets. No concert has ever been as good in my memory -- even though I have seen U2 three more times since. There is only one first time.
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