Conspiracy of Hope

Apr 6 1986
Los Angeles, CA, US / The Forum
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I was there
First time I saw U2, I was 15 and my dad got me tickets through his employer connections for events at the Forum. Played mostly tracks from Unforgettable Fire plus some previous album favorites. Amazing show.. Sting was also a highlight. This was the beginning of my love affair with this incredible band. #thankyou
3rd row
Imagine my surprise when 3rd row center tickets arrived in the mail. Tickets were a random draw from mailed in orders. I swear to this day that the oversized pinkish colored envelope I sent my request in drew the necessary attention when they started opening requests. Of course 10 seconds into the Concert the stage was rushed and we wiggled our way to the very front. The show was of course great, I managed to get my good old Minolta AE1 into the show, but it's pretty tough to keep up with the lighting back in the day of film camera's without a flash, still a few nice ones for the memory. Peter Gabriel's set really stood out, unfortunately we didn't get the Police, but Sting earned his keep as well.
Pastor Mike
I was there
This was my first show seeing U2 after desperately wanting to see them on the Unforgettable Fire tour but missing it. This whole concert was fantastic. Sting, Peter Gabriel, and U2 in one show? Wow. And Tom Petty, Joan Baez (who sang Tears for Fears "Shout" which was weird). U2 did Pride, Help, Sunday Bloody Sunday. Bono did that thing with the big spotlight shining on the crowd, and walking around blindfolded.
I was there
This gig was amazing, I cannot remember the songs/sets, but I do remember the buzz in LA when the concert was coming. The next day Bono made the front of the LA Times, walking blindfolded and singing for the cause of Amnesty, The reviews were fantastic, Bono stole the show over all the other acts. He sang with Annie Lennox, which brought together two of my favourite acts. The staff in office where I worked were impressed that I had gone along, and when they heard the reviews, they sure regretted not seeing these still-rising superstars in the making for themselves. I even went down the The Sunset Marquis off Sunset Blvd, where the band were staying, and it's the first time I have seen the fans lined up outside behind crash barriers. Makes you proud to be Irish...
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