Unforgettable Fire

Apr 10 1985
Hampton, VA, US / Hampton Coliseum
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Second U2 for me
I first saw U2 on April 24 1983 at Chrysler Hall in Hampton Roads. I had been listening to them for years on WTJU at UVa; I was a huge fan. The show in Chrysler Hall was on a Sunday afternoon; my brother and my girlfriend drove down from Richmond. This was basically the same show as seen in the Red Rocks movie; I still have my T-shirt (same as Bono wears in Red Rocks; it's the black tank top). At the Hampton Rhodes show in 1985 I left my seat and went down on the floor. I was very close to the stage, to the right; Larry was directly in front of me. As the show opened a young lady asked if I would let her up on my shoulders (I'm a big young guy at this point). I gladly obliged; so she sat atop my shoulders for the opening song. Stupidly, I felt guilty that I had left my girlfriend and friend up in the seats, so I left and returned to them. Now, 35 years and approximately 15 U2 concerts later (all over the country), that was the closest I have been to the stage I have ever been; should have stayed!! I did get *reasonably* close (50 yards) in San Diego for the Joshua Tree show a few years back, but that's it!
First Concert with my Girlfriend then wi
My Girl bought us the tickets as she knew I was a huge fan. Fantastic concert, my wife is hooked for life. All over....Chicago two tours, StLouis, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Las Vegas....soon to be Los Angeles.
Hampton, Va 1985
Yup, I was there. Awesome show, my first time seeing U2 live. I ran into a bunch of high school soccer players that I had coached the year before. Saw U2 next in Hampton during Joshua Tree tour, then zoo tv in hampton, rattle and hum in DC, this year in Charlottesville and finally in Houston. The best band and concerts EVER.
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