Joshua Tree

Sep 17 1987
Boston, MA, US / Boston Garden
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul
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Third Time the Rivet
Totally remember the Party Girl and the crowd (me, badly) singing "how long" for seeming centuries, but not the house lights going up - so it must have been this one. I am in law school at this time, and U2s music still speaking to me. A bit bummed Red Hill Mining Town was not on the list, but Helter Skelter was amazing!
An Almost Religious Experience
Best show ever!! At the "Original" Boston Garden. We sat behind the stage but Bono turned around half the concert to face the back!! My friend and I were 16 and ecstatic to see U2 live. Audience had an amazing buzz, EVERYONE new the words to all the songs and sang along. "Bad" was incredible. Band ended with "40" and everyone held hands singing "how long to sing this song......" People were still singing it in the streets after the concert was over, on the escalators leaving, I can't tell you how incredible the feeling was. I'll never forget it! Bono is still the amazing showman, as well as The Edge, Adam, and Larry! I'm going to see them tomorrow night and cannot wait. I can't believe it's been 22 years since that night!
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