Joshua Tree

Sep 18 1987
Boston, MA, US / Boston Garden
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul
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My First U2 Concert
There are moments that define us all! This is the one that made me a U2 fan for life. When Streets started and U2 walked out on stage, it was like heaven had touch Boston Garden and we all became converts to U2 that fateful night. Each song was performed with such passion and the audience was into it from the jump. The energy of the audience was matched by U2, and I have to say it was probably what some people would call a religious experience. To truly understand U2 you need to see them live. They have this excitement and vibe that makes you part of something magical. This was one of many great nights I have seen U2 on tour! I will never forget the night U2 made me a fan for life by taking me on a musical journey! As I/We were leaving the Garden that night we all sang 40….” how long to sing this song” …it ain’t over yet and hopefully we sing for a very long time…”how long
I believe that this was the show with ho
I think that it was the Friday night show where the stage managers had trouble with the band’s stage lights and much of the show was played with the house lights on. It was very unique to see U2 so clearly and up close making it an intimate and memorable experience. My friend and I were in the first row of the balcony just to the front-left of the stage and eye contact was made on several occasions.
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