Conspiracy of Hope

Jun 4 1986
San francisco, CA, US / Cow Palace
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This was our first U2 Show!
Our parents dropped us off because none of us had a driver's license yet. As soon as we walked into the Cow Palace, we found a used ticket stub for up front on the floor so we all took turns for 2 songs during U2 and then got to pick one other artist to be up front. I was up front for Peter Gabriel and my allotted 2 U2 songs... but I don't remember which songs.
12th Row
2nd time I had seen the band on June 4th 1986. Maggie's Farm, Bad, Pride, and stellar performances from Peter Gabriel, Sting, Lou Reed, and yes...Joan Baez (among others). One of the best shows I can remember. Of course, I wish they would have played longer. Looking forward to seeing them in San Jose in May 2015.
Cow Palace haze
Very limited memories, some real , some not! This was the eighties. Peter gabriel, the police, Y'sou undour (sic)Little Steven? I remember hearing what I thought might have been "Maggies Farm" leading into what I believe was a preview of "Bullet" and recall thinking "My god, this is the closest guitar I have ever heard to Jimi Hendrix" The Edge put on a clinic of feedback melodies, probably with all of 2 strings!I had been hooked by the U.Fire album and this was my first live show. I lived in SF and my fiance worked a hot dog cart downtown. I'll never forget her phone call to me saying "I think something big is happening, you better get down here, KFOG (local FM station) is setting up for a concert. I made it just in time to see Bono spraying "rock and Roll stops the traffic" on the sculpture as seen in R&H!Got drunk, grew a mullet and bought a pair of floppy black calf length boots, worn over the jeans!Moved cross country during the JT tour and saw 10 shows, culminating @ MSG front row. Bono with a cast brought more energy than 12 other front men WHEW!
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